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"smol angry taco" -Griff101

my 1# favorite game


some musics to help my lazy ass get up in the morning






Hiya! name’s Iredwolf but you can call me Ired or just Red!

*pushes Ired out of the way* “and I’m Ramirez! his daughter and the buggo that everyone loves! just don't call me small or a taco and we won't have any problems”


protective buggo · 4:41pm Yesterday

after an exhausting night, Rami with the help of her husband and her friend she was able to give birth to a healthy nymph which she is holding rn. smiling while crying as she looked down at her beautiful daughter, Star doing the same thing while Griff and Melody who arrived after him just smiled.

“Amber...” she said to herself quietly.

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my 1# favorite game

my favorite show to watch!

its Fear The Walking Dead!

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Nah dont be sorry, its the PM’s fault for breaking a lot

PM again, sorry

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