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Are you bored of your average everyday Mane Six fics? Are you curious abour what would happen if Pinkie and Twilight had each other's Elements? Ever wonder how another group of ponies would handle being the Elements of Harmony?

Well, you've come to the right place! Alternate Element Loadouts is the premier group for all stories that involve an Alternate Mane Six! Be they different interpretations of the classic Mane Six we know and love, background ponies promoted to the status of Main Characters, or Elements not connected to Harmony at all! Elements of Progress? Sure! Elements of Nature! Whatevs! Elements of Discord?

Okay, well, we'll have to examine those a little more closely, you know. Those can be kind of hit-or-miss. But that's okay!

Join today, and revel in an Omniverse of possibility!

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