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Boba Fett. Notoriously known as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. From the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds, his exploits are the stuff of legend.

His latest hunt --for which the reward offers enough credits to purchase a small star system-- takes him to the farthest reaches of explored space, to a distant and unknown planet, where he is to kidnap a notable figure of great power and return to his employer with all due haste.

The target?

Princess Celestia of Equestria.

The 'Human' tag is not present on this story because it involves immersion into a universe that contains a great deal more species than them. Expect far more than mere humans to make an appearance.

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Comment posted by Rust deleted Jan 16th, 2013

A few things before you take on the most ball-dropping, spontaneous-beard-growing, lumberjack-punching-Santa-in-the-face-ing story on FIMfiction:

Firstly, let me just say that by no means am I an uber Star Wars follower. I love it, yes, but my entire knowledge pool of this universe consists from watching all the movies, reading one or two books, and from playing The Force Unleashed I and II. Everything else is complete guesswork. If you consider yourself a lore-buff of this world, don't be hesitant in calling me out if I get things wrong. The entire premise of this fic was established during a drunken conversation with a friend of mine about Star Wars (WTF Disney recently purchased the rights to the series) and how a certain bounty hunter could have used a little more fleshing out. A challenge ensued and, if you know me, I never back down from keeping my side of a bargain, even if its a drunken bet

Secondly, this will not be regularly updated, as it has been a idea kicking around in the old noggin that just had to be let out. Deal with it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, a big thanks for my pet cat, Mischa, who edits and proofreads the fucking thing. No, I'm not just being serious about this. I'm being super serial.

Fourthly, this is a fic about Boba Fett. So stop skimming the comments and read it before your lack of interest in the coolest figure of sci-fi history grants me the right to insult your obviously poor sense of taste that you undoubtedly inherited from your mother. Unless of course she digs Star Wars, and then I'll just kick you or something like that.

Have a motherfucking day,

Boba motherfucking Fett? All of my yes! :rainbowwild:
Huge Star Wars fan and lore geek, looking forward to reading this.

Boba Fett and ponies... my dear.

Added to my other 170 read laters, will get there when I can...:raritydespair:

Boba Fett?
The quiet badass?

All the favorites.

I am heavily intrigued. Continue :eeyup:

Alright, I'm gunna follow this story... it's good so far :pinkiehappy:

Wooo, new Rust fic. And a doozy, too!

I had to double take when I saw this shit.

Boba Fett?! BOBA FETT?!


Oh my god, I don't think you know just what an overdose of awesome you fed this site. It's probably going to die now when its heart starts pounding twenty-five beats per second while listening to speed metal and then starts break-dancing (and then breaks).

But yeah, has my read.

Very interesting, though you misspelled Coruscant.

Foreshadowing, foreshadowing everywhere!

Perhaps this will fill the void.
The void of Star Wars in my soul.

I just learned that he din't die from falling into the saarlac! Which is good because a bad ass like him deserves a better end. Goodness, I feel so dumb that it took me a story made on FIMfiction.net that Boba Fett wasn't dead.

Ok, you asked for tips, here's one; The Executor is a Super class star Destoryer.

Also, I'm kind of a big star wars nerd, so if you have trouble with stuff or spelling, you could ask me. :scootangel:

"A pox upon you.

May God himself bless your story sir, for that is the best phrase in the history of reality itself.

Uh... you might want a lot of help, and you should take NOTHING from 'The Force Unleashed'. It's a bad, bad representation of the 'verse.


So Bobba is going to kidnap Celestia? I feel so sorry for the poor bastard.

We''ll see. Mwa hahahahahahahaaa....

... *Cough*...... *Cough*... *Cough* *Cough*... *Cough* *Cough* *Cough* *Hack* *Hack* *Wheeze* *Cough* *Gaaaaasp*......

I'm sorry, that was the sound of me, choking on pure awesomesauce. It was too much for my poor throat to handle.

It would be sort of funny if she let herself be captured just to give her sister something to do.

I can kind of see the bounty hunter being capable of taking her; no one is going to see him coming, though the whole thing hinges on the inhibitor being strong enough to work on someone who probably makes starship tractor beams look like toys (I'm a little fuzzy on how strong jedi/inhibitors are).

1971753 Oh, just imagine if he runs into Luna first.:rainbowlaugh:


Firstly, let me just say that by no means am I an uber Star Wars follower. I love it, yes, but my entire knowledge pool of this universe consists from watching all the movies, reading one or two books, and from playing The Force Unleashed I and II.

Pfft, casual.

I kid, I'll nitpick later.

The Hunt - Sepultura

You know, I hear that they still tell stories about how the Night Princess defeated the great Brimstone... by punching him in the face."


Boba Fett? Ponies? Hold on, I need to go get a towel.

I wonder if the Mane Six are going to have to use the Elements of Harmony on Fett....

Huh, I'm not much of a Star Wars fan but I do believe Fett was that badass guy with the silly death scene. Either way, if Celestia loses I'll cry and if Fett loses I'll cry.

Hmm, normaly I avoid this kind of fic, but, you're Rust, reading now.

YES! YEEEESSSS!!!!! So. Much. WIN!!! :flutterrage:

....I'm calling it. Boba Fett is gonna kill somepony. :pinkiecrazy:

The bulk of this story isn't even meant to take place on Equestria. It's a big galaxy out there, mate.

Not updated regularly? My life has lost a little meaning...

But my patience will prevail!

"Defeating a sandwich... only makes it tastier!" - Virginia

Boba: Put Princess Celestia in the cargo hold.

Also, this ship is garanteed to be so awesome I won't even care if it starts shipping Twilight with Boba:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Everything about this was wrong -- it violated scientific laws like Boba violated the brain cavities of his foes.

Eeyup, that sums up the common fan interpretation of the Equus System quite well.

This is relevant to my interests. I will definately be tracking this.

And yet, there it was. A planet where it shouldn't exist, in a system that defied reasoning. An impossibility made real.

He's lucky there isn't a bloody demon at its centre.

I have made this acount exclusively to answer your challenge. I AM the number one Star Wars fan. While I conduct this critique, I suggest listening to this, as I have many times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF7ROkpzQ1c

I'll get right to it as I list my points:

Point 1: There is a rather immense difference between the Force and the "magic" of the My Little Pony show. First off, I can see how you, being a novice as you so describe yourself, to create a bridge between the two solely based on the fact that they can both leveiate objects. Hell, you may have done some critical thinking and thought about energy manipulation (AKA Force Lightning, Force Storm, Force Aura, Force Armor, etc.) Good for you. FALSE.
The Force is something that fills the known galaxy, growing and strengthening with every living life form that develops. O.K. It emits energy that Force-sensitives can manipulate with their connection with the Force. And it's just that. It can use the Force to AFFECT matter. Not create it. You may be wondering in that pod of yours "where did this come from? Why emphasize affect?" Well, in MLP this "magic" can not only levitate things and such, it creates matter on multiple occasions. (Try the simplistic mustache spell created by Twilight on Spike in that one episode. What was its name? Oh wait, I don't care.)

Point 2: 100 Million credits. Really? First off, it wouldn't buy a fleet. A single star destroyer costs 20 million credits. Hardly a fleet with 5 ships, am I right?
Second, any bounty hunter, regardless of reputation, can be easily thwarted in Force-sensitive abductions by any in Imperial Intelligence or by Vader's Dark Guard, more than one of them, mind you. (You remember those, from you're playing of those two Star Wars games? Force Unleashed?) Slip in, knock the bitch out, you're on your way. Not rocket science.

Point 3: Errrr... WRONG. No force inhibitors. Don't you think they would have created those even before the Clone Wars, even if they had? The Force cannot be interrupted. It is IN ALL THINGS.

Point 4: Placement in Unknown Regions? Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt. Amateur. Real simplistic and overused. The pony's couldn't have been living in the Unknown Regions. They would have early on been discovered by the Yuuzhan Vong. Or the Killiks. For God's sake, I bet the Rakata might have even found them in the amount of time. Not to mention that the Sith Empire 300 years after the Jedi Civil War was already exploring far beyond the Outer Rim. They would have slaughtered on sight. Same with the Chiss Ascendency, though they would have tortured and abused them first.

Point 5: Species is a big factor. It is true, all creature have connections to the force. Even Jawas can be Force-Sensitive. (Look it up, there are many instances of it.)
Boba Fett would have shown SOME confusion over the fact that there are Quadruped sentients. Every sentient being, excluding Collicoids, is bipedal.
Not a very realistic reaction.

Point 6 (and last point): If Vader REALLY wanted to get the princess, he would have sent in the whole damned Imperial Army. Screw the populace, get the queen! The destruction would be marvelous! Besides, Vader in all reality would have wanted nothing more that to kill ALL FORCE-SENSITIVES regardless of power. The Emperor wanted it too.

All in all, I believe this story should be smacked down, ground up, and thrown in the trash compactor. It deserves nothing but a mere "oh, hey, guess what's new on MLP." A full-rewrite is what I recommend. Extreme, but needed. Unless of course, you intend to make it not completely Star Wars.

I wish you luck. May the Force be with you.

I was actually making a story like this.
Except with Jango instead of Boba.


What? Timothy Zawn's trilogy had anti-force stuff out the wazoo. I think some of the games had creatures that did it.

Frankly if he didn't have access to such an object the story would be pointless; there's no way in hell he could capture Celestia without some way to stop her from using magic.

I agree with everything, except one point. Slave 1 had a contraband cell specifically built to contain force-wielding individuals. He can contain them, providing he has the preparation and time to get them into cell. On that same token, it is only one cell.

I just think if Vader wanted to kill off an entire planet full of "force-wielders," all he'd need to do is backtrack to the Maw installation, chat with Qwi Xux, and get the tech for those resonance torpedoes. Sure, it'd kill everything, but that is by far the smarter move than pissing off a plant of force sensitives and Celestia herself.

The story certainly seems on par with your other stories so far. Please keep up the fantastic writing!:pinkiehappy:

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