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This is Quite the Surprise · 2:40pm Jul 11th, 2020

Hello there ladles and germs, it has been quite awhile (again). The other day I got contacted by one The Pessimistic Fool here on FiMFic asking me if he could do a reading for my story "Threads In The Dark", and I told him yes. I already posted a link to it on the story description, but you most loyal of followers can check it out here. This is the first time one of my stories got a reading, so I'm very flattered. And it just so

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I finished the piece, it's on skype

I'd recommend "Death by Dragon" as it's my Pony Magnum Opus, although if you're up to it, I'm curious as to your opinion on a more domestic drama piece such as "Treacle"

What story of yours should I review?

...Yes. This please me sufficiently.

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