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When the Cutie Mark Crusader's plan to get their cutie marks backfire, Applejack saves them but ends up stranded deep within the Everfree Forest. Now, she must use all of her wits and skills to survive as something not belonging to this world hunts her. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom must face the guilt of what she has done before it destroys her friendships forever.

Author's Note: This is book 2 of my series. However, it isn't necessary to read book one first, there will be a few minor references to the first story, but you'll follow it just fine. But why not check it out while you wait for the next chapter?

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New story, YAY!!!!

OMG LOVE IT!!! CHAPTER 2!!!!! :pinkiehappy: CANT WAIT FOR CHAPTER 2!!!!!!

Woah... It looks VERY promising! You have very nice style and story seems interesting ;) You also portrayed characters very well. Typical AJ, always thinking about others. I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter.

Can't wait for the second chapter!

4274780 Woah there, girl! Chapter 2 will be here before long. :ajsmug:
It's actually done and I've just got to comb through it one last time to ensure that it's quality matches the rest of my work. Thanks for your interest! :twilightsmile:

4276748 lol sorry.. sounds good cant wait to see it! :raritywink:

4275417 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
These are the kind of comments that inspire me to push myself further in my writings. :heart:

Apple Bloom didn't mean to cause that damage and she's really guilty, but that didn't justify how she treated Sweetie Belle who only wanted to make sure she didn't try to do something stupid with Scootalo. Hopes AJ gets back soon and AB understand how wrong her actions were.

Good chapter!

D'aww. I loved the argument between Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. I found it very realistic. I hope AJ is going to be OK...

As always, your writing makes me smile and anticipate the next chapter. Keep up the great work BronyDad! Love your work:)

It was really heartbreaking... But I loved the stories of Applejack's childhood. My new headcanon :pinkiehappy:

I was touched by how much Rainbow cares for Applejack. I hope she'll find her soon... So far I'm really enjoying this story and can't wait to read the next chapter :pinkiehappy: Good job! You have the fav and upvote from me.

4354341 Thank you.:twilightsmile:
I decided to write this because I absolutely adore Applejack and the show never touches on her past. So I decided to create it myself, for my daughter and myself. I'm glad you found it as emotional as I did, it tells me I accomplished what I sought out to do.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!:pinkiehappy:

4354410 I am too very touched at how much RD cares for AJ its just so sweet :applecry:

4356366 Apple jack is my favorite character too she is just the. best! and I do really like this story and I like where it is going and im super excited to see the next chapter! and I actually do like hearing applejacks past memories! I really do like how you put this together! :pinkiehappy:

4358789 Aww shucks! Thanks for the kind words.:heart:
I'm glad you like the past I'm creating. I pieced it together from what little the show tells us, what I know of her and her personality and, most importantly, what feels correct. While I am unable to choose a favorite pony, Applejack appeals to me because she has had a tragic past, and has found the strength to overcome it and be happy.
Once this story is finished, and her past is all laid out for you, I hope you will still feel this way.:ajsmug:

4359156 Ya I am interested to see AJ's past I mean I hope they make a episode about it! :pinkiehappy:

4360054 That would make me very happy, but I really doubt they'll do it. They've gone out of their way to avoid mentioning her parents, and that pretty much ruins anything else that could have happened in her past. Hasbro probably deems it too tragic and won't let them build on it.
I really want to see some development in the relationship of Applejack and Fluttershy. From the show alone, you can't even tell their friends. I want an episode that has those two bond.

4360096 you mean the episode BATS!? ya I don't know why they made applejack so mean in that episode but I have to say the song is catchy I know all of it lol :ajsmug:

4364271 Well thank you.:twilightblush:
I'm glad you were able to relate, that's the reason I write. I want to reach out to people, to touch and inspire them. Your comment tells me that I am doing exactly what I set out to do with this story. I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters just as much.:ajsmug:

4360111 I totally loved that song!!!:twilightsmile:

Oooooh :pinkiehappy: New chapter! I'm always happy to see something new from you! *goes to read it*


Wow. It was good. Really good. I could really feel her fear and sadness and it means something. In fan-fiction I always look for emotions and here I have them. You don't just tell us how she feels, you SHOW it to us and for that I'm really thankful. I wonder what's attacking her and if Rainbow is going to find her.. Anyway, good job! Can't wait to read the next chapter

This keeps getting interesting. I really want to see what's next.

OMG ok I have never been so excited for the next part I wonder if that was like RD or some thing

4390006 Thanks! :heart:
Emotions are definitely my forte, they really bring the character to life and makes writing that much more satisfying. If you like emotions so much, you ought to check out my other story, Love Your Difference, it made some of my pre-readers cry...and they weren't even MLP fans!

4391942 Your excited comments make me lol every time I post an update.:rainbowlaugh:

4392376 well that's me :pinkiehappy: but I do REALLY like your story it makes me EXCITED so.. don't blame me blame your story lol :raritywink:

4392544 LOLZ!
Ok, I'll blame my story.... which actually means I blame myself..... :rainbowhuh:
So now I'm gonna log off and go give a stern talking to myself. Gotta keep these hooligans in check before they start getting out of line, ya know?

4392630 lol well maybe I should do the same thing with my excitement.. oh who am I kidding do you know how many times I've tried that!? :rainbowhuh:

it only works for about 5 seconds then I go crazy again :pinkiecrazy:

but.. I guess that's just how I wok:pinkiehappy:

Hey BD! Im stoked to start this story! Not going to lie though, I'm not sauced up... so take this review with a grain of salt.

And maybe a lime.

And definitely some tequila.

And thank you so much for your help with Rarity Hates Rainbow Power, it turned out wonderfully and I was not at all expecting it to make it into the popular stories box! So thank you thank you!

delicious spinach and cabbage soup.

This is what we call an 'oxymoron' jk :rainbowlaugh: Is this a charlie and the chocolate factory shoutout?

The Cutie Mark Crusaders was a society that was devoted

are the CMC gone now? Why was? Also you could drop the second junction and make it 'society devoted to...' if you feel that helps the flow.

That passage about the rainbow dash balloon animal is money :rainbowlaugh:

BronyDad! What is this burping potty humor? Nah it works :pinkiehappy:

the three of us could study each other as we grow up

Pleasenoclop pleasenoclop pleasenoclop


I've always seen it as Macintosh. But I've never seen a canon-official legal document in the show, so hooray for poetic license :eeyup:

weather vane

After reading Hard Reset, I'll never look at a weather vane the same way again :ajbemused:


Dammit, there's another! But here's a good point on this, if you're going to spell, or misspell something, do it consistently! :moustache:

HOLY BUCK this story is good. I mean, DAMN. So much better than most of the stuff I've been reading lately. Very well written. Extremely well, actually. I kept running a comb through it,, but there really wasn't even a comma splice to be seen! I started quoting passages I adored, but then I had to delete it because it was just too much! Very good job, BD.

And if you want, I'm working on a new one-shot. If you want to collab on it, shoot me a PM and I'll pitch you what I've got so far. I think it would bring a lot of traffic to us!

4415591 Thanks for all the compliments, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Does this mean you have finished Love Your Difference? If so, I'm dying to hear your opinion.

the three of us could study each other as we grow up

I never realized how dirty that sounded until just now....
The McIntosh brand name of apples have a capitalized I, so I decided to go with that spelling. As for weathervane, is it two words or one? I didn't notice that I had it both ways...good catch!

Poor girls, they are dealing with too many emotions right now. And not only the CMC, the Mane 6 too.

This is getting better and better, now I want to see how is AJ.

I love fact that Rainbow cares so much about Applejack :rainbowkiss: And that conflict between CMC is fantastic, very realistic and well-written.

HEY!! sorry for not reading this sooner my internet was out for a few days I almost climbed the walls!! any way Awesome chaper like always!!! wow apple loom sure got herself mixed up! poor girl but t sounds like it will be resolved soon!! I hope lol YAY applejack chapter next!! oh and go RD!! but yes I agree gets me rest! lol ^_^

4459791 This comment sounds like Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush.:rainbowlaugh:
and please don't apologize for how long it took you, I appreciate the fact that you take the time to read it. I don't care how long it takes you to get to it.
Anyway if you saw my blog then you'll know that the next chapter is going to be delayed a bit....I hope your heart can take the anticipation.

4425714 Yes, I wanted the reader to realize that the Main Six were dealing with their own grief without getting too far away from the story, so I made these little scenes to let you know what's going on in the background.

4460469 lol I probably didn't say it as fast as it you read it :pinkiehappy:
ok and I just read your post and ok I will bear for as long as I can :raritywink: and excited for the sweetie belle and rarity! :rainbowkiss:

Oh my god, I felt adrenaline by reading the whole experience. I kind of expected that Applejack would get an injury after Mac's discussion with AB when he stopped her before she tried to explore the Everfree Forest, so this is nothing new but it still makes me feel sad for her. I hope this Pegasus saw her least AJ gets a better situation now that she is hurt.

I can only say, excellent chapter!

We shall see that Manticore again, I suspect. It will help AJ in a spot where she cannot help herself. If not for this, for something else.

I also suspect that the ribbons will be found by those searching for her.

I definitely fell in love with this story and it's probably my favorite chapter so far :rainbowkiss: Emotions, atmosphere, little scenes from Applejack's past, action, mystery... It has everything I love in fan fiction and more!

OMG! :heart:d it! it was sooo packed with action and I over all the friend stories loved the RD one plus where is daring do when you need her doesn't she live in the everfree? lol I like the mom and dad story too it was like a story in a story! :pinkiegasp: but ya I think this is the best chapter yet! and poor AJ was sooo close to getting back home :pinkiesad2: but it was still awesome! :pinkiehappy:

You're very good at writing about interactions between characters :ajsmug: It's definitely one of your biggest strenghts. But I'm just so excited what's going to happen with our poor little AJ :pinkiesad2:

awwww!!!! :pinkiesad2: that was so happy emotional the town of ponyville ROCKS! they were so sweet I almost cried too:fluttershyouch: and then the little sister and friend moment was also sweet and made me want to cry more :fluttershbad: but now im here telling you..... drum roll plz! I love you story!!!!!! :yay:

wow I almost cried through this but I agree it was SO good but the last part was ceepy!! your making it sound like a ghost.... :O what if it is applejacks dad watching over her or some thing all I know is it's getting creepy lol keep up the AWESOME work!!!

"You're gonna have to do better than that to finish me!"

Oh, Applejack... I'm afraid that it IS gonna do better than that.

Amazing chapter, probably my favorite so far. I loved how you portrayed the death of her parents as something so... simple. I mean, people usually kill them in crazy accidents, often when they're trying to protect their farm and family or fighting with some evil creatures like timberwolves. You didn't. You showed a simple accident, stupid accident, which resulted in their death, leaving AJ, Apple Bloom and Mac without parents. Also, I love how you describe the pain AJ is going through (both mentally and physically). I'm almost able to feel it (and it hurts).

Good job, as always! :heart:


I mean, people usually kill them in crazy accidents, often when they're trying to protect their farm and family or fighting with some evil creatures like timberwolves.

Applejack's parents died in glorious battle!! :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry, but that is just preposterous to me, it's just so lacking in imagination. It really just feels right that they died in this manner, and I'm glad you liked the way I did it. Only two chapters left, and they will both be up next week! I hope you enjoy the ending of the story!:twilightsheepish:

I thought this chapter was amazing I really did, but I would like I have a few pointers. I find nothing wrong by portraying the past. Yet there should be balance between the past and present. I think you focused a little too much in the past and did not put enough feel in the present. Other then that great chapter, :twilightsmile:

4553369 This chapter is about Applejack climbing the incline, which is the most difficult task she has faced yet in the Everfree. The rest of the chapter is about how she finds the inner strength to do it. Spending any more time in the present would have diminished the suspense of the climb. Details are great, but too much can bog everything down. Besides, the chapter is titled Old Scars, so it makes sense to spend more time in the past.

Still, thanks for the critique. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to give their opinions. :pinkiehappy:

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