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Apple Bloom. She's a Cutie Mark Crusader, the youngest member of the Apple family, and a filly with something to prove. But above all, she's our favorite pony. So join, upload stories, and celebrate Apple Bloom in all manner of adventures thought up by multitudes of writers.

This group is for any fanfics which have Apple Bloom as one of the main characters. This means she must further the plot in an important way. And please only add fan fictions to applicable folders.

Thanks for joining the group!

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I'm surprised that i'm not finding this among the stories here.

EThe Flower Blooms Twice
An indeterminate injury leads a Crusader to discover a secret about herself, one that will change her world forever...or not.
Tatsurou · 25k words  ·  576  12 · 13k views
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Is there a Apple Bloom petting story and that isn’t clop just petting?

How come there’s only a folder about Apple Bloom that says “Apple Bloom is Best Pony”, and not one that has just her name?

I accidentally added a story to the wrong folder (it doesn't even belong in this group) and I am not getting a removal option.

Anyone still here I have a question

Apple Bloom Is the best pony. The first fic I'll release on Fimfiction will be Apple Bloom Centric or I'll eat a turnip, liver, olive, and anchovy soup.

I will say that Applebloom ties with Starlight on my personal "best pony" list.

Apple Bloom is indeed best pony overall <3

I'm writing story featuring Apple Bloom you can find it here. Radiant Silver Star Don't let the name fool you, she is the most important character in the story. I do hope you check it out.

Hello, I am in the process of writing a fic about the relationship of Applejack and Apple Bloom, as well as building up their past. If you like Apple Bloom, you owe it to yourself to read this!

Apple Bloom is so cute and cool:twilightsmile:

howdy y'all! I am new here (and fiction generally). I hope we can be friends :pinkiehappy:!
And i wrote Apple Bloom story too!

What up fellow Apple Bloom fans!
There is currently a survey going to figure out who is best CMC here!
Currently she is lagging in third place behind Scoot and Sweetie and barely holding out against Babs.
You guys and gals know what to do!:ajsmug:

Wish some one would make an evil applebloom fic.

Applebloom is best filly 16eva! (That's 4ever squared!)

310026 Welcome 40th member! Thanks to you admission, we are now tied with 'The DWK Fan Club' :twilightsmile:

Ah Apple Bloom, so underloved. :heart:

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