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Pyro The Reader

We're born by the Faith, made men by the Faith and inevitably our nature is undone, by the Faith.

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Thank you so much for adding Colt Detective to your bookshelf! Been working on it for a year, so I hope you will enjoy the upcoming cases of Clue Chaser! :eeyup:


Lol now that you mentioned it, I can't stop seeing my profile pic as Numbah 4.

And yeah, Earthbound and its sequel, Mother 3, are among my favorite games, and I'm not a RPG fan in the slightest.

Jeez, I thought it was an OC based on Number 4 the whole time, boy was I wrong.

Earthbound? No, surprisingly, I have not played it, I heard it was Gods Tier as far as RPGs go though.


KND? Haha I'm Porky Minch from the Mother/Earthbound series. You ever hear of them?

And my girl is bi, so who knows, she'll probably be into my Japanese schoolgirl form :rainbowlaugh:

That's a big genre shift there bud, from, Kids Next Door OC to, Tsundere Japanese Schoolgirl. What your wife would say. :P

  • Viewing 379 - 383 of 383
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