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This story is a sequel to Sleepy Time

Scootaloo is excited to take Sweetie Belle out for their first date, but all Sweetie wants to do is cuddle.

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Comments ( 33 )

The cuteness intensifies!!!!


Thats adorable!

Oh my goodness, this is pure diabetic inducing romance. I almost had a heart attack out of it.

Nah, joking, but really, I really enjoyed the story, it shall join other cute stuff in my favorites.

Thank you for writing it!

Very sweet and cute.

Hmm... I feel like this lacks progression. There are three clear sections to the story (outside, bathroom, bedroom), but they aren't really associable with the classic beginning, middle and end that stories usually need.
This isn't the first Scootalove fic I've read to have this problem, although I don't think it was a problem with Sleepy Time.

You wouldn't even need to change any content to fix it (although the fix is impractical anyway). This story works if considered as an epilogue to Sleepy Time, rather than as a sequel.

Cute, but lacks some development.

Where the buck is Apple bloom "hhhhhhhiiii gggggggguys hhhoooww are you ddddoing.

We're you aware Mane and Tail is an actual shampoo or did you make it up on the spot?

Cuddlessss :heart:

Cute and fluffy :pinkiesmile:

Now that you have something good here, full of cute fluffy innocent romance, it's time to break it. Develop their relationship so Scoots gets bored with just cuddling or Sweetie gets upset with Scoots' idea of romance and then go from there. I see MANY opportunities here and even more openings for a continuation.
Good story, but only combined with the first one. They need each other.

No this is something! I've enjoyed the both parts, but this one is way better! I loved it, so thank you very much for writing it.

Well wasn't that just adorable :scootangel:

4313656 I am aware. It's my favorite shampoo :pinkiehappy:

4314777 Yes I plan to continue these cuteness overload stories. I think I might make each date they go on a one shot. I set it up for the next date in this story. I like your ideas and was kind of thinking along the same lines. :twilightsmile:

4310823 Sorry I guess this should have came with a disclaimer. Contains too much cute. Not responsible for diabetes or heat attack after reading. :rainbowlaugh:

i finally got the chance to read this, this is good practice i need to learn how to do a romance story

"No... no, no, NO!!! Not again"

*Diabetus at level 5 and increasing fastly*

*Diabetus at critic level"

"Well, it was worth it."

*Self Destructs*

This was so cute that it managed to give Pinkie Pie diabetes...:pinkiegasp:

I think I'm gonna need a heart transplant after reading this. :heart:

I want to cry and I don't know why.:fluttercry:

4315436 this is kind a random, but I think you have the best username in the history of usernames. heh. Twi-Fi.:rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

4913813 Best connection too :twilightblush:

The D'awwwws are strong with this one

GAHK! TOO MANY D'AAAWWWWWWWWWS! light fading.... can only see... cuteness... *dies of happiness*
no but seriously though this is soooooooo cute!:pinkiesad2:

oooowww... the corners of my mout hurt from smiling at the adorables! I love little fics like this... so sweet!

I don't see why everyone thinks this story is so cute. I don't see any cuteness in this. Trust me that I am not doing this because I hate the story. I like it but... I mean nothing, nothing at all is going on in my mind at all. *Cough* I totally didn't make a fic about liking Scootaloo with my OC*Cough*... I mean great story. Heh heh heh.

This gave me diabetus

7343251 I would totally buy those toys. :twilightsheepish:

Every year, over 1000 people go into depression over lack of adorableness. You can make a difference by WRITING MORE SCOOTABELLE FANFICTIONS CUZ YOU ARE AMAZING AT IT! :scootangel::heart::unsuresweetie:
And also, was the title inspired by the song called "All I want for Christmas is you"? Because that's what I first thought when I saw the title xD
And for future fanfictions: May the Dawws be with you.. xD

7439112 Aww thank you. :twilightblush: I actually don't know where this title came from; it was so long ago...


Jesus munching on a Kit Kat, that was adorable!


"Speaking of dates... what do you say to bowling then dinner?"

I thought that said blowing :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

"Yeah it was. I you good too."

Me it good story :rainbowlaugh:

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