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A.K.A "The Group Against One-Shot Clopfictions"

NOTE: We are NOT against sex within longer stories. We are against the recent influx of one-shot clopfictions or just stories that have nothing but sex.

Definition of clopfiction within this group:
Clopfiction: A one-shot or multi-chapter story that contains gratuitous amounts of sex, masturbation, fetishes, or anything else relating to pony/human turned pony/pony anthro sex. This includes human-on-pony sex, or other beings able to have sex with ponies.

Are you pissed about all these stupid one-shot clopfics getting featured? Well then, you've found the right place.

For here you are safe. For here you are with the like-minded. Join and you will not be surrounded by idiocy.

All this group is for (as of right now) is discussing clopfics, and our opinion of them. Of course it's negative, but there are many things to talk about.

Everyone who isn't a troll (that we can see) gets contributor, because we can't do much else.

If you dislike foalcon, rather than just clop, you can join this group: The Anti-Foalcon Initiative.
HOWEVER, I (MisterFluttershy) am not owner, admin, or anything of the like on the group. Join at your own risk.

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Your all fagots, clop for the win

I just don't like Porn of any kind. I think something should be done to remove its presence from this website. The Brony fandom is in my mind a group dedicated to true art and the expression of the soul. To write stories that are just as worthy to sit on a book shelf as any published title, to create art worthy of being framed and hung up proudly for all to see, in other words, an expression of passion and individuality. And to see it tainted so by, this THING, is about as insulting to the craft and the fandom as you can get.
Now I'm not against scenes where true love blooms, or if the story requires it (though I take it with a pinch of salt) and I've read some mature Stories such as Fallout Equestria and the Game of Thrones, but there has to be a limit to how much its described (be subtle, it works much better than full on description!) or what its insinuating. This is drawn from an animated children's show! I mean, how sick are these people?:twilightangry2:
Now I'm aware of Internet rules, but again, a limit! Don't forget the characters you're using are animals from a children's show! To all cloppers out there, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applebloom are very disappointed in you :fluttercry::applecry::raritydespair:.

There I'm done ranting. I'm just happy that the majority of the fanbase are nothing like the clop fiction we get on this site, and are dedicated to bringing their best work here. Let us continue to inspire artists of all types for generations to come.

:raritydespair: Joining :ajbemused: Honestly, :facehoof: They can just make a another MLP fan fiction site for that sick stuff :pinkiesick: Sometimes I think I would leave the fandom if I wanted to :rainbowhuh: because of the hype over it :flutterrage:
What type of stories can be posted here? :derpytongue2:


I don't hate clop, but I agree with the 'clop getting featured' part. They should just make another Fimfiction website that's specifically for clop.

Comment posted by REDD deleted Dec 30th, 2013

I can certainly find myself agreeing with this idea.

Comment posted by OldWorldBrony deleted Jan 5th, 2014

I know, they basically have a curse... but the glass is neither half full nor half empty. It is all the way full, half of air and half of water (or thats what I keep telling myself...):twilightoops:

Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015

I am working on a luna shipping fic... even those are generally really hard to do right, my other is a story about a dragon egg (not spikes, but certainly pertaining to spike), and my other is a random comedy...

Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015

Sounds entertaining:pinkiehappy:, I'll check it out. I have 3 fics I'm working on right now. None of them have seen the light of day:rainbowderp: I should probably work more on those...

Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015

Sorry, couldn't resist:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015
Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015

against: against or preventing
opposite: opposite

So negative. So troll attracting.

Comment posted by wao deleted Jun 19th, 2015

I did originally come here for refuge aginst everyone assuming that I was the devil because I really didn't like oneshot clopfics. I do think it's quite sad that the only responses to anyones comments are negative, no matter what they put:fluttershysad: but I guess that's life.

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