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  • 37 weeks
    Out of time

    Well, I knew this date was coming for a while and it has finally arrived. I want to start by stating that I do not like leaving things unfinished, every story I started I have every intention of finishing. That said, my time is going to be severely restricted for, at minimum, the next two months and I do not know how much time I will have even after that. I've loved being on this site, and will

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  • 46 weeks
    Happy 4th of July!

    245 years ago 56 men signed a unanimous declaration that the thirteen colonies would henceforth be free and independent states. They signed knowing that they would be declaring war on the biggest empire the world had ever known, and it was not an idle pledge, the signants were killed, captured, imprisoned, had their wives and children imprisoned, were bankrupted, had their houses burned down, or

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  • 74 weeks
    No chapter this week, have some art instead.

    *Fimfiction isn't working with me right now, can find the image in the link below.
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  • 74 weeks
    some help for a friend.

    Hi there everyone, I don't write these often but I'd like to signal boost something for a friend. Recently he and another friend had their house burn down, they were already having issues but this really just piles onto the heap of things they have to deal with.

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  • 88 weeks
    New Story!

    Hi there everyone! This isn't something I do very often but since I launched a new story I feel like it's appropriate to inform y'all.
    I've been working on this for a good four months and have a whole bunch of chapters backed up which I'll be releasing over the coming weeks. I hope it'll be an enjoyable read! :twilightsmile:

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No chapter this week, have some art instead. · 4:52pm Dec 18th, 2020

*Fimfiction isn't working with me right now, can find the image in the link below.
Full resolution

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Yeah, try the link below. Fimfiction isn't working along today.

if you wanna know how good it is I used it as a background on my laptop

Thats some good ass art right therr

That is beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful

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