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FALSE NOTIFICATIONS (Long Time No See) · 5:28am Jan 29th, 2017


Sorry about the "false" notification if anyone receives one from Halo: Ponies & Clouded Pasts. That series has long been over; no rewrite will be made as far as I know. I wanted to make a minor edit to it, but the "Unpublish" button is right next to the "Edit" button, which is why the chapter was resubmitted on accident.



*sneezes from the dust*

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2350272 Cool. Take your time, no rush.

2277282 betcha don't remember posting this lol

working on other passion projects and have moved away from pony fics for a bit; not sure when I'll come back but I'll definitely be back once I get into the show again

Are you dead? If you are, you don't have to reply to this. I'll understand.:moustache:

This is just a friendly suggestion but if you do start working on your stories again, it might be beneficial for you to finish them one at a time as well as not release any new ones until you are caught up. I feel if all of you focus goes into one story instead of having to juggle around a lot of stories then it might be easier to come up with ideas as well as get your story done faster.

Hello my name is yuginegi I am new on the site and I would be honored if you could read my first fanfic it is called The Shadow Wars you can find it by going on to my homepage its not done yet but the first chapter will be posted tomorrow I hope you get this message and I hope you enjoy the fantastic and I would like it if you can get me some tips on making some good fanfics see you tomorrow then enjoy:twilightsmile:

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