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"Today the enemy will hear the roar of humanity, and they will fear us." -Colonel Akono Menteith, 53rd armor division


Chapter 6 Addition · 6:24pm June 26th

To everyone that is following me because of Helljumpers, due to my own dissatisfaction and Venerable Ro's correct observation that the pacing was way too high in the chapter I added Day 12 and Day 14 to chapter 6, that means There are an additional 1500 words of content now in chapter 6. I'll also notify anyone else in chapter 7 about this addition, it also means I broke 20000 words! :yay:

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Thank you for the favorite :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Tale of a Lost Scoots to tracking. Should get another chapter out tonight or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy! :scootangel:

Nice! Can't imagine her parents would be happy about that, more worried though. I also got something familiar planed

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