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"Today the enemy will hear the roar of humanity, and they will fear us." -Colonel Akono Menteith, 53rd armor division


Contact Harvest released! · 1:50pm January 3rd

Well, here it is. After some deliberation, I thought to myself.

You can keep staring at this prologue to see if you can make it better but that would only delay the launch of this for another week.

So I just clicked submit.

The next chapter is going to have to wait for a bit because of some lore things I want to figure out first, anyway I hope you guys will enjoy! :twilightsmile:


Merry Christmas! · 10:05am Dec 25th, 2018

Since I'm sure every one of you is being spammed with blog posts about Christmas I'll add my own to the list.

As you all know Helljumpers is one chapter from being completed and I've said multiple times that I didn't have anything new planned yet.

That just changed.

Although it's still very much in the planning stage I already have a thumbnail and a name.

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Chapter 6 Addition · 6:24pm Jun 26th, 2018

To everyone that is following me because of Helljumpers, due to my own dissatisfaction and Venerable Ro's correct observation that the pacing was way too high in the chapter I added Day 12 and Day 14 to chapter 6, that means There are an additional 1500 words of content now in chapter 6. I'll also notify anyone else in chapter 7 about this addition, it also means I broke 20000 words! :yay:

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Midnight Storm Fanart · 9:01am Jan 1st, 2018

My version of Midnight Storm from the witching hour!
It's a really good fanfic and I would really recommend reading it! ^.^

My DA account

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Archer and swordspony! · 4:44pm Nov 19th, 2017

I'm thinking about writing a story around the characters I'll be drawing in the coming weeks!
Let me know your thoughts!

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