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To be honest, I'm a just lazy cynical autistic, trying his best to write


My Top 10 Cartoons from the 2010s · 1:43am May 18th, 2020

The 2010s had an explosion of animation for good and bad, but more so towards the better side then past decades. Today I'm going to countdown, my top 10 cartoons from the 2010s. Two rules, one is that it has been running through the 2010s, a cartoon that began in the late 00s counts as long as it concluded in some fashion in the 2010s. Secondly, the cartoon must have ended in some way, either by its own merits or canceled no later than 2020. So you won't be seeing the likes of Ducktales (2017)

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Thank you for the favorite.

To be honest, I'm a lazy cynical autistic, whos a better reader than a writer or an artist

There's no accounting for taste. I've read some "classics" that just plain suck. (I'm looking at you Steinbeck). And I've read some "forgettable" stories that are really good. So who cares, as long as somebody gets some joy out of it, whether it be the author or the reader.



Thanks for reading my story! :heart:

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