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They did say no pony tales...or cotton tales, but whether it's the original or the new reboot, it just couldn't be helped.

So yes this group is for all crossovers of Duck Tales, and if the reboot is as good as the original then I can guarantee that there will be some soon. Besides would it be amazing to see both Twilight Sparkle and Scrooge McDuck in the same place, or maybe Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and the CMC plus Spike?

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Of the original I have only watched the movie and the robot workers get stolen episode. I have seen the original intro in english.
The reason I only first discovered the term Ducktales is because in Norway the name of the series is Ole, Dole and Doffen on adventures. And the intro does not mention Ducktales.

Still prefer the origonal. That was my pre-teen years.

Teen Titans Go, while admittedly stupid in most regards, actually did some good things like introducing the Bizzaro Titans.

Saw the classic Ducktales movie about the genie in the lamp and loved it, sadly never saw much of the old series but looking foreward to this reboot. Hope they don't mess too much up. No on wants the Disney equivalent to Teen Titans Go...(Shivers in fear)

Ah, should be an interesting series. Some of us remember TOS (The Original Series). Well, expectations are high.


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