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A new shady company took Equestria by surprise. Hundreds of local apple farms were going out of business all over Equestria, unable to compete with unrealistically low prices.

The famed Apple family was no different. Their customers started buying less and less, the wealth dried up and the fights started as the family plunged into financial ruin.

Apple Bloom watches her family and life fall apart before her eyes. Argument after argument about selling the farm and having no place to go if they did.

Just as Applejack has done everything for her, Apple Bloom feels it's her turn to do something for Applejack; but what? There's no length she won't go to, to save her family, the farm and everything she holds dearly.

Editors: Pixel Pony, Twilight_Scratch and Pony of Lore.
Proofread by: Mayhew Cullen
Cover art by: Mayhew Cullen

Chapters (5)
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SWEET MOTHER OF LUNA! this looks like it will be good!

Has this got ScootaBelle in it?

I can just tell that it's going to be epic. :pinkiehappy:

4699363 No Scootabelle. Taking a break from that ship :rainbowlaugh: It's got a ship that the next chapter will probably reveal.

I like this story so far, I want more!!

4699527 Oh that's something I forgot to mention during the prereading process, I like all the little hints that point toward the planned ship. I don't know if they were intentional(they probably were) but I like how they could so easily be missed. So because I enjoyed reading the story thus far at least twice, it gets a gold star... Yeah!

4704990 And the proof is in the pudding! Thus rendering the proof completely useless as evidence.

Couple of spelling mistakes,





Señor Manzana Buck

I see what you did there.

More! :yay:



the unicorn stallion casted a spell


Sweetie Belle decided to keep quit


I love how the story is progressing... M O R E!!!

La potranca sin nombre

i see what you did there.

You posted this really late... Do you live in the eastern hemisphere, or are you just nocturnal?

4793353 I live in Europe for the time being. 1PM here. But I am nocturnal. :scootangel:

Huzzah, a fellow creature of the night!

I am NIGHTMARE MOON...'s daughter nyx :scootangel:

Ah'm pretty sure if ya sat in a barrel of wine, you'd smell like a distillery, not a brewery—breweries only make beer.

4805164 True but who says smells like a distillery?

Someone who smells like a distillery, ah'd reckon.

Now this seems like it's gonna be a cool story!

Yay I finally found the time to read this again! Viva la Potranca sin Nombre! Also ScootaBloom is adorable.

4805986 Actually you'd think it would be, "smells like a winery." Mostly because wineries are where they make wine Where distillers distil to make many forms of hard liquor... also distilled water which is delicious.


either way, it's an expression to say she wreaked of alcohol

I am really enjoying this story so far. Keep doing what you're doing.

Okay I got to say, being a prereader is odd, I look and see a new chapter and I get really excited thinking now I will get to find out who that mysterious unicorn is... then I remember that this is the same as what I already read... Still it's fun. Oh and I found something a little wonky.

"Yesterday, then are in that closet, now hurry."

Seems a bit out of place. Other than that it looks good, The Apple Boom is gone too. So, I'll see you at the next chapter.

I just get tired of ponies assuming... – ah screw it, it's true

This made me giggle. Oh, and you misspelled Scootaloo (I believe you put "Scootaoo").
Like it so far, good job!

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