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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part five of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Fall of the Doctor
Next Story: The Clock with Three Faces

Sunset never expected to encounter her own double. In retrospect, maybe she should have. Having fled back to Equestria, with little hope of being able to return to the life she built for herself, Sunset sinks into dismay. This is only made worse by the fact that her guide to Ponyville is a bombastic showmare who is the local equivalent of Canterlot High's reigning bully.

Meanwhile, Sunset's friends try to discover what made her run, and whether she'll ever return. Deeper secrets rise to the surface as they investigate with new Sunset's help.

The divide between worlds is breaking down. A force threatens both worlds with destruction and corruption, and chaos that leaves even Discord unprepared. Only friendship can save the day, now, but will that be enough when friendship was the root of the problem to begin with?

Violence tag for magical phantoms and general chaos.
Gore tag for some real Lovecraft stuff going on near the end of chapter 8.
Also, there is something that could be termed mind control going on throughout, so watch out for that as well.


N.B., this story matches up with E.G. canon through Legends of the Everfree. I couldn't really make it work past that point. Also, though I couldn't fit them on the list, the main characters of this work also include Discord, Celestia, Luna, Spike, the Doctor, and Flash Sentry.

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So, instead of getting Wings, Sunset, the 7th element of harmony, gained Chaos magic?

wtf is going on at the end i feel so confused.

Back in chapter two, the Doctor lectured Twilight for a bit about the dangers of interdimensional travel.

The point is, interdimensional travel is a very, very nitpicky process. If you don’t have it just right, you might attract… hangers-on.”

Twilight frowned. “Like hitchhikers?”

“Sort of, yes. Except these take a ride in your mind, your heart, your very essence. It’s not unlike stories you hear about ghosts possessing people— ponies, sorry. It’s a tricky, dangerous business, and that’s when you know where you’re going.

One of these entities has attached itself to Sunset, and is tempting her to misuse the mirror once more.

ohhhh that makes so much sense thanks for reminding me of that.


Seriously though, Poor Kevin. LOL.

Her eyes as hot as coals, she pointed a hoof at Trixie. “That mare. She needs to leave, and never come back. She isn’t anything but trouble.”

Oh, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny... :facehoof:

Okay, so thus far it looks like the Rainbooms are trying to solve a problem that is very different than what they think it is, Sunset is on the verge of a whole new spectrum of self-discovery that she never even dreamed about, the Doctor may end up speaking with yet another themselves, someone’s been tracking in interdimensional psychic parasites on their shoes, Principal Celestia forgot to warn anyone what on Earth she thought was going on, Princess Celestia may or may not be about to enter into the Wonderful World of Freakout, Sunset and Celestia may be about to have a rather agonizing heart to heart that will make Peter O’Toole’s ‘flesh and blood’ speech towards the end of My Favorite Year look like an episode of Animaniacs, Princess Twilight may be cutting off access to the human world for the sake of everyone involved, and Ponyville’s bar has the best name ever.

Also, there is Pinkie.

Yeah. I am so in. :twilightsmile:

Princess Twilight needing glasses. Strange alien vehicles on the Apple farm. Rainbow dreaming about soccer.

Oh... crap. :pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

:heart: Celestia and Luna scene! :heart:

And she’s from New Salem. because of course she is! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

“Alright, fine. Where did she live? What has she been doing, wearing my face, using my name, leading my life, huh? What’s she done that I’ve got to answer for?”

...Yeah. Ouch.

And Trixie’s said “I” and “me” multiple times now, so it seems the problem may be multiplying.

“At minimum,” Discord agreed, taking a bit of relish from the unicorn’s horror and eating it on a hot dog.

Oh, Discord, how we do love thee.

Bouncy to see where this goes-- oh, good, there’s another chapter...

Hee! Tetchy First Doctor! :pinkiehappy:


Don’t ever stop.

“A replica, yes,” the landlady replied. “It has ‘This is a fake’ written under the paint in felt marker. Though, from what I’ve heard, so does the one in the Louvre.”

This made me so happy. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile, the physical struggles faced by companions on both sides of the mirror... and the internal struggle faced by Sunset. And the true culprit (perhaps culprits? So much is still unknown!) behind the various shenanigans is only now beginning to show their appendage.

Also, I adore Paradox Place and your use of parallelism between the various otherworldly characters. So good.

And oh, there’s another chapter yet! :yay:Yay!

Discord looked like the cat that had just won an all-you-can-eat canary buffet. “Why, my dear Doctor, I’m surprised you didn’t think of it yourself; I reversed to polarity of the neutron flow, thus making the device much smaller on the inside and causing it to eject objects rather than absorb them.”

This is a truly golden moment.

(There is a small typo, I think... unless it was deliberate? ...reversed to polarity of the neutron flow...)

I generally try to comment on the things I love most in a story, or the things that stand out the most... there has been too much good in this one for me to do that effectively.

So, Sunset will have Discord as a mentor. A word which, when applied to Discord, should likely be surrounded in air-quotes, detailed with a footnote written in free-verse, italicized, disclaimed, and then set on fire. :moustache:

Plus, working things out with Celestia. Which will be awesome, one way or another. Surely, C’s plans for her never involved this... :rainbowlaugh:

But first, she must rise from her own ashes.

Wonderful stuff.

Yeah, that about sums it up :pinkiehappy:.

And I'm glad you liked 'The Stick and Carrot'-- It was the best horse-related thing I could think of. 'The Tackle and Bit' didn't quite cut the mustard on that one...

Thanks! I was proud of that exchange. And thanks for the catch, as well.

This was wonderful. Your portrayal of the various characters and their interactions really brought this home. I especially liked Sunset’s transitioning into being a dracon... draconiq... draconeq... *starts reaching for the modified spell check, then sighs* chaos goddess.
And Discord’s interactions with the Fluttershys. :yay::yay:
And Discord’s solutions for telling people apart. :moustache:
And, well, the character portrayal in general. :coolphoto:
Especially Discord. 🐉
And Trixie. :trixieshiftright:
And Sunset. 🔥
And the Pinkies. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
And the other Sunset. 🌞
And Celestia.:trollestia:
And the Doctor (chuckling to themselves in the corner, so very happy to have been wrong about this one). 🗝⌛

Right. Well. You get the idea. Definitely looking forward to more chaos shenanigans from Sunset. :twilightsmile:

One question, though: I may have missed it, but... what, exactly, happened to the dimensional parasite? Would Sunset’s personal kapoof have killed it, or is Twilight thinking that something else might have happened? I wonder what her experiments might cover...

PS: An 11-letter word meaning “cannot be rubbed out” would be “draconequus.” :raritywink::pinkiesmile:

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! More Shimmer shenanigans soon, I promise.

To answer your question, the process of ascension is such that anyone caught in the blast aside from the ascend-ee would pretty much have to already be immortal to survive it. Suffice to say, Sunset's little friend is out of her head for good.

Oh, excellent on all counts. Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

She glanced up to see Discord’s shell-shocked face. “...Wow, Flutterbutter. I mean, wow. You have come far, grasshopper. Obviously all due to my bad influences, of course, you mustn’t take any credit… But where did you get that?”

It’s always strangely satisfying to see your bad influence bear fruit.


Fluttershy finds herself needing to fight a strange urge to try and shake money and jewelry out of nearby table lamps while calling out the name “Mario” in a wistful voice.


High School students are still being subjected to Gatsby. The book bombed when it came out and only gained popularity when a handful of educators in the ‘60’s started finding, ‘like, so much symbolism, man’ in between bong hits. Fitzgerald was just writing about this cool dude who threw hella awesome parties while surrounded by tawdry relationship drama.

On the other side of the mirror portal, a girl with pale orange skin, a fire-colored ponytail, and a red tee-shirt professing her love of the hit BBC sci-fi drama Physician Whomst , stood, mouth agape, at the empty sidewalk. “I… what… how…” She turned around to face the cluster of students that had gathered around her. “You all saw that too, right? It wasn’t some kind of weird hallucination?”

What would the Doctor say? To any of that? :rainbowlaugh:

Trixie went bright red. “The Confident and In No Way Embarrassed Trixie has no idea what you are speaking of,” she said stiffly. “Come along. Trixie will show you around town while your room airs out.”

They sure are in the same boat.

“Ah,” the Doctor sighed. “I’m not altogether surprised, really. He was always one to meddle in thing beyond his understanding…”


Quick question, sugarcube, what in Sam Hill happened to my life?

That fit perfectly!

Trixie shrugged. “Twilight Sparkle is the Princess of Friendship, and my extension, the Princess of Diplomacy. It took her awhile to get into the role, but now… well. Trixie will only say that we have a LOT of dinner guests.”


“Yeah, maybe. You know, it’s interesting. My human counterpart actually needed glasses too. Maybe there are more similarities between our worlds than we thought…”

Yes. At least now.

He turned and made to trot off. Then, frowning, he turned around. “Has anything else unusual happen today?”


“HELP!” a voice screeched from outside. “Doctor Turner is on FIRE!”

That seems like the proper reaction to a regeneration when you haven't ended up on the TARDIS, but this is also Ponyville...

“Hammerspace. Very convenient place, do ask your friend Pinkie about it sometime. Always kept my recorder in there, or my screwdriver. Handy thing— or is it hoofy, I wonder? Useful, that is to say."

Is the Doctor an ear terrorist? I know he causes trouble, but a RECORDER? :trollestia:

In the second Doctor's first episode, he refused to communicate to his companions in any way that was not 'playing loud, sharp notes on the recorder'. So that was fun for them, as well as the viewing audience.

So, will Sunset have Draconequus Puberty at some point? If so, what will she look like as an "ascended" draconequus?

Well, she's already mostly there-- picture her as an alicorn with the wings of a phoenix. Then set her mane and tail on fire. That's basically draconequus Sunset. Eventually, I imagine her transforming into an orb of living fire, circled by rings of bronze cut with glowing runes.

I just had another thought: Would Sunset have something akin to a Penance Stare? Since that is basically a highly weaponized form of Empathy.

I don't really know what that is, I'm afraid.

The Penance Stare is an ability by Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider. When he makes eye-contact with somebody, he can make them feel the hurt and pain they've inflicted with every sin they've committed in life. Basically, hardcore empathy. And if your sins are high enough in number, or sufficiently painful, it could destroy your soul.

Oh, interesting. That's not something I'd considered as part of Sunset's powerset, but I'm certainly thinking about it now...

Okay, I'm the first to admit I can be shameless with Bland Name Products in the EqG world, but encountering Physician Whomst was like walking facefirst into a streetlight.

I was not prepared for Old Spice Granny Smith. :twilightoops:

Oh, come now, Sunbutt— no, that’s already taken.

Which is why I opt for Sunbutt Jr. Especially the ones that Celestia actually adopts.

In any case, I'm going to pin Sunset's horrendous multiversal etiquette on the parasite. This was certainly a heartwarming if nearly catastrophic way to usher her into the next stage of her life... though I do have to feel bad for human Twilight. Mostly because I ship the two of them like there's no tomorrow.

Still, an event that threatened both universe but led to Sunset rising to a higher state of existence? I'm practically obligated to enjoy that. Though I do worry about Flurry Heart's draconequus counterpart...

In any case, wonderful stuff. On to the next tale!

Sunset paused and shook her head. “Right. Okay, yeah, you don’t have internal combustion engines here, so you don’t have cars, right.” She sighed. These versions of Applejack and Rainbow Dash seemed nice enough, but they were poor substitutes for the ones she had left behind.

Super Speedy....6000 Flim & Flam did, but they do seem to be rare

I once asked an English teacher "Why does a book have to be boring to be literarily significant?" :rainbowhuh:
Never did get a straight answer. :fluttershysad:

Looks like I'm not the only one, but...

Physician Whomst.
That wounds me. It hurts me on a phyical level. I'll take Inspector Spacetime and Doctor Zone. I'll take Time Surgeon. I'll even take the bloody Foot Doctor. But I DRAW THE LINE at Physician Whomst. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take the TARDIS back to 1962 and smack the Equestria Girls universe's equivelent of Sydney Newman several times with a rolled up newspaper until they come up with a better name. (Physician Whomst, I mean really, coulda gone for Professor What or Professor When or...*ranting fades into the distance*)

Um... maybe I'm missing something, but... why was Sunset (and Applejack) writing to Twilight in the diary in a way that they were telling her about the sirens? Twilight was there for that. If I remember correctly, Twilight was that told them they were sirens in the first place. Is this an AU thing? But the mirror had the machine Twilight built in Rainbow Rocks...

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