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So long and thanks for all the fics!


This story is a sequel to The Signal

The Signal turned Equestria upside-down.
The Signal made savage murderers out of every unicorn in Equestria.
The Signal lingers still, preventing any hope of curing its influence.

Spike has found the Signal. He knows how to get to its source.

And he will shut it down, whatever it may be.

You might want to read the prequel first; this is not stand-alone.
Mad props to NAME Revoked for the cover image.

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[Insert some party emote here]
Heh, when I saw this I pretty much threw everything aside and went to reading.

Hm, you're asking what you've gotten yourself into? Storywise, I guess some crazy dark mindblowing stuff (both for the characters and readers), but something tells me you would know better.
Readerwise; Uh, 'Moar'? :rainbowwild:

Anyhow. I like the progress. As mentioned earlier, it's really great seeing that you decided upon giving this sequel a shot. And going from the first chapter(s) .. well, lets say I'm really looking forward to see where you'll be going with this!

Thanks for writing this and putting it up for everyone to enjoy!
Liked and faved.

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We love it! Thou hast excellent writing style and thy character development is great. We eagerly await thy next update!

Want. Moar! :pinkiesad2:

Damnit Applejack. At least he'll be able to rub it in her face when he fixes em... hopefully. Unless they get charged with 'mareslaughter'. :ajbemused:

I hope he lets Applejack know what'll happen if he gets back and anything has happened to Twilight.

Thank you, your majesty!
Just as soon as I can get these monkeys chained back to their assigned typewriters.
Yeah, Applejack! What happened to my original idea of having the whole town mobilize in a combat formation to go kick the flanks of everyone involved in the signal? You coward, you.
Don't worry; Fluttershy is protecting her!
... oh well, it was nice knowing you, Twilight.

Ya got something good here.

A good parody of "I'm the legend.":moustache:

My theory on the Signal: somepony wants to wipe out all but unicorn ponies, and is using unicorns to do so.

*The wild unicorns don't attack each other; they only attack living things that aren't them.

Yep, that's the party I chose; a traumatized baby, a flightless pegasus, and a crippled unicorn.

The world is so boned...

Boned may be a understatement.

You should add the character tags since Spike isn't alone. :pinkiesmile:

Good start, will be watching! :rainbowkiss:


No matter how many broken bones one may have, no matter how much blood one may have lost, determination always move people towards the end. This is a tale about determination, hope and living a life, instead of surviving.

Keep up the good work. This is getting interesting.

Oooh We are looking forward to thy next scroll. Will thou explain if the royal sisters were affected? We are wondering about our fate in thy story. As always excellent work and We eagerly await thy next update.

Done. I just didn't have the time this morning when I decided to update right before going to work.
Yes, the princesses' situation will eventually be explained. Eventually. It's going to be a while, though.
Well, when you consider the vast numbers of vertebrate life forms, the world is usually indeed very much boned all the time.

Also: Wow, Spike sure does talk a lot in here.

I loved that little moment at the end. :pinkiesmile:
Doing great!

We adore Raritys description of how it feels when she files her horn down. We can't wait to see where this goes!

i like this a lot

Honestly, I hope whoever or whatever is causing the Signal get the beating of a thousand lifetime. The damage, both in life and mind, will take a while to recover. And, even after the Signal does stop, the Unicorns are 'conditioned' that killing is fun and arousing. Those poor Unicorns are going to need some time to 'deprogrammed' themselves back to their normal mindset, then time afterward to get some serious therapy and comfort from friends and love ones.

...Seriously, a massively powerful and painful spell is what is needed for the trash that caused this whoa mess...!

Hey, scoots?
> Capitalize ‘scoots’.
It points to The Signal.
> Lower the casing on ‘The’. The same goes for any similar cases.
“...the amount of power they receive is really really small,”
> Comma after the first ‘really’. Replace the comma with an ellipsis.
“...but about a million times more irresistible.
> Missing the ending quotation mark.

Actually, what the signal does to them is utterly permanent. Those unicorns they have in captivity have all been dehorned and thus can't even hear the Signal anymore. Just like with Rarity, once you lose your horn the Signal is powerless against you.
If its influence could be countered by sheer force of will, some of them would have shown signs of improvement after three whole months. There'll be a chapter later showing just how powerful this conditionning is.

...Where would they get a massively painful spell in a land where every magic-user has turned insane?:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the typos! (But I'm claiming artistic license for most of them)

I am not saying it is going to be easy, and I am not saying the recovery time is within a short year, it may take a few years. It will take every effects and everything to get them back to normal, or as close as normal as you can get.

...Where would they get a massively painful spell in a land where every magic-user has turned insane?

True, but when they shut down the Signal (if they can), those insane magic-users are going to be angry for their trouble, including some tick-off Princesses. But, regardless, I just feel sorry for them, the ones affected by the Signal.

And, that's okay, it's your story.

Awww, so the signal irreversibly screwed their brains up? Poor unicorns :fluttershysad: I really hope that, after Spike manages to disable the signal, there will be some way to overwrite those destructive urges (maybe even using the same machinery or whatever is causing it?). Otherwise it would still leave the problem of thousands of bloodthirsty unicorns roaming around Equestria.

Please continue :twilightsmile:

You better write more of this. PLLEEEEEAAASE! SO many good stories I have read where the author just stopped. And this is a really REALLY good story. Can't wait for more!

I'm working on it, I swear!

Rofl. Sorry if I sounded threatening, didn't mean to. AND HOORAY! Can't wait to read more. :D

Next chapter: Our heroes send a letter!

Oh my fricken gosh this chapter made my heart stop. I was certain Rarity was a goner! Wonderfully written! Good job!:heart:

Fun fact: my first idea was to have the wedged car start to slide and fall without getting hit by the piece of falling beam, but then I thought "hey, that's basically calling her fat! that's just mean!"

Woohoo! Finally a comment! Thank you! I was so lonely... :fluttercry:(joke)

Rofl, nice! :D That would have been scary too. Poor Rarity.

LOL :rainbowlaugh: It is nice to get comments. :D

You have a way with dark stories and words.. but I just can't keep reading. Its too dark for me, I would ONLY feel comfortable reading if I knew the ending I guess. Sounds dumb I know, but a good story to me is like a good movie or game, I feel a connection with them. Sucked into their worlds and right now I don't want to be part of this grim dark messed up Equestria. You are not a bad writer of course and you clearly did your job by making it dark, but I guess I'm just a wuss heh. Good luck on your story.

Huh. Wow. That's a first.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry to have driven you away. Maybe you could check my fine selection of very silly stuff instead?
Also, a fair warning for anyone who might share your feelings: yes, this will probably get worse before it gets better, but do note the absence of the "tragedy" tag. This will get better, somehow.

Its fine, I'll check out your silly stuff. And probably come back to this when its finished. But yeah to me, my imagination grows the strongest while I read. And it went way too vivid on this one. :fluttercry: 3127613

Next chapter: Our heroes rise above the clouds.

Comments are the source of my power.

Then i shall feed it! Good story, still following. Wish the updates were more freguent but that might be rushing things.

It's back! We have missed thee and thy scrolls. Awesome work as always with the right amount of feels.

Ouch, that was saddening indeed.

I feel like this story will just keep me adding ponies onto a list of whom I feel sorry for;
Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Pink- [...], Scootaloo, [...] Braeburn.

Well, on the bright side, they got supplies, they got to meet new "sane" ponies, they saw that other towns are also managing their way through this somehow...
They also have aquired new sights for mental torment, they have given the leader of said town unhappy news, that scene with Scoots'.

Why is this so good and interesting to follow?!
Glad to see you getting out with another chapter!
- It's a very interesting read, if I haven't already pointed that out.

Hooray for another chapter! :D This story is awesome.

Next chapter: our heroes open a door.


Didn't know this has a sequel.

Hope it has a happy ending

Not a tragedy. It won't be all sunshine and rainbow farts, but it won't end with "everypony dies".
There will be feels, though.


3275274 What happen to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash ? Why aren't they helping Spike ? Are the princesses too affected from this signal ?

Actually, this (Frequencies) is the sequel to The Signal. Pinkie and Rainbow's fates are explained in "The Signal" already, and the princesses are still a mystery that I will eventually touch upon in here, one day.

Comment posted by Lord Destrustor deleted Sep 29th, 2013


Uhh...hehehhe...could you remind me of their fates again ? :twilightblush:

Pinkie was killed by Twilight, and Rainbow Dash went to investigate Canterlot and never came back. Considering the loyalty thing, it's pretty unlikely that she decided to abandon everyone. Something very bad probably happened to her, if you know what I mean...



Oh yeah...

How do you hide the text ?

Sweet, sombody got a scale polish, swag, and all that. :moustache:

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