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Future USMC Officer.

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3 Things that Irritate Me About FiMFiction · 1:01am Jul 17th, 2014

Read the title. Expect such for the rest of this blog.

Keep in mind that I really like this website, and I read something off of here almost every day. I don't sign in much because I read from my iPod, but still, it's a great site. That being said, here are my 3 biggest pet peeves concerning this site.

1. Original Story? Nah.

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I started to read A time in the sand, and got sidetracked. Never finished it, lost my phone, all that other nonsense. Long story short, i got a new phone, downloaded the story, a read it in one setting.
A.J. Thank you, i had a brother who went to an asian county to fight, and came home wrong. He's no longer with us, but our family honors him just the same. Thanks again for the story (and Semper Pi).

Thanks for the follow! :raritystarry:

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