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This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: Invasion of Manehattan

Starlight Glimmer has succeeded, she has managed to steal one of the Star Swirl spells from the forbidden section of the Canterlot library and, after months of work studying countless tomes of arcane magic related to time, she will be able to defeat that princess of friendship and her friends before even meeting her.

All she has to do is stop the brat that was Rainbow Dash from doing the Sonic Rainboom on her. But before she does, somepony stops her and asks her a simple question, 'are you sure you want to do that?'

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(Finishes a cup of tea) This is good.

Thank you! I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, so I'm glad the result is entertaining.

Oh man, I've watched so much Doctor Who during the years that I definitely heard David Tennant's voice while reading this. Thank you for giving me such an experience again :twilightsmile:

I loved it, and honestly, it feels like some sort of short about Doctor Who being in Equestria.

From fan to fan, I'm glad you liked it so much and I'm honored that you think this is at the level of a Doctor Who short, you don't know how honored I am. Comments like this are what encourage me to write a longer story about this Doctor.

Not even that big of a doctor who fan but this was excellent. Take a like!

Thank you :scootangel:! An important point of this is that it can be enjoyed without having to watch Doctor Who :twilightsmile:.

Almost perfect. Just need to correct this typo.

"Uh... the Doctor send me?"

Change send to sent.

Corrected, thank you very much :twilightsmile:.

"I am the Doctor."

"Doctor who?" Starlight asked with a raised eyebrow.

That's always been the huge question throughout the years

"Simple, all of those villains were stopped by Twilight and her friends. If you stop Rainbow from doing her Sonic Rainboom, not only will they not get their cutie marks, they'll never meet, they'll never have the Elements of Harmony in their possession, and therefore, those villains will take control and Equestria will be lost."

Yeah basically without Twilight and the others yeah Equestria would have been a wasteland and I think that was one of the darkest moments in season 5

"Hello, I'm Roseluck, or Rose, whichever you prefer."

Oh my gosh rose I feel like they reference Doctor Who during the season 4 when the doctor And Roseluck walking together

Starlight followed Twilight inside, breathing a sigh of relief to herself. Deep down, she was grateful that the Doctor had appeared just in time, who knows what would have happened otherwise.

Trust me you really don't want to know we all saw it in season 5 finale it was very ugly if you mess with time

Wow this was a pretty nice story and nice to see Doctor Whooves again especially this year not that many new stories of him but anyway Starlight made it to the past where Rainbow dash and Fluttershy went to flight camp when they were little and starlight was about to stop rainbow to do the Sonic Rainboom until the doctor showed up and he tried to convince her not to go through this she has no idea what the consequences of the timeline she will cause if Twilight and the others did not have their cutie mark and never became friends all the villains will destroy Equestria and we did saw the result but Starlight didn't believe him and she thinks nothing will go wrong and she will get rid of the Cutie Marks but the doctor wants to show her there's somebody she wants to talk to and she was hesitant to go with him but unfortunately she missed her chance because rainbow already did her Sonic Rainboom so Mission failed she went with the doctor and to the TARDIS and apparently Roseluck is here as well and they went through the time line and it was Canterlot and it was during the fair the doctor show her a pony who needs to talk with and that pony is sunburst she couldn't believe he was right there but he was upset that he failed Celestial test and I'm guessing this is during the time when Twilight hatch Spike but anyway he even told Starlight he doesn't have any friends and he didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to her when they were little and she felt a shame not knowing that he went through a lot as well and with that she finally gave up and they went back to the past and she needs to talk with Twilight but she was afraid that she won't listen but the doctor just say his name and she will know and what do you know it Twilight does now the doctor and she knows that he did it so now this will be a clean slate for Starlight and hopefully a brighter future for her well this was a pretty take on of season 5 finale with the doctor and this was pretty awesome keep up the good work

Brilliant work on this.

Heart warming feels. :heart:

I genuinely have tears in my eyes right now. The Doctor's compassion has always been an important aspect of his character to me. Thank you for this fic.

Well yeah the Doctor can do in 15 minutes what it took Twilight hours of hopping through every more depressing alternate timelines to do. He's an old hat at the Timey Wimey stuff, it was only Twilight's second time travel adventure!

That scene always gives me chills.

And that was not so explicit, it becomes and we have the darkest episode of the series.

It can be, it's an option :rainbowdetermined2:.

And he is thankful that it didn't go any further and I don't create any paradox, that if not, they're screwed.

Thank you! I love that you liked it so much. And yes, it is a pity that there are not so many stories and variety of the Doctor.

PS: good video that, I love this community.

I'm glad you like it :scootangel:.

Doctor Who was a huge part of my life and it's my favorite series so I wanted to put all my heart into it.

I have no words. Thank you very much, it's things like that that warm my heart, seeing my stories do this. And yes, the Doctor's compassion is something that all incarnations of him should have, that along with the darker side of him are what made me fall in love with this series.

That, and that Twilight had no idea about Starlight's past and the unicorn wasn't so willing to listen to her. The element of surprise helped a lot :trollestia:.

This was a very fun read! I would honestly like to see more! I will wager good odds, Starlight was SO tempted to sock Sunbursts mother in the mouth, but held herself back lol

And you will definitely see more :rainbowdetermined2:. I wrote this to get out of my Doctor Who overalls and get on with my stories, but all it's done is fan the flame :twilightblush:. I'm going to have to start interspersing stories.

I liked this very much, I always enjoy a DW/MLP story and this one is a nice one shot.

This was nice

I also love the Doctor Who stories in My Little Pony, and I felt I had to do my bit.

I'm glad you like it :scootangel:.

This makes a lot more sense than what happened in the show. Head canon accepted. Seriously it was fun and good.

Many events in the show would have an interesting twist with the doctor's presence and intervention.

Thanks :twilightsmile:. I wrote this thinking about the best way to introduce him in the series, also, if the Doctor existed in Equestria, it is impossible that he would not do something about Starlight.

That's something I might explore (yes, I'm going to write more about this Doctor, I've just been inspired).

This is a great story and I love how things went. Though I was expecting Derpy to be the Doctor's companion rather then Roseluck. I did notice an error though.

it cost her horrors to discover how take advantage of it

Horrors should probably be hours.

In Spain it is also often said "it cost me horrors to do x", I don't know if it is common in English. If not, I change it.

PS: Although I know it's common to put Derpy with the Doctor, and I've done it with Time Turner, the ordinary version of Doctor Whooves, I think he's already seen too much.

This, is fantastic

Starlight and Captain Jack should have a contest to see whose version of time travel is the most crude.

That's at odds, but to the good Captain's credit, he at least doesn't appear in the sky and fall to his death :trollestia:.

Very nice. Good to see the Doctor being responsible.

I would like to know how Twilight knew the Doctor myself.

We will find out in future stories :trollestia:.

Sweet can't wait has the good doctor say

Nice little story to read, though has some minor errors in it.

Still was a nice read, enjoy the like.

Thanks, and sorry for the mistakes :twilightblush:.

This should be made an alternate canon. Make much more sense to me.

Thank you! Too bad we can never see something like that :fluttercry:.

You are gosh-darned right! This thumbs-up goes to you for noticing that!

Welp. Nice going!
How about... Starlight stole the TARDIS :rainbowkiss:?! Which was exactly how she time-travelled?!
Ah! endless possibilities!.. with Doctor Who :pinkiehappy:!

As skilled as Starlight is at magic, I doubt she'll be able to control the TARDIS :rainbowlaugh:.

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