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Why live and work for a piece of paper and handshake? Warlord and Mercs sound better.


"I can tell you why people die alone! I can tell you why, I'm a shadow on the SUUUUUUUUNNNNNNnnnnnn!"


Hiya! name’s Iredwolf but you can call me Ired or just Red!

*pushes Ired out of the way* “and I’m Ramirez! his daughter and the buggo that everyone loves! just don't call me small or a taco and we won't have any problems”


My thoughts. · 5:37am Nov 11th, 2023

I see myself as expendable, something that you could use and then throw away when you don't need it anymore. Like a gear in a machine. A number in a complex code. A chess piece.

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airsoft pics

my 1# favorite game

my favorite show to watch!

its Fear The Walking Dead!