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To be honest, I'm a just lazy cynical autistic, trying his best to write


The Tree of Harmony has gained the ability of verbal communication, though it speaks to a select few. One these few now includes a mysterious being who goes only by the name of The Doctor, an alien who travels throughout all of time and space and has lived longer then both alicorn princesses. They have a chat about loss and immortality; what they have meant, and will continue to mean for both of them.

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Comment posted by LoneWolf deleted Sep 25th, 2018

I don't think she would be a villian, I think she would be like she is in Remembrance

is there an AS in the story ?

An "AS", what?

Oh no.... well this embarrassing, I will remove it from the group

In response to your request of constructive criticism, there's not much to say here story-wise because it's so short and simple. My initial note was wondering why the Doctor even came here, but that gets cleared up by the end, so it's no issue. All that's left for me to comment on is recommending a final pass or two of punctuation and a bit of spelling editing (missing/extra punctuation, misplaced spaces, using word soundalikes instead; both from systemic errors and one-off typing mistakes). All in all, a good small showing.

I refuse to believe Twilight Sparkle would ever become a villain. She is far too caring, benevolent, modest, and has too much sense of responsibility to do such a thing, whatever life may throw at her.

Of course, in my headcanon neither she nor Cadence are immortal, so...yeah.

“Well duty calls, just make sure Twilight learns the lesson of loss before its too late!”, he said running to his TARDS


It looks like the tree of Harmony has its own name tag you can use

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