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This story is a sequel to The Prodigal Daughter

Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Previous Story: The Clock with Three Faces
Next Story: Silent Night
(This story takes place during earlier story 'The Clock with Three Faces'. It's not absolutely necessary to read that first, but it will explain why Trixie and Sunset borrowed the TARDIS.)
Trixie and Sunset have gotten lost in space and time, crashing into strange adventures and characters along the way. Join them as they encounter bickering gods, Starswirl the Bearded's secret lover, frozen cities, rebellious griffons, and haunted houses in space while they prove friendship is magic across all timelines!

Other characters appearing in this piece but not in the tags: Anubis, Ba'ast, and Discord.

Death tag applies to the following stories:
Covenant of the Ark
The House on the Rock

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 5 )

Ooh... A Doctor Who story. You have my interest.

Been reading through these and definitely having a good time. I don't even know much about Dr. Who, but I'm following it pretty well. I'm liking the slow relationship buildup for the duo and look forward to seeing how that all turns out.

As I mentioned last week, my schedule's been too busy to update this story, but I thought I might try to deliver you some fresh content anyway.
Scrapped original first chapters

The Trixie/Discord dynamic is something I find utterly fascinating within ponydom. The mind of a trickster against the madness of chaos always leads to delightful encounters.

Let's hope this version of Trixie is up to the task.

Trixie's surprise was... surprisingly lame. At least Discord appreciated it.

And who knew the snake would get a good ending?

Sunset and Trixie make a good duo. A good mixture of brains and power between the both of them. It's going to be a little wistful seeing their adventures end at least.

I'll see it to the end!

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