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Pear Butter and Bright Mac finally made it to Ponyville to found her young cowgirl. While Applejack does her school duties, she gets unexpected guests that changed her life forever.

Thanks to Clean Karma and Speculore for editing this fanfic.

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How did they go from dead to wandering around Equestria?

Why wasn't Ponyville their first stop? Or Sweet Apple Acres?

Why would there be any mystery about where Applejack was?

She's an Element of Harmony, and as of the Star Wars a New Hope ending of Return of Harmony, she has a spot on a freaking Throne Room window. Plus Sweet Apple Acres would have been the first place anyone who knew anything about her would look in any case.

This is sweet and fluffy, but makes no sense.

In the words of the Nostalgia Critic...

Do you have to take this seriously? We don’t know if they’re dead and this has the AU tag. This is supposed to be heartwarming to have Applejack and her parents reunited, simple as that.

*sniffles a lot* This was so... *is teary-eyed* I love this

Wish there was an explanation why they were gone for so long. But otherwise an okay story.

I think they live in Manehattan but that’s all I know.

Dude, that's the Oranges. If Bright Mac and Pear Butter just up and left their children when said children were just children they'd have a lot of explaining to do and I highly doubt would be welcomed back to the family.

Agreed, there so many logical flaws here Discord is probably laughing his ass off somewhere. I mean, for one thing, why would what we know are good ponies leave their kids behind when they're tots? I doubt they'd be welcomed back to the family after that.

9286301 I hadn't even considered that.

To allow for the tearful reunion, you'd need some way of making them disappear and not age, and have no way of returning until the time of the story. For example:

Every so often, the Apple family had to venture into the Everfree Forrest to go fetch new Zap Apple seedlings. since the farm cultivated ones won't go to seed properly (another magic is as magic does thing), Bright Mac and Pear Butter went on one of those expeditions, and never came back. It was thought they'd gotten caught by Timberwolves or a Manticore, as a torn saddlebag and tracks were found by the search parties, but nothing else.

However, when Applejack, with Zecora, Fluttershy and Twilight along as defence, goes on another harvesting expedition, they have to move off the normal route to avoid a newly grown patch of Poison Joke, and possibly fight off a Timberwolf attack of their own. In the process they stumble across, and almost into a ravine. At the bottom are a pair of very lifelike statues, Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

They are recovered and brought back to Sweet Apple Acres. One Stone to Flesh spell later (learned by Twilight after her last run in with a cockatrice) and they're alive and well. They were chased by Timberwolves, losing a saddlebag, but managed to escape, only to fall afoul (afowl?) of a cockatrice on the edge of that ravine.

Cue shmaltzy reunion and fluffiness.

So, it's not hard to write a logical frame for a reunion story that doesn't make Bright Mac and Pear Butter look like idiots or child abandoning jerkasses.

Yeah, really. Although who in their right mind would want to? Unless this is a negative polarity universe, that sorta shit wouldn't fly.

This was nice but I wish you went in depth with what happened to Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

I know I really got nothing. Would you might ready the sequel Apple Bond Motherhood when you have the time?

I have that story in my read later list so yes.

Word of advice: never get lost in the Everfree Forest. It’ll literally take you years to find your way out. Also, watch out for Timberwolves, Manticores, Cockatrices, etc.

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