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Spitfire has a secret she's told to nopony she knows, terrified of the prospect what they'll do when they figure it out. So what will she do when the rookie accidentally finds out?

Sex: Suggestive implication only.

Cover image by: Valiantstar00

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Research log #579

It's been over one and a half years ago since the last activation of the device, though the magical signature hasn't changed it seems... weakened, to such a degree that the re-activation is impossible.

As described in the notes of research log #249 any attempt at providing the device an artificial source of magic to power failed, the device simply needed more energy than even the combined magical power of both Princess Luna and Celestia were capable of providing. You must be wondering now, I've already described these circumstances in previous logs so why bring it up now?

Simply said I'm out of options, every attempt of reactivating the device have failed and I'm only left with a single choice. I'm going to have to reverse engineer the device in an attempt to understand the mechanics with which it operates...

...At the risk of maybe never being unable to reconstruct it later.

I'm so sorry Fluttershy, I never should have involved you or any of the girls in the exploration of this structure. I hope that if we ever see you again you can find it in yourself to forgive me.

-Twilight Sparkle

In the true sense of Mass Effect, this story will be CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) giving you the reader the choice to decide the action of our protagonist. :twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoy!

Every chapter past chapter 27 was edited by gerandakis :twilightsmile:

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A solar storm is raging across Equestria, the weather is going wild and magic is going haywire everywhere...
...and three fillies are sneaking through the most recent addition to ponyville, Twilight's crystal castle, looking for cool artifacts.

Unluckily for them, they find what they're looking for.

This is my third story, and second halo crossover, on here and I'm going to attempt writing it in first person, criticism is appreciated since first person is hard.

The cover art is made by Johnjoseco, I colored it in.
Source: derpibooru

Hope you guys enjoy!:twilightsmile:

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there was a tyrant who would sat on the throne of Equestria but under the leadership of Princess Platinum the third, a unicorn rebellion dethroned the tyrant and established the UNICORN EMPIRE showing once and for all the superiority of UNICORNS over lonesome mud-ponies or mutated chickens!

A thousand year has passed since the fall of the tyrant and now a prophecy is coming true, what will Twilight do as she finds long-held beliefs shattered?

[29/3/2020] I'm going to rework the chapters and improve them, I'm busy with my other stories but I do want to finish this one.

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When Scootaloo crashes into twilight during a magic experiment they get teleported to an unknown city that's burning and has weird creatures scattered in the streets. As the two separated stranded ponies roam around the city separately trying to figure out where they ended up, will they try to make it home as fast as possible or will they stay to help a species that's being systematically eradicated?

I'll try to upload chapters whenever I finish them. :twilightsmile:

Cover art by myself

23-12-18: I got featured!:rainbowderp:
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Edit: This entire thing is going to be edited and partially re-written somewhere in the future.

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