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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have always thrown caution to the winds when Crusading. However, their latest endeavor has left one of their number in great pain with no obvious cause.
When Apple Bloom has her injury treated, she realizes that things in her life aren't what they seem. And when she learns the truth...
Some things are hard to deal with. But the love of a family can fix a lot of problems.

Edit: New cover art by Inkheart7 on DeviantArt.

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That's so sweet. :scootangel: A Changeling getting a Cutie Mark, that's not normal, I guess if they adopt a form completely for a long time they can really become it huh?

There should be a sequel to this tale, where at least the rest of the Mane 6 and/or the CMC learns the truth and confront Applejack about it.

Other than that it was a great one-shot tale.

Well then! I wouldn't call this sad per-say but a really neat family twist on the apples!

So now I've read an AB and a Scootaloo changeling fics. Haven't seen a Sweetie Belle one yet tho.
Fun concept.

There was a fic I read awhile back which showed Rainbow as a changeling. And another with Fluttershy.
Ignoring this.

Nice little story you have here. Wouldn't exactly put the Sad tag on to be honest. After reading the description while noticing the sad tag I though AB would go to hospital with like a week to live or some shit. Thankfully that wasn't the issue.

^ This. Do it. :twilightsmile:

I'd call this more of a slice of life than a sad tag but otherwise it's very we'll done. Good job

Now Applebloom has to come up with a story to explain that mark to the other crusaders before tomorrow. :ajsmug:

This story definitely needs a sequel.

2465219 Of course not, she's really a robot. :)

This is a nice little story, I'd say it isn't really sad. It doesn't cry out for a sequel, but IMO there's plenty of room for it if you feel the yen to continue it. Personally I'm interested in seeing Apple Bloom's friends learn about her changelinghood, which is likely to come up when they ask her endlessly about how she earned her cutie mark.

How was this sad? Seemed pretty happy to me.

In answer to everyone who commented on the 'sad' sorting, it was my intention for this story to be d'awwful, which I thought needed the sad tag. That has been changed to 'Slice of Life'.

So what is her special talent? Also I thought changlings couldn't have cutie marks. Or did Apple Bloom put it on herself? This could work into a very interesting series. You should consider coming back to this somday.:rainbowdetermined2:

From the looks of things, I will be continuing this story sooner rather than later.
Her special talent is disguises.
As for how she could earn a Cutie Mark when she's a CHangeling...that's part of what I will be going into in the continuation.

2465219 That because she is a robot.:unsuresweetie: Check out Flesh and Blood.:rainbowdetermined2:

2467658 Awsome! But wait, are sure you can work on that many stories all at once?:unsuresweetie: You sure have alot going.

That actually makes it easier for me, especially since my active stories are all so different from each other. Expect at least one update to one story every other day this way.

And then Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both say, "Hey! I'm a Changeling too!"

But I wonder what happens with her cutie mark if she shape-shifts to look like Scootaloo or Diamond Tiara or such. Maybe it only applies in her usual form, and any other appearance would look however is appropriate. It'd kinda screw up the point of looking like someone else if your identifying mark follows you around. And would she look like a mini Applejack if she put on AJ's hat? Or maybe her father, since it was his first. Some weird hybrid of the two?

Or maybe even a changeling who earns a cutie mark as a pony becomes locked in to that one form forever. That'd be annoyingly ironic, considering what her talent is. She has one disguise she does REALLY well!

I will not reply regarding your suggestion of what happens next.

However, as far as the 'how does it work' question...
Only the ribbon triggers a specific form change, which gives her her normal appearance, complete with Cutie Mark. That is the only form the Cutie Mark appears on. Everything else she'll have to figure out on her own.

2477697 More like Scootaloo shouting out she is a chicken, and Sweetie Bot saying she is a robot! :scootangel: :unsuresweetie:

Blast, way to ended the chapter when it was getting good.

I cannot wait to see the repsonses of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. So please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale.

Time for this little Changeling apple to be a heroine in her own right, but will anypony believe her outside her friends, her family and Pinkie Pie ? :pinkiegasp:

Revenge can be sweetly deserving, but I do wonder how will Twilight face of somepony close to her being a changeling in disguise, especially after the events of the wedding ? :twilightoops: :twilightangry2:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one. :ajsmug:

Which of the Mane 6 have been replaced?

Whoa... This changed quickly. :pinkiegasp: I'm likin' this! Keep! Going!


No place for wimps.

2538596 well i would think we can eliminate twilight and applejack so we have 1/4 of chance i doubt pinkie was replaced if i have to choose i would think fluttershy or rainbow dash

Twilight, my old friend. Do you know the old proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold?

The spy thing was amusing. Scoot probably has no idea she was channeling Dash there. If I were Bloom, though, I would've kept its secret altogether from her classmates and everyone else at the party. Even just being talented at "disguises" gives away some degree of usefulness.

But hmm, I kinda hope this apparent impending invasion doesn't take up the entire rest of the story. I don't think I've read a single changeling story that didn't wind up with Ponyville being invaded, and it always seems to drag out for so long that I'm sick of the story by the end. It still has the potential to stay interesting, of course, so I'll just wait and see how it goes.

TvTropes would call it "Becoming the Mask". And boy howdy, did she ever. :ajsmug:

I'm still waiting on a Sweetie Bot, Apple Blank, Scootaling fic, personally. I am reading one where all three are Changelings, but the actual big reveal hasn't happened yet.

2551598 She sure has become the mask, well as long as she keeps that bow on anyway. :twilightsmile: Also, I know Sweetie Bot, but what's Apple Blank and Scootaling?

And suddenly ADVENTURE!

My problem is I can not in any way choose between Sweetie Bot and Thrackerzod.

Now all sweetie needs to do is to disguise her self as a cake in Sugarcube Corner
Or a book in the Library

Do you plan on explaining why the ribbon functions like that?

No need for spoilers. Just a yes or no answer will do for now.

Apple Blank is basically what happens if you get a Game Over in Story of the Blanks. :applecry: Scootaling is Changeling Scootaloo, a meme that hasn't caught on nearly as well as it should. Balooga did it first. He also did a wonderful series of pics containing all three. And no, I don't know what happened to Scoot's leg. It might have something to do with Sweetie Bot being crazy in the first panel. Also, the rest of the Tumblr is NSFW in the extreme. Keep that in mind if you seek to check out the rest of his works.

I'll probably never spell it out directly in story, but you might be able to figure it out.

2554254 I do not know this Story of the Blanks of which you speak, which is likely why I haven't heard of Apple Blank. Getting a 'Game Over' suggests it's a game, am I right?

"But I'm-" Apple Bloom paused. "How much of the family...knows?"

Applejack smiled. "Everypony older than you. Outside the family, now it's only Zecora."

I would change that to just Granny Smith, Big mac and Zecora knowing.... the likelihood of a clan the size of the Apples all knowing, and never letting it slip, is ridiculously small.

It's significant to the story that they all know. Besides, the major point of it is that they don't care.
Here's the Apple Family perspective:
"So she wasn't born a pony? Big whoop. She's one of us, now. She's an apple, that's what matters."
They learn about Changelings.
"Well, it's a good thing we never told anyone about what she looked like originally, huh?"
It's basically just one of the things they don't talk about outside the family, kind of like the secret family recipes. As far as within the family, everypony knows and doesn't care, so they just never bring it up. The only one who even has a chance of accidentally spilling would be Granny Smith out of senility...and I'm not entirely sure how much of her behavior is senility and how much is "I can be as crazy as I want now and nopony will call me on it, yahoo!"

Is this going to get the adventure tag on it as well? Especially if you're going to be delving into changeling intrigue.

Slice of Life and Adventure are considered incompatible by the site.

shloulda left this with just the first chapter.

I smell fecal matter that is just moments away from hitting a nearby fan.

good story and congratulation on not a single thumb down

Thanks! And wow, I'm pretty shocked!

"Who are you? What have you done with Apple Bloom? Where's the rest of the swarm? What are your pans for Ponyville?"

Oh oh oh oh! Is it seafood?! Are the pans seafood?! I LOVE seafood~

... Hehe, joking aside though, this is a very cute little fic (Especially love the bit that comes after this line:heart:)! The sudden apparent shift to adventure (maybe) at the end seemed kinda forced, but I'll reserve judgment until later. Keep up the good work~

Cool story bro. any news for an update? :scootangel:


Busted Chrysalis.

2570558 I think that the rest of the family wouldn't really have any chances to let it slip. They live away, after all, and they're not accidentally going to say "my niece is a changeling" or something.

Exactly. Besides, I don't think the honesty trait is throughout the entire family.

I just gave you the 101st like.:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:


I'm just waiting for Apple Bloom to go CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS HIVE MIND BREAKER, YAY!!!

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