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Top Best List All Times · 12:35pm Aug 27th, 2016


FUN LIST · 3:42am Aug 19th, 2016

Here is a list of thing's I do in this thing other then control the weather. Prepare for the list of all ponykind

1. Go thru camera views
2. Look at the progress of new Equestria
3. Watch homa... (Scratch that)
4. Read
5. Watch over my friends and watch them live happier lives then fighting off raiders and slavers.

Yours Truly

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USA Consumer Cell Phone List · 6:48am Dec 13th, 2018

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Whose The Leading Mare in my Stories. · 12:24pm Nov 2nd, 2015

After having posted over twenty five different stories here on Fimfiction, I have decided to actually go through and make a list of who the p.o.v. characters of my stories are.I was actually a bit surprised by the results myself. Just a little bit. Here is the breakdown of p.o.v. characters.

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Princess and Queen: Mother and Daughter · 7:18pm Apr 8th, 2017

On 4/8/17 my story "Princess and Queen: Mother and Daughter" reached the Featured List. Reason I am so happy is because this the first story of mine to be put on there. Thank you to all my readers for getting me on there and to Penalt for allowing me to build off his story "Long Live the Queen."

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Top Five Evil OC Villains · 5:56am Aug 1st, 2016

Here is a list of Five very evil OC Villains. This will not inculde Main Characters that are made evil.

5: The Dark Mystic Ponies (JusSonic's MLP fics)

They are evil ponies that want to destroy Equestria. They are the reverse of the Mystic Ponies. Evil and cruel.

4: The Candy Mare (Something Sweet to Eat)

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Upcoming Stories · 4:10am Jul 9th, 2016

Here's a list of the stories I'm working on right now, in the order of completion. (None of them are posted, since I've been working on them all at once.)

TOTALLY not Discord/Techie's Story Box - A collection of partially complete and/or cancelled one-shots. (Most are under 500 words.)
This story has about 700 words written so far, spanned across two scrapped fics.

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My lists. · 5:22pm Dec 3rd, 2016

My birthday is coming up and so is Christmas. My aunt made me make a list of things I wan't for both. These are those lists:
1.) Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (3DS)
2.) Money ($25-$50)

1.) Just Dance 2017 (Wii)
2.) Nintendogs+Cats: Toy Poodle (3DS)
3.) More Littlest Pet Shop toys
4.) Money ($25-$50)
5.) A few MLP plushies.


Story Idea List PT1 (Don't mind this unless you want to) · 12:38am Jan 10th, 2017

Story Idea List: Don't mind this unless you want to.
Making a log of all my ideas here, so I don't forget. My notebook got wrecked after a "something" so I decided to keep the ideas online here as a way to keep track of my Ideas and I'm using this as a pseudo-notebook.
If you want one of these ideas, feel free to pm me or something. Most of these can be found posted by me in the HIE forums.

"Frozen" and AI Humaninty

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Destined: Chapter List · 11:30pm Mar 16th, 2017

So because I got the premise for my new story Destined from an old friend of mine, it came with a lot of things pre-baked and pre-planned. I have taken a lot of these things into account and have decided to announce the chapter list for Destined so you can know where we are in the story.

This is subject to minor changes, but expect ninety-nine percent of these chapters to hold true.

1: 500
2: Honor
3: Long Road Ahead

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Character List · 8:18pm March 23rd

Character List

Yeah... I thought I'd add a list for my characters that I use in stories. This is the first time I've actually used Google to make any documents in, like, forever.

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List of Stuff I want to Accomplish · 9:15am Sep 24th, 2015

I shall be adding more of these as I go along.

Get a follower [X]
Post a story [X]
Get a like [X]
Get a favorite [X]
Post a story without it failing moderation the first time [X]
Create a blog post [X]
Get 10 followers [X]
Get 10 likes [X]
Get 10 favorites [X]
Follow someone [X]
Follow 10 peoples [ ]
Create a group [X]
Get a fan club not created by me [ ]
Get a dislike [X]
Get 10 dislikes [X]
Get 20 dislikes [X]
Create a vent in which Rainbow Dash dies [X]
Join a group [X]

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Best Ponies · 4:52pm May 19th, 2015

These are best ponies in various categories. As with all best pony lists, these are entirely based on my own opinion. (For the stallion/colt categories I haven't bothered differentiating between the mane cast and background characters — the male ponies all have such minor roles, that it doesn't seem worth it.)

Best Mares (Mane Cast):
5. Fluttershy
4. Rainbow Dash
3. Pinkie Pie
2. Sunset Shimmer (yeah, I'm counting her)
1. Twilight Sparkle

Best Mares (Background):

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New To Do List · 11:12pm Apr 29th, 2018

I've made a new To Do List for fanfictions I'm going to be focusing on to try and get shit done, getting tired of not releasing content when I want to so hopefully this'll help me out to some degree.

Please, do enjoy, and I hope you'll all be patient while I do my best to work on shit... stuff's tough ya know.


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My Ten Most Anticipated Films for the Second Half of 2019 · 12:36am June 12th

I've been doing precisely zero writing as of late and given that I have nothing better to do on a lazy Tuesday evening, I might as well share the ten films I'm the most excited for for the second half of this year. So, enjoy.

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List of Ponies that Wear Glasses · 12:04pm May 25th, 2015

Compiled this list to answer a question on another site. I may have gone overboard.

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My Priorities · 5:08am Mar 13th, 2017

So, I decided to make a basic list of my current priorities for this site. If you care, the link is below. If you don't care, then it won't really hurt that I made this, will it?

Click right here for the Gdocs.

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Blackout's to do list · 10:57pm Apr 7th, 2016

1. Buy 4 pigs

2. Paint one of these numbers on each of them 1, 2, 3, 5

3. Let them run around Wal-Mart

4. Sit back and enjoy looking at security look for number 4

5. Buy milk

6. Don't get arrested

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LT Character List (SPOILERS!!!!!) [state 15.06.2017] · 10:29pm Jun 14th, 2017

Beware! This list can spoiler you some future characters from chapters I'll post soon!
Keep the errors^^ This is just a small list I use in between the chapters as a small cheat :trollestia:

Night Watch: small thestral mare with dark-grey coat and a short cut jet-black mane. she got light-green eyes and a an eye on a purple spiral as cutie mark.

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Update · 9:07pm Nov 2nd, 2015

Yep, update on what going on and what I have plan.

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