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A group for any fics involving crossovers between the Mainverse Equestria and an AU Equestria. If you are not sure where to post the story, put it in the Main folder so one of us will put it in the right folder.

Note: The Mainverse is the universe where the actual show takes place.

Mainverse in AU Equestria: For crossovers involving the Mainverse characters in an AU Equestria.

AU in Mainverse Equestria: For crossovers involving AU characters in the Mainverse.

AU in AU Equestria: For crossovers involving AU characters in another AU Equestria.

Enjoy all you can.

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Good cozy group this one.

I would like to know who put my story in this group (The Anomaly in a Mare's World), so I can thank him or her. :twilightsmile:

Having read your folder list, there's a thought I had that I want to read: Mainverse in Mainverse Equestria. Where Mainverse characters to an alternate but identical reality. How would they act, I wonder? Would they act out, because their actions have no effect on their home universe? Band together with the natives, and alter the flow of Destiny in this new world? What about their identical dopplegangers? Are they friends, or do they get on each-other's nerves? What is happening in their home universe without them?

Do you know of any stories with a premise like that?

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