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For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about!


All her life, Octavia has felt like she’s been dancing to another’s tune. She’s grown used to the feelings of deja vu and being strung along, and has found success in spite of her strange feelings -- friends, a good job, a wife. Her latest gig, however, threatens to throw open her past and set her future on a wildly different trajectory. Powerful forces are warring for control of Octavia’s fate, and time is running out. Take a seat -- the concert is about to begin.

Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part one of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 2
Previous Story:Mind and Matter
Next Story: The Secret Garden

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Side-story of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Ruler of Everything
Next Story: Played on Strings

Discord's daughter has returned after a millennium's absence, and her parent couldn't be more thrilled to have her back. At least, they think they are. Meanwhile, the arrival of not one but two ancient deities in Ponyville is raising some questions for Twilight and her friends, and Celestia seems none too eager for a happy reunion.

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part twelve of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Fall of Empire
Next Story: Mind and Matter

When the Doctor's latest invention backfires spectacularly, it sidelines some of the biggest heroes and most powerful ponies in the world. It falls to the recently reassembled Crusaders to brave Gallifrey's Death Zone and save the day, but how can they do that when they can't even get along like they used to? Can they even save themselves?

Warning tags for themes including major character death, temporary character death, graphic depictions of violence, quite a lot of swearing, body horror, torture (both physical and mental), and some severe self-loathing.

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Hello, humans! This is such an honor, to be named as representatives of Equestrian society to your strange magic-less ape world. Please, come and sit with us as we discuss such mainstays of Equestrian society as Jigsaw the pie-maker, eating worms with class, and the new savory scent of love from Hayburger. Hey, wait, where are you going?

Suggested talking points: Bank Scroll Exhibition, Home Alone Extended Universe, Deep Cover Secret Changeling Temp, Just Eat Some Dirt, Prench Fry Perfume, Upper-Class Lightning, Eyes in the Back of Your Butt

This is a crossover with the hit advice podcast for a modern era, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, and is not part of the Wibblyverse continuity. However, this is from a universe only a few degrees away from the Wibblyverse, so elements of it may pop up in that continuity as and when I feel like it would be funny.

The warning labels apply to nothing that actually takes place in the story (except profanity). This is just about three brothers hosting a radio show together, and the actual sex and violence is only discussed, as some of the questions they take and the answers they give can get pretty blue. If you've listened to the source material, it's pretty canon-typical.

Special thanks to question-submitters FanOfMostEverything (Just Eat Some Dirt), Darkstarling (Upper-Class Lightning), and Coyote de La Mancha (Eyes In the Back of Your Butt).

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part eleven of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: The Legion of Bronze
Next Story: Ruler of Everything

Sweetie Belle is the last Crusader without a mark. Feeling abandoned and lonely, she asks the Doctor to take her to the Crystal Empire, where her parents are vacationing. However, a glitch in the TARDIS means they arrive a little early; specifically, right at the end of Sombra's reign. However, there may be more to this empire than meets the eye. The king is a puppet, and the walls themselves are full of negative energy. The travelers find themselves in a fight for their very minds against the empire itself.

Violence tag for armed guards, references to torture, and open rebellion.
Also warning for mind control, detailed descriptions of despair, unsettling metaphors, and taking a chisel to the fourth wall once or twice.

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part ten of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Vacation to a Pleasant Country Retreat
Next Story: Fall of Empire

Scootaloo can't fly, and she needs to know why. A confrontation with her aunts and an accident with the TARDIS sends her back to ancient Pegasopolis, in the years leading up to the unification of the tribes. However, if a fiendish plot succeeds, that event may never come to pass. An old school foe of the Doctor is on the scene, and her latest experiment may spell doom for Equestria as we know it.

Violence tag for robot soldiers, potential futures coming back to ensure their existence, and mentions of war.
Gore tag for accidental vivisection/dissection depending on how you look at it.
Death tag for implied or offscreen demises.
Also features brief mentions of racism, ableism, and homophobia, as well as infidelity, biomechanical fusions, and gratuitous flashbacks.

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part nine of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: For Want of a Horseshoe Nail
Next Story: The Legion of Bronze

The Flowershop Crowd is dismayed to find out that their elder sister, Hyacinth, will be visiting. She's an irritating snob, but she is family. Meanwhile, while the Doctor is away in Canterlot, Ditzy, Rarity, and Big Mac must contend with an invasion of mind-switching robot crabs.

Violence tag for battling an alien invasion.
Also features some body-swapping and/or mind control, depending on how you look at it.

N.B.: This story is also crossed over with the classic British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, which does not have a tag on this site. You need not have seen it to enjoy this story, but if you enjoy your comedy dry, British, posh, a little bit dirty, and utterly mad, then I'd recommend it.

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part eight of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Silent Night
Next Story: Vacation to a Pleasant Country Retreat

After Apple Bloom gets into a fight with her sister, she finds herself in an alternate time stream where her parents never died. That isn't the only difference, though. History has changed and warped unexpectedly. Struggling to retain her memories of the 'real' timeline, Apple Bloom must make a hard decision.

Death tag for a train accident.

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Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Previous Story: The Unexpected Adventures of Trixie and Sunset
Next Story: For Want of a Horseshoe Nail

Rumble is feeling grumpy. He always is, especially in winter. He hates winter. It's nothing but a reminder of the family he lost, and the night he nearly died. So, when the Doctor takes him back to Hearth's Warming Eve in Old Lawndon, the pegasus is less than happy. Things only get worse when the duo are dragged into a web of murder and intrigue at the Frost Faire. Aided only by a carnival worker and attacked by undead monsters, this may be the last Hearth's Warming for the entire world.

Violence tag for domestic violence and a fight in the middle of a fire.
Death tag for lots of things actually, it's a bit morbid.
Gore tag for zombies, basically.
Also, this work contains references to homophobia and transphobia.

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This story is a sequel to The Prodigal Daughter

Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Previous Story: The Clock with Three Faces
Next Story: Silent Night
(This story takes place during earlier story 'The Clock with Three Faces'. It's not absolutely necessary to read that first, but it will explain why Trixie and Sunset borrowed the TARDIS.)
Trixie and Sunset have gotten lost in space and time, crashing into strange adventures and characters along the way. Join them as they encounter bickering gods, Starswirl the Bearded's secret lover, frozen cities, rebellious griffons, and haunted houses in space while they prove friendship is magic across all timelines!

Other characters appearing in this piece but not in the tags: Anubis, Ba'ast, and Discord.

Death tag applies to the following stories:
Covenant of the Ark
The House on the Rock

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