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From the elegant pistol, to the high powered sniper rifle. If you're character's got a gun, then come on in. This group is dedicated to the fan fic writers and readers that enjoy firearms. Whither the gun is powered by magic, or by black powder, muzzle or breach loaded, if a character has a gun, then they belong here. We welcome all manner of those who enjoy the smell of barrel fumes, or who just think guns are damn sexy. ROCK, COCK, SHOT, AND RELOAD!

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um, my character is a blacksmith and so far has a 10ga sawed off, but I plan to change that, by having him make other kinds of guns, mostly steampunk like firearms. I'm just wondering what folder it goes in

hello i'm new to this and i need help with my story please help

M1 Thompson is love. M1 Thompson is life.


I want that AA-12. :rainbowdetermined2:

My story Fluttershy Batwings has machine guns, tanks, airships, flamethrowers, and all kinds of weapons :pinkiecrazy:

344970 Yes......GOOOOODD!

Comment posted by Darth Vader deleted Jan 15th, 2014

344389 Guess what? Times have changed.

But, I still tend to stay away from shotguns.

Still possible, quick reflexes.

344671 I'm talking about real life.

Play jedi academy, you'll be attacked by people with shotguns, you deflect all of the shots due to the force, and the quick reflexes.

344668 It's pellet dispersal.
Even you, o' Dark Lord, cannot block all of them.

Ok, read light saber on wookiepedia

344389 I have a shotgun.
Block that.

Who said I was firing solids? All I said was 'sniper rifle'. Magical energy weapon. Fallout: Equestria.
I win.

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