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This is for fanfics that include the element of time travel.

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I'm looking for a Fic, where Twilight traveled in time and did things that drastically changed history, even traveled through Equestria to eliminate all the seeds that Discord planted centuries ago

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*portal of fire appears on the ground* *TARDIS passes through it* *steps out* Hey! So, i guess i should be formal.... I am Ember Q. Hewdraw!
I'm ChainsawViking, the keyboard tapper's steam account!(I represent him as the Castle Crashers' Blacksmith)
I am Osiris, the former Google Plus account of the guy typing. Who evolved into a Human-Cofagrigus Hybrid!
'Sup. I'm RickRoblox. I'm 'Cash's Minecraft account. Anyone have Funyuns?
Name's MuffinMazter. The NormalBoots account of Cash's.

Well, I have a fanfic about Twilight traveling to the future planned; I'll definitely post that here once I'm done with it!

Okay, I've added my fic MLP Loops.
It's a time loop series. It's rare for a single loop to be more than a few thousand words long, but there's hundreds of them and often crossing over into various series. It is my hope that you'll find it amusing... and some of the character development to be intriguing. There's some character paths that are only really possible within a time loop setting...

Hello everyone! Check out my story Sunset of Time wherein Sunset Shimmer travels back in time to stop the apocalypse.

Hay guise. Derped around all the different settings and stuff, saw this and thought my story'd fit in nicely.

Time displacement? Is adding a folder for stories where a character is not in their own time, but didn't get there through direct travel (e.g. trapped in stone for 1000 years, a coma, etc) too off topic for the group? - I included Millennium Wake as an example of what I mean.

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