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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.


I still can't believe it all started with a family camping trip gone wrong. One moment I was enjoying my time with my parents and brothers, then next thing I knew I was stranded on a world full of magic and mythological creatures. In one day, I went from worrying about the upcoming calculus test to worrying about my next meal. I remember how the only thing keeping me going was the hope that I might find a way home. Little did I know that some deities had other plans in store for me.

I remember all the promises I made, both those kept and betrayed. I remember the friends I made on my little adventure; the same friends I threw away when everything came crashing down. Oh, the memories I made... Oh, the memories I am now forever cursed to remember.

I suppose this is a just punishment. My only regret is that my friends may never hear my side of the story.

Set between Seasons 2 and 3 // Some deviations from canon post-season 2 due to when this was originally started.

Pre-read, Cover art, and Audio Reading provided by: Skijarama

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oh crap :twilightoops: can i has more:trixieshiftright: it so hood

:rainbowderp: That dude is about get a cannon to the face. Although since this is Pinkie we're talking about, it's probably filled with cake or confetti. But it's still a cannon so it'll probably still hurt.

Pastries or confetti in your eyes sting like a motherbucker. Yes I know how it feels and no I'm not going to tell how I got in to such a situation. Nice story though keep it coming :twilightsmile:

lol nice likes its makes moar

This is a really promising start. I hope you can keep it coming.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter! Seems like it will be very funny! :pinkiehappy:

...This already makes me depressed because now I know how the story will end

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Murphy's law about to go apeshit on yo ass.:flutterrage:

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Murphy's a bitch.

The party cannon OF DEATH!!!!

So he dies and starts to hang with discord? Or his friend dies. Oh well, I don't know.

Well, here's the new and (hopefully) improved Unwelcoming Committee. I'm sorry it took me so long to get it back out. Hopefully the later updates won't take as long. Special thanks to Skijarama for pre-reading for me.

Seems roughly the same as before...
Oh well, it's still good.
Can't wait for more!

I don't see a difference. Unless you just changed wording here or there, there's not too much different from what I remember. Are you actually going to be editing so things don't get blown out of proportion?

You have gained my interest good sir. Keep up the great work.

Yeah, it's pretty similar to the way it was before. But there are some big changes. For instance, Rarity actually gave Hunter enough provocation to hospitalize her. He pummeled her because she CONTINUED to attack him. Prior to this revision, He simply got kicked, and then beat her senseless. Kinda brutal. Either way, the differences are there; you just gotta look. Ye,s it's very similar; I get the feeling it's act 2 that things are really going to change at.

Seems like the Rarity fight was the only real difference here. I remember thinking he went too far with the beating he gave her, but it seems more reasonable now. Anyway it's still an awesome story, I can't wait for more to roll out.

3031560 If Hunter was a HUNTER, everypony would be dead LOL xD :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yes, this is good.

The pony brutality is a little strange at points, but otherwise it's a great chapter and I'm looking forward to more.

i have this strange feeling i read this before

Damn ponies and their xenophobia. God this is what really grinds me about this story but makes it so amazing too! Moar plz!

Well, you're doing a fine job of revising and editing this story. Its kinda a shame though, Sometimes its nice to keep older pieces around, so you can be reminded of how much you've improved. While I'm a bit disappointed that for a while I'll be getting revision updates as opposed to new content, at least it's something.

This is much better .

You changed the Dialogue to fit the Dark theme of this Story instead of it's Comedy like style it was when it first came out .
The Rarity fight scene also changed, before Hunter beat her up pretty bad .
I think when Hunter pinned FS down and missed his strike he said something like "Innocent..." making him appear primeval, now he just thought it .
Also some extra Dialogue from Fluttershy where she begs for her life .

That's all i noticed, i guess the big changes will happen in Act 2 .

This is my second favorite HiE fic, so keep it up, man .
When should we expect the next Chapter ?

"Don't think I will (I'll) hesitate," I warned.

I liked it. It flows better than what I recall from the original version. Looking forward to more.

To be honest? I can't give you a solid answer. I'm hoping to get it out soon, like maybe sometime next week, but I don't want to make any promises.

That's good so far. Ill keep an eye out for more.

I just wonder about the ponies, really. Their first response was attack and capture on an unknown (so far, harmless) entity. No questions asked. No scouting/observations. No attempts to scare him away from town. Just attack-attack-attack. Why?
They just kept attacking until he gave up on being evasive/defensive, he retaliated (what did they expect would happen, really?), they kept going for more even when it didn't work.

That's just a detail, but it bothers me.

I really wonder how they will justify their actions, if at all. They could try and justify their violent actions by saying he was violent.. when they started it. Maybe FS's opinion will make them see it differently?


Alright !
This time i won't hold you to it :ajsmug:

The only thing changed is the fight with Rarity. Pinkie and the others still don't have a justifiable reason to go after him like that. An actual misunderstanding would have fixed that and made it more plausible. Here it's open door, get shot, and the chase is on.

eeep!:fluttercry: um, I hope everything goes ok:applecry:

Aw, but... but! Where's the part where Hunter ties AJ to the statue?!:applejackconfused: :flutterrage:Y U NO TIE UP APPLEJACK!?!:flutterrage:

Sorry, man, that part just didn't make it through the revision. I couldn't make it fit in well enough :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, there is one thing here that annoys me.
The whole 'reaching a crescendo' phrase that gets tossed around isn't really correct.
A crescendo is term in music for a gradual increase in volume, not the highest/loudest point of that crescendo.

It's just a pet peeve, really, so you don't feel like you need to act on it or anything. :applejackunsure:

Whoops :twilightoops: I never knew I was using that wrong. Thank you for pointing that out. I'll get to work on fixing that.

"I don't know, Applejack; I didn't get a good look at it. But it's imperative that we find the creature and contain it. There's no way of knowing what it can do, so everypony needs to stay together”

yea sure, you have no clue what it’s capable of so attacking it at first sight is obviously the best course of action… and the ponies wonder why so many species attack them on sight. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy


makes me wonder how they survived first contact with species like the griffons, dragons or Minotaur's .

This pissed me off to the extreme. Well done!

Why did you removed the part where he ties Applejerk and beat the hell out of Rarity to a bloody pulp? Why?? OH WHY??? This makes the ponies even more pissed but even so on our older version he get away with it!

3034999 You could also ask the question why he didn't try talking to them the moment he realized they were speaking English... which was, ya know, immediately when he first saw them.


Yeah, no good reason for that either. :ajbemused:


Well, given that they attacked him, negotiations kinda went away as soon as that happened. I mean, let's face it: If someone punches you in the face, then tackles you to the ground, your first response isn't going to be:

"Hey, stop! I need help!"

No. Any rational persons immediate reaction is to try and defend themselves.

And as for why they attacked him: He walked out of the Everfree. Kinda similar to what happened with Zecora, but he isn't a Zebra. He's a being none of them has ever seen before (equestria girls excluded): A Human. They were likely just going to try and wait for him to leave and then resume normal activities.

Now, I'm not saying what the ponies did to Hunter was the RIGHT choice, oh hell no. But it is something we can kinda see why, if we look at it from certain angles, such as their point of view.

In the long run, they all could have handled it much better: But hindsight is always perfect.

3138886 Actually, what a rational person does is first shout, "HEY CUT IT OUT!!" when they're suddenly attacked.

And I would think there would also be a fair amount of shock to realize ones attackers are interdimensional magical talking unicorns and pegasi.

A sociopathic psychopath says nothing and moves right on to attacking. Not to mention, his movements and thoughts are clearly those of someone with experience. No one untrained or inexperienced could move and respond in the way he does.

Seriously, I kicked a guy hard in the knee and he was DOWN. And I didn't even draw blood. Whacked another guy in the lower lumbar spine with the handle end of the rake and he couldn't even stand for 5 minutes.

Like I said... training. :pinkiecrazy:

Theres a fan fic reading of this on youtube..

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