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Happy No November.


Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part eight of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
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After Apple Bloom gets into a fight with her sister, she finds herself in an alternate time stream where her parents never died. That isn't the only difference, though. History has changed and warped unexpectedly. Struggling to retain her memories of the 'real' timeline, Apple Bloom must make a hard decision.

Death tag for a train accident.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 8 )

This story is very interesting so far please continue your doing great

Just noting, as I recall, in the old adage that starts out..."For want of a nail," they actually are talking about a horseshoe nail.

“Can’t’a been that important, then,” her brother chuckled. “What’s a seven-letter word for ‘impossibility’?”

paradox “A paradox can be paradoctored” “All You Zombies” (Heinlein)

And now the worst part of the archive binge, hitting the present moment and having to wait for the next update. Still, fantastic stuff thus far. Eagerly looking forward to more... though I have to wonder why Apple Bloom is the one who remembers what once was.

Apple Bloom just bade farewell to her childhood here. A filly came out of the TARDIS. I get the feeling a mare will be going back in.

In any case, problem spotted. Now to fix it. And leave some painfully wonderful memories.

Oh, don’t mind me. You just reminded me of a Song.

I may not know much Who-lore, but even I understood that reference.

Getting the timeline back to where it was will do a lot of good these folks both are and aren't aware of yet. Discord, Starlight, Sunset, the changelings... There are a lot of reformations set in motion by that Rainboom. And that, in turn, relies on Bright Mac and Buttercup being in the wrong place at the right time.

In any case, looks like Apple Bloom's experience with Granny-wrangling's about to come in handy. This should be fun. You know, barring the circumstances.

Not unrelated to her canon talent. This isn't just a mark for repair, it's a mark for setting things right, whether that means a table or a timeline. Brilliant final punch to the heart, and a most satisfactory close to the tale.

As for next time... Oh, that certainly looks intriguing. See you in December. Best of luck with both school and NaNoWriMo in the meantime.

Thank you! I'm making good progress on both.

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