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I used to be normal, once upon a time. Now I'm on this site, writing stories about ponies and card games. What happened?


About DmitriTheWriter · 9:12pm Nov 5th, 2018

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about me, but were too afraid to ask. Here we go.

Name: Anything you want it to be, friend.

Nationality: American

Favorite Video Game: Europa Universalis 4

Likes: Yu-Gi-Oh! + The Abridged Series (not like you needed me to tell you that), the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pokemon, etc.

Best Pone: Twilight Sparkle

Anything Else To Say: 1v1 me Pokemon Showdown, skrub

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>anime avatar
>multiple pony-anime crossover fics
>likes anime
>joined in 2018
Yep, check. There's another one.

Yep. Originally, it was going to be Joey Wheeler's creepy chin, but then I changed it to this.

I see you changed your avatar from Samurai Jack to Yugi Moto.

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