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“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw


Sweetie Belle is torn between crusading with her friends and finally being allowed to help Rarity in her boutique.

Not wanting to disappoint either, Sweetie Belle decides to make a copy of herself. But it all goes horribly wrong as Sweetie Belle copies multiply exponentially and everypony in town claims one as their own.

Spoilers in the comments.

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Wait, so Sweetie Belle was somehow powerful enough magically to cast a spell that created magical duplicates of herself at an exponential rate?
And these Sweetie Belles were all sapient and had the memories of the original?
And Twilight had a counter-spell?
Oh my God, if magic lets ponies create sapient duplicates of themselves and these spells had counter-spells made specifically for them, then...
Damn. That's just... Wow. So many implications that my head is exploding.
And Twi had absolutely no qualms with committing genocide. Either that or ponies actually don't perceive copies as sapient beings - I can't tell which is worse.
Oh, right, forgot to say what I thought of the actual story.

EDIT: OOooooh, it was a DREAM. That makes more sense.
You still keep the follow, though.

I know darling. This Sweetie Belle explained you didn't want to chose between me and your friends so you made another you!

I am so glad that they managed to avoid a SweetieBellepocalypse!

Cool story.

I think she missed one. I have a pair of green eyes attached to a white body peering out at me from under my computer desk.

In reference to the cover picture, why does simply coloring Apple Bloom with Sweetie Belle colors make her cuter? :rainbowderp:

4904761 Oh no don't let it clone its self or it will be the end of the word. :unsuresweetie:

4904824 It does. This is just a temporary cover picture, until I find a better one.

4904439 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild: Thanks :twilightsmile:

4904498 A SweetieBellepocalypse would be the cutest apocalypse ever!

I wasn't complaining about the picture, I like it! I just thought it odd that a simple color palette change could make a Sweetie Belled Apple Bloom look so cute. :moustache:

4904890 I agree. I should have found a way to fit Apple Bloom Sweetie Belle in the story.

Sweetie used double team! .... A little too much!

... man, I so want to write awful, terrible things now. But I will curb my enthusiasm for awful, terrible things because I thought it was cute.

One... I feel really weird because I turned to check on my Sweetie Belle to make sure she wasn't turned to green smoke. Don't worry she is still there next to Fluttershy... yay.

Two... it felt a lot like Too Many Pinkies... but so much cuter.

Three... I was so happy for Dashie when she finally found herself a Scootaloo.

Four... I liked this, it was nice.Except for one thing... why wasn't Rarity or the other girls invited to A.J.'s party?

4904439 Five... yeah Twilight has done the genocide thing before. See all the many examples? One she attempted to make Parasprites not eat, thus removing their ability to multiply and grow as a species. So attempted genocide. Two, She helps to get rid of the changelings who were once again only seeking food. Three, see 'Too many Pinkies' where Twilight unabashedly slaughters no less than twenty four Pinkie Pies thus making the "real" Pinkie an endangered species. and last but not least, Twilight attempts once again to remove the instinct to feed from an entire species. Case in point, Twilight is the real villain.

4905434 I hope your Sweetie didn't set your kitchen on fire.
Poor Scoots got foalnapped and her friends didn't care. :rainbowlaugh:

M-my S-sweetie Belle... SHE'S GONE!! And she just learned how to make a sandwich without setting the kitchen on fire. How will my Twilight and my Apple Bloom live without her? :twilightoops::applecry::unsuresweetie:

4905447 Yeah, but Scoots was so happy. And no, Sweetie was just up on the shelf waiting patiently for hugs.

4905434 She's an awesome villain, though.
And she's a villain that's not really EVIL, persay - she's just an idiot that is incapable of empathizing with her enemy.

4906143 Which just makes her that much more adorable.

That was funny :pinkiehappy:
Thanks for writing it.

4904859 She's promised not to cast that spell. She's wearing a red leather coat and a red cap with a white feather.

Red Mage Sweetie?

...She just pulled out a die...

Hi, I'm Mr.Meseeks. Hi Mr.Meseeks, I'm Mr.Meseeks

4907734 She just need a character sheet where she can change her stats, have a cripplingly fake complex due to her father wishing she was a boy, and a great interest in monster husbandry to be a true RED MAGE.

4908403 EXCELSIOR THE RED MAGE! *fireworks*


Ya'll oughtta be ashamed of yourselves! Sweetie Belle is Rarity's sister and ma best friend. She is not some pet for y'all to keep!

... Perfect definition of waifus

4908745 Oh I loved 8-bit theatre


Actually the father wishing Red Mage was a girl was planted in Red Mage's mind by Theif. But Sweetie does have a vanishing father, and all she needs now is a character sheet. I think her time with Twilight and Fluttershy will give her all the unhealthy love for Animal Husbandry that she'll need. Well that and she'll start using stats she mimiced from Fluttershy and Twilight to make evolution her bitch.

I love Red Mage, RM Sweetie Belle / RMSB would be best mage.

4909842 I know, I did say this

have a cripplingly fake complex due to her father wishing she was a boy


But yes, that would be grand.

If Sweetie is Red Mage, who is the rest of the team?


Hmmm that's a hard one.

Apple Bloom: White Mage [she does potions, is such a support character. And has a personality that I could see as WMish .. that and she did blow up Twilight's home with an Apple.]

Scootaloo: Fighter

Twilight: Black Mage [Think about it. With her vast knowledge of magic, her abuse of magic is some shows, and the Want it Need it Spell. I can see her being a perfect Black Mage with the minimum amount of nudging].

Pinkie Pie: Thief [it fits].

Celestia: Sarda, she's so Sarda. Sending Twilight and gang into quests under-prepared with a low chance of survival for some cryptic end game. Where Twilight and gang survive by pure luck.

Luna: She could also be either a Black Mage, or she'd be a good Ranger [she's hammy enough].

Cadance: Cleric

Rainbow Dash: Berserker Axinhead

Apple Jack: Black Belt

Rarity: King Steve, possibly Garland.

that's all I can think of. At least in my opinion.


Thannks, and the part of Celestia as Sarda is not only fitting, but close your eyes as you imagine this.

Celestia with a flowing beard. Wearing a red cloak. While sending Twilight on one of her numerous "You and the Element Bearer's need to go face this great evil, that I'll tell you nothing about," quests.

4910132 It fits. So much.

Twilight as Black Mage would be funny as fuck, just getting angry at everything.


And going to a Dark God for the ability to twist Cadance's magic into a beam of infinite death is fitting as well. I can see her with an altered Start Swirl the Bearded costume without the beard. Going about nuking places for fun or boredom.

4910312 Sweet Faust, yes!


Seriously someone needs to make a Sprite comic about this. I'd do it, but I'm not the best at art atm. Although ... Scootaloo in armor, wielding Sword Chucks kills all my organs with how adorably hilarious that'd be. Or whiping out her epic "Scooter" mount to ram into things ... *dies*.

4910345 Yes, just yes.


On fire.


Thankfully Black Mage Sparkle will be more than happy to help with the fire part. Way more than happy.

4908403 ...She just summoned a Porygon with a spec sheet simply reading "OVER A MILLION!!"

4910591 Red Mage would be proud, and then promptly claim he came up with it first.

4910625 Sweetie Mage just told me they'd probably settle it with a few d20 dice rolls.

What kind of evil man would dislike this story. I want seven Sweetie Belles and I would change all of their names to the names of the Seven Dwarves.

4912715 Someone who doesn't have a Sweetie Belle. :applecry::unsuresweetie:


One little thing that I kept noticing. Sweetie Belle doesn't have "feet," she has hooves. Sorry to be a pill.

Interesting premise (although I was expecting a return of the mirror from to many pinkie pies, but whatever) I do have a complaint though, specifically I think its to short and doesn't go as far as it should, I mean it starts really funny as the all sweetie belle insanity builds and everyone wants one, but then the whole issue gets resolved pretty suddenly, easily, and anti-climatically. I think it would have been better to either just go all the way over top with the humor (for example, it ends with everyone in the world getting their own sweetie belle and they start opening portals to other dimensions and taking sweetie belles through them to spread the joy of sweetie belle across all existence, or something equally ridiculous) or have a more dramatic finish where sweetie belle has to work to fix her mistake. As is the story is still pretty good, an ill-logical romp in vein of to many pinkie pies only a good deal cuter softer and sillier, I enjoyed it, but it feels like it could easily be more.

4912847 Hooves are feet for Equines.

4913056 omg that would have ridiculously awesome! It was all a dream because she passed out studying though but I could have made her dream even more crazy.

This story was great...but got very confusing. I'm surprised you didn't use the mirror pool; you've kudos for originality!
And is the ending considered a cliff-hanger? I think someone commented that it's a dream, but I'm not entirely sure.

I want my own personal Sweetie Belle!! :unsuresweetie:
or perhaps a pair :unsuresweetie: :unsuresweetie:

This was great, too short perhaps, but still a good reading.

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