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Time and Space. Good and Evil. Gin and Tonic.


Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part four of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Black and Blue and Bloodied
Next Story: The Prodigal Daughter

The Doctor and Ditzy have decided to take the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a little trip to Timbucktoo. No sooner have they arrived, though, than the Doctor vanishes. A strange storm shakes the skies, and the Crusaders are stalked by creatures with dead, blue eyes. One of the Doctor's oldest foes has found him, and it's prepared to destroy the whole world rather than let him escape again.

Violence tag for an angry cloud throwing a temper tantrum. Also, zombies.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 37 )

that doesn't sound good.......

I love how the TARDIS herself is acknowledged as a character in this, however quietly... and not just by the Doctor.

Nothing against the other characters by any means, but Ditzy and Dinky are wonderful characters in their own right, as well as helping to further show depth in the Doctor’s character, and vice versa. I especially appreciate the struggle that Dinky is going through. Poor kid.

Poor Sweetie and Button. They seem so incredibly over their head in this, even compared to the other ponies.

Ditzy. Wait until the girls are out of range. Point the screwdriver straight down, and get ready to fly. Good luck. -T.T.


For there, sitting in a glass case, was the Crystal Heart, pumping out fear and sorrow across the room and beyond.

Oh, bugger every last kind of goat.



By which I mean, well played, old bean. Very well played. :moustache:

Never again, she swore, would she goof off in PE, especially not on a running day.

Yep. Good for the cardio, all this world saving. :rainbowlaugh:

And yes, “uh-oh” is never a good sign...

Um. So, the Intelligence /wasn’t/ behind the yetis? :rainbowderp:

Or wasn’t... yet? :rainbowhuh:

Or something else... was? Or... :twilightoops:

Oh. Oh, dear. :facehoof:

”...and it made a bunch of back-up copies, likely all stored in the cloud.”


This was marvelous. I love your CMCs and their interactions with the Turner family (or however they come to be called).

And the TARDIS is an utterly magnificent lady who needs to be properly appreciated every day. :twilightsmile:

And as for The Prodigal Daughter... that looks like it has the potential to be absolutely heart-wrenching.

With that tale in your hands, I can hardly wait.

Nope. The Intelligence certainly created the Yetis, but it wasn't controlling them. And if you think that's confusing... well, buckle in! :pinkiecrazy:

Rumble didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. Button grumbled, “You’re just jealous ‘cause I crushed you at Uus Buckball.”

Would 'I crushed you in UUS Buckball.' work better? What is it based on, by the way?

“We're flying in to Timbucktoo, the main international trade city in the Gazelle Empire of Addra, ruled by Emperor… no, sorry, that was over a century ago... Empress Dama Ruficollus. Addra is home to, among other things, the invention of modern track and field events, the basis for modern legal codification, and one of the world’s largest trade centers and hubs of information, namely Timbucktoo itself. I think we’ll land there for lunch, what do you lot say?”

'into' should go there instead as it indicates movement, unless this is from their dialect.

Button walked behind a nearby bush, retched a few times, and walked back out hardly any worse for wear. Everypony else mostly just felt dizzy. Ditzy’s eyes were the only ones properly aligned. “...Right,” the Doctor managed. “Evidently, I need to practice this particular function of the TARDIS a bit more.”

As in it fixed her wandering eye temporarily? Probably scientifically impossible, but I love it nevertheless.

The rest of the ponies walked in silence toward the city limits, each caught up in their own thoughts. Ditzy was torn, stuck between her love for the Doctor and her love for her daughter and acting on neither. Dinky was silently kicking herself. Why did she hurt him like that? What made her say those words?

Nice to see that the issue isn't as bad, but it didn't disappear. I like how you did that for the Doctor and Blueblood as well.

The crowd of ponies waited with varying degrees of patience in the atrium. None of them noticed that, across the street, a storm-grey earth pony was watching them with a scrutinizing eye.

I like how the art style for the cover resembles the one from "Closer to the Void", suggesting that it's like a mini series, but you introduce the possibility of the goblins through the ending to the last book, as well as grouping them together in a specific order... I would think that these are too, except for the slight visual difference and their current actions.

It's meant to be a pun on Wii.
(We -> Wii, us -> Uus)

I think you're the first person to mention the possibility of a mini-series -- well done, you're exactly right!

That makes a LOT of sense. :facehoof: Also, shouldn't 'Uus' be capitalized?

The Doctor sighed. “Now,” he said, “We wait for something else to happen.” He pulled out a book, and sat back. “Hm. Anyone know a five-letter word for ‘spiral’?”

Is 'helix' close enough?

Zombie apocolypse? Play on a Game Boy! At least it'll hopefully allow Button to process this...

Love how well you're portraying the Doctor, with his fairly simple yet creative plans, overwhelming emotions, strategic dialogue, and especially his thoughts. Those are an interesting 'comedic relief', even though the whole story has funny moments, from those where the Doctor outwits his opponents, to when you know what the antagonist will say and he walks right in and gets them to say it. Bravo, good sir!

“Blue… bat wings? A thestral?” the Doctor asked blankly. “I’ve never been a blue bat-pony.”

A story to come I assume!

Thanks! The Doctor's always a bit tricky to get just right, and I'm pleased you think I'm doing well.

Ditzy frowned. “Won’t that interfere with how useful it as an actual force field?”

'it is as'?

He looked up, fear in his eyes. “The structure of the cloud has been changed so that this frequency doesn’t affect it. We’re trapped.”

So the Intelligence changed the resonant material of all cloudstuff in the cloud as soon as they passed through? Could they just keep adjusting the frequency until it dissipates? Would it take too long? Or would it reform nearly immediately? What would happen if they tried to ram it? Would it stretch? Remain stiff? Dissolve? Get dragged across the sky? What powers the cloud to keep it solid, confined and in one piece?

It would take too long to find the new frequency, yes, and the Intelligence could simply change it again.

He sucked in his breath. “Generally, there's nothing to be done but to, er, sort of disperse it. If it’s taken a host, like the blue-eyes, that’s easy enough, just get rid of the host. Unfortunately, it’s built itself a construct, that grey stallion you saw, and it made a bunch of back-up copies, likely all stored in the cloud.” He scratched behind his ear. “Hmm.”

Well, get the password and delete them! Simple. Maybe use "sudo". Then it'll be easy to destroy every file! :trollestia::scootangel:

Reality is overrated and easily reducible to an optimized simulation. Button isn''t childish; he's just ahead of his time.

Another thrilling installment. And next time Sunset gets involved! This is sure to he good.

Wow, love the diversity between the different restaurant paetrons. It's a nice way of subtley showing us that this world is bigger than just the Map.

>I am going to kill you now, because you always pull some BS and weasel out of uncertain death.
>...by pushing you off a cloud next to a flying machine.
Is "The Great Intelligence" an ironic title?

Well, looking back at the record, it tried to create a physical form fueled by killing people based in a remote monastery, thought that the London Underground was an important strategic position, and trapped people in the internet using free WiFi that was just a bunch of alien characters. I'm going to say 'yes'.

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