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Spike is only a baby dragon. Everypony in town knows that. However, Rarity has been doing some research into dragons, and she's begun to wonder how it is that Spike, nearly nineteen years old, is still stuck in the body of a toddler. Twilight shares her concerns, and along with their friends, they set out to make Spike grow up a little more. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so simple, particularly not in Ponyville, and a whole flotilla of ships sets sail on a course for total disaster.

Part of the Wibblyverse continuity.

Sex tag for misinterpreted dialogue, innuendo, repressed memories of walking in on your mother, and pretty much everything except actual descriptions.

Chapters (14)
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This could be very interesting. I honestly starting to think Spike's non-grown is something he is willing on his own. Ether through mental blocks or it is something he is doing of his own free will. It honestly does seem like such a pony thing to think they can just do what they want and try to force things to be the way they see it. I mean wouldn't the easiest thing to do is to really talk this over with Ember to see what light she can shed on this. Wouldn't trying to make Spike grow risk having a very bad result that could even lead to some ponies death at worst. I would also like to hear Spike's thought on his height. But the biggest thing is WHY does his size and height mean sooo much to Rarity?

It's a bit too soon to tell, but color me intrigued. I see potential here, and I'll be following along to see how it plays out.

If I had to critique, I feel like the dress conversation went on for too long. Though maybe that'll end up being important later, can't tell yet.

I look forward to more.

Thanks. I'm hoping to have the next chapter up by Wednesday. Also, yeah, the dress conversation is going to turn up again later on. Still, thank you for pointing that out; I do have a tendency to ramble that I'm working to contain.

Great chapter. I am still wondering tho what is Rarity's deal i thinking Spike isn't mature enough. I mean look at Pinkie, Dash, and many other ponies in town. Spike is far more mature than them. And she think because he hasn't grown that it makes him less mature, I honestly think she is judging him mostly on his height and looks more than anything. And what if dragon's scale of maturity is different? Like they start to really grow after their first kill or eating of meat. Her pushing could trigger something she doesn't really want. Now we have Starlight as well taking a interest in Spike of course I feel that interest in him has been around since she have been there since she started staying at the castle, only now it is growing.

Man the plot threads of this story just seem to grow more and more lol. Now we have so many other things going on. I would like to see more of Spike tho to be honest, I mean for a story that has alot to do with him this I would say is the chapter were we got to see the most of him. I do wonder tho how DOES Starlight feel about Spike? I mean there is a reason people have been shipping them together lately, I am still a Sparity guy till we FINALLY get to see either that progress or let us know it is dead lol,I could see this becoming more complex with someone ELSE, if Rarity does have feelings for him, ending up liking Spike. lol

Great chapter, I do keep wondering tho they keep thinking THIS is how Spike will grow,but I don't think any of them know this for a sure thing. This could all very well be a huge waste of time. Or make him trigger a different kind of growth that they really dont want .

Just want to say thanks for the story, im enjoying it so far. keep up the great work, cant wait for the next chapter :) Also im really hoping that spike & rarity end up together lol

This was a fun chapter and a it was nice seeing more of Spike and honestly the fact he did all those choirs is a great feat none the less. I do wonder what Discord's full plan is?

Very good, very interesting. A couple things though, for one, 'Flutterbutter?' Adorable, but weird. Also, why do you call Discord 'they' when it's been proven multiple times that Discord is in fact male?

I reject canonicity and substitute my own.

Can you explain why you represent Discord as they/them instead of he/him? Discord has been explicitly stated that he is male.

Author's prerogative, essentially. This is an alternate universe, you see; one which still retains a number of similarities to the original canon, admittedly, but an alternate universe nonetheless. You may have noticed some other differences; for instance, the fact that the CMC has doubled in size. This is just another minor difference between my works and the show canon.

Oh... well that clears up my confusion as well...

This was interesting to say the least. I do wonder if what Starlight said will have ANY effect on Rarity. Hell we even see in the newest episodes she hasn't really changed, she still end to use Spike all the damn time without thinking of his feeling on being used. She tries to be a good friend, but when it comes to Spike that tends to be something she put on the backburner, We even see it here that she forgot all about Spike, and even then we haven't seen or heard her reasons for wanting to mess with Spike. It seems more like at the moment it is just her meddling and her feeling like something should be a way so she is going to make it so be damn what he may feel on the matter. Starlight seem to have taken her care for Spike beyond this little game they are all playing with him and really showed care this chapter and that won her some points to me. I just wish we new Rarity's motive and feelings on Spike or at least on why she is/or was so into making him grow it might help me not to roll my eyes at her like I am at the end of this chapter lol.

Ooooooh I can't wait for all this to blow up. And it's cool to see why Spike is a baby, he's scared of becoming a monster, probably his major reason why he insists on helping everyone

Great chapter this is the first time in a while or maybe really at all we are getting some signs of Rarity's true motive for trying to make Spike Larger. I wonder who why Spike is so nervous about learning magic? Is he scared it will make his nightmare from before come true if he start to learn things?

YES!!!! Western Dragon. I love Spike as a beautiful, graceful, and powerful Western dragon. I'm writing a few fics myself that focus on that

I love dragons. In order to keep the taxonomy reasonably simplified in-universe, I'm sticking to the basic Eastern/Western dichotomy. There aren't going to be any Eastern dragons in this story, but I intend to explore the differences between the two later on.

Should be really interesting, can't wait for more

my faust what have you done

Angel Bunny, you wouldn’t be hiding something from me, would you?”

The rabbit shook his head rapidly, then put his paws together and twisted his ears into a halo. Fluttershy quirked up her lips. “Okay, then. I’ll be back in an hour and a half, so you can use that time to clean up… whatever mess you haven’t made.”

lol. Flutters knows that rabbit too well.

All of this is going to end in disaster, I'm calling it right now.

Well at least there is no container of 'nasty burger' sauce ready to explode causing you to move in with VALD

Honestly this is great I have to say. I enjoy that we got to see alot of the side stories wrapped up and they all lead up the the bigger overarching thing this story was about in the first place. I wonder how they will help Spike get over his issues or at leave handle them better so he can have peace.

Well then. I guess this is going to happen now. I also didn't know Spike could hold back growing up. Neat.

Comment posted by Armyidiot deleted Apr 30th, 2018

Great story , love it! Maybe you can make a love triangle / herd between a grown up buff spke, ember and rarity.

So, will Spike be getting wings? I've heard that might be a thing that gets addressed in a later episode this season...

I'm afraid not. I planned this out rather before that was announced. Anyway, he's already growing to the size of about three ponies and is learning how to breathe magic, and I thought wings might be overkill.

This is a fantastic way to end it, even if my heart is breaking from the realization that this fic is now over. I greatly enjoyed this and I eagerly await the next.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for writing!

Thanks for the story, i enjoyed reading this, i always like a good spike story lol i always love a happy ending for spike/rarity
Thanks again for the fun read :pinkiehappy:

This was great. Funny, sweet and emotional. Despite some of the subject matter and the odd raunchy joke, this almost feels like an episode and the comedy is brilliant. Also, the way the chaos spreads and drags in so many characters is very well done. So many fanfic feels kinda empty or tunnel-visioned, so the amount of characters you included and how well you did it, is impressive.

Some surprisingly creepy nightmares too.

Odd choice to use they as the pronoun for Discord, seeing as he is pretty firmly identified as a male in canon, but I guess if anyone should eschew traditional gendered pronouns, it would be the Spirit of Chaos.

That's about all I had to say. Great work, I'm glad I stumbled on this. Well done, have a like.

Epilogue where Spike grows bigger than Dragon Lord Torch when

I like the way the history is going, It Just bother me the way you use they when refering to Discord, no one ever said that he is a legion or something of that sort... It just strange...

I use they because to my mind, Discord is nonbinary. A lot of trickster figures in mythology have existed outside the traditional ideals of gender, after all. Anyway, I always thought that if anyone wasn't going to adhere to a system of gender, it would be the embodiment of chaos. That said, I do appreciate your confusion; I probably should have mentioned this in the story at some point. Thank you for bringing that up.

But "they" don't give the idea of no gender, but of quantity... but whatever you say man...

Here's a blog post explaining my reasoning for the pronoun choice.

Okay, nowhere finished yet, but I must say that I adore how you’re writing Rarity.

“Oh, one or two things,” Rarity said, smiling slightly. “For instance, not all dragons breathe fire. Some actually breathe ice. Others can breathe lightning, or massive gusts of wind, or even darkness. It all depends on their hatching conditions. A very rare few, such as our own dear Spike, can actually breathe magic.”

“I—” Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “Magic? Really? I always just assumed that was more Celestia than Spike.”

Right. So. Spike breathing magic (and the impact of hatching circumstances) just became head canon. I don’t know if that is a widespread thing or not, but this is the first time I have encountered it. Please do not be offended if it shows up in my own tales at some point. :pinkiegasp:

Loving this betangled web more and more.

BTW, there is a mess of italics towards the end of the Spike / AJ scene. Is it intentional? With Discord nearby, it’s hard to be certain... :moustache:

Reading about Eris ~ spittakes.

So awesome.

“Silly! It’s a plot coupon!” Pinkie said.

“Okay, what’s it for?”

Pinkie giggled. “Oh, you’ll know it when you see it,” she said, raising an eyebrow conspiratorially.

*look of horror*
Gods below. A plot coupon. What... have you done?

This is my single favorite Rarity / Spike ship, ever.

Not to mention the Sisters and cakes, Dr. Whooves and Lungbarrow, and, well, so much awesome. I laughed a lot.

I also wonder if Fluttershy and Discord shall further discuss... things between them? That strikes me as a fascinating discussion, regardless of where it might go.

And, Spike grows up. Awesome. :moustache:

I'd be happy for you to borrow the notion.

Ah. No, actually. Thanks for mentioning that.

Thank you so much! I did my best to wind all the plot threads and characters up into a neat ending, sort of Wodehouse-style, but it's always good to have that confirmed. As for Fluttershy and Discord, well. Let's just say that I'll come back to that later...

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