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When a supposedly-Forerunner artifact activates on-board the UNSC Guam, turning everyone on board into ponies, It sets in motion a clash of forces, ideals, and dimensions that could save humanity in its darkest hour, or doom the peaceful land of Equestria to burn in a war never meant for them.


This story starts some time before the season 2 finale, but after the other episodes of season two. Season 3 stuff will only be used if I find a reason for it/don't think it's OP (I'm looking at you Twilicorn and Mirror Pool.)
This story also takes place before Halo: Reach, so don't expect things to stick very close to the games.

Minimalistic cover art was made by me in Microsoft Paint, because I have buck-all else to work with.

Character tags will be added as they become major players.

Obligatory Disclaimer: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. Halo is owned by Microsoft (or some sub-company thereof). I have no stake in either and seek no profit from this work. This is purely a fan creation.

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I actually started working on this months ago, and didn't notice the small surge of Halo crossovers until sometime after. Strange minds think alike, I guess. :derpytongue2:

Celestia seems a little subdued and excepting since you are apparently using the 'throw sun around with my mad magic skilz' take on things. But still this is a great story and I will certainly be watching for updates.

Being forcibly swept off to a strange new place would leave anyone scared, especially when the locals have demonstrated that they can hurt you worse than almost anything you've ever encountered.

i'm really liking this story =), hope there are some mroe updates soon :twilightsmile:

And Optimus means best in Latin
Optimus Prime:The best, the first.:rainbowdetermined2:

new chapter yay cant wait for the next

Interesting... So far the only weak point I've seen in this fic is the premise of the changes to the Guam's crew. However, that can be cleared up in later chapters... My personal theory is that the Forerunner "battery" was a technological attempt to store magic and slipspace caused an overload in the containment. If magical energy acts like water and seeks its 'level' on a universal/dimensional scale that would explain the pull towards Equestria.

Of course I could be off the mark, but that's what I'm going to think until a better explanation comes along. :derpytongue2:

You are quite off the mark, and the reason for this has already been foreshadowed. :trollestia:


Gah, I can't believe I missed it... right at the beginning too... My apologies.

Right, review... I found this a nice addition to what we have on ff already in that you took an idea you hadn't seen done yet and tried to do it justice. I approve of how you are slowly extending features from each universe into the other, which is a welcome change from the normal approach and allows for actual story rather than just a word spam while the introductions are gotten out of the way. My only main gripe so far is in a lack of chances to familiarise with the characters- beyond the fact that the odsts are a team, I don't think we've had more than a few paragraphs devoted to what it's actually being like for any of them. I mean, adaptable or not, this is an entirely new way of life, and people are going to dwell on that a lot , in private. I can understand if this is still to come, or if you want to avoid narrowing the big, big story onto just a few characters for a while, but it can help audiences to have a character (or characters) who they know well enough to familiarise and empathise with.

If there's one thing you don't ask an ODST, it's why he became an ODST. Nevertheless, I've already had an exposition scene in the works for a while yet, and it shouldn't take too long to get there now.
For now, I leave you with this::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::eeyup::flutterrage:

this is turning into a great story and im glad i got in on it so early. the only question i have is will celestia:trollestia: contact equestria when she gets the chance and be all "my little ponies gear up for we are now at war." other than that thumbs up and tracking
i just noticed in this picture of yours twilight looks like an enlisted (military) dash looks like an officer (military) pinkie looks like a hunter (civilian) and aj is just wearing a poncho. whats up with that.:derpytongue2:

Seriously, we've been through this before.

great work arcane im lovin how this story is developing and shall stand by for my next dose of this wonderful seditive.:pinkiecrazy:

Holy snapples. I was actually gonna make an account on FF.net to tell ya to move the story onto here but ya already did it.

I've been following the story for a while...I guess like ever since chapter 3 came out or something?

Awesome story dude. You deserve a lot of apple pies but I only have a watch, a thumb and a star.


Me: What's this? Two chapters in less than a week? This is madness!
Other Me: Madness? This! Is! INSOMNIA! *Boottothehead*
Me #3: No! Not the pit!
Still More Mes: Noooo!

good chapter love it cant wait for the next :twilightsmile:

This is awesome. I think its very interesting and its three in the morning where I am, so I will now head to bed:derpytongue2:

i cant help but notice that in your story they use an FTL drive. in halo they do not use an FTL drive but rather what they call a Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (SFTE), which is commonly known as a "slipspace drive". the concept behind how this technology works it that instead of moving faster than light (which is physically impossible due to the fact that approching the speed of light slows the object down essentially moving it forward in time)or folding space(as in the wormhole concept), the ship in question actually enters a diffrent dimension(or more accurately the space inbetween two dimensions),which reacts differently to distance. once at the approximate area they wish to be they "slip out" of this dimension and into their own, traveling a greater distance in less time than would be possible by conventional means. the Covenant also uses this form of travel, although using Forerunner technology. the covenants technology allows them to specifically choose they're path through slipspace, which is much faster and more precise than the human technique, which is to input a heading and let the shipboard AI handle the rest. as a result, whereas a human vessel may come out of slipsace anywhere in a 5,000 KM radius, the covenant arives exactly where they want to.

I was simply using the term FTL as a catch-all for a device that lets them move faster that light in their home dimension. I could have sworn I remember hearing the term used in a few of the books, and it's easier to remember than Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine.

Love it, doesn't feel as forced as other human/pony first contact stories I've read. Plus, it's nice to see Celestia get a taste of her own medicine. Something that APPEARS to be dangerous? TO THE DUNGEON!

im a weapon nut i can safely say the interchangeable firing chamber thing could works cause there is a sniper riffle that has that and alternate barrels. it was made for seal teams so its collapsible and has 3 different flavors 306, 30cal, and 50cal ap. so yes your idea can work.

Curse you and your cliffhangers! :twilightangry2:

Nice update, but damned cliffhangar.

What cliffhanger? The changeling issue is all but dealt with. Sure the whole "We eat love" thing will be kinda hard to work around, but cool as the buggers are, they're not going to make a whole lot of difference in the long run.

Also:1124869 Wow.:pinkiegasp: You're the first person I've seen in the featured box to actually read this thing.
Any advice?

1124985 It's the whole cut off of the last sentence.


That was just a bunch of management stuff I didn't want to bore you with. Meaning It would have delayed the chapter another day or more while I tried to come up with something that would have been easier to explain after the fact next chapter.

Nah. I'd rather have cake:pinkiehappy:

But seriously. What was that about?


Never be afraid to ask for help. Other than that, just keep on keeping on.

good chapter cant wait for the next hope the UNSC and Equestria become allies


>> BronyGamer
What cliffhanger? The changeling issue is all but dealt with. Sure the whole "We eat love" thing will be kinda hard to work around, but cool as the buggers are, they're not going to make a whole lot of difference in the long run.

>> Arcane Howitzer It's the whole cut off of the last sentence.

>> BronyGamer

That was just a bunch of management stuff I didn't want to bore you with. Meaning It would have delayed the chapter another day or more while I tried to come up with something that would have been easier to explain after the fact next chapter.

I know! There's, like, twice as many favorites as likes!

Really? I've already tried once, and the pre-reader only read chapter one before sending it back.
It's actually why I completely revised Chapter 1, as that is the only real criticism I'm ever had on this thing.

Ya Unique is a Word to explain 'Never going to fight again"

you're going to have to explain that one to me...:twilightsheepish:

EDIT: Oh wait, now I remember. That was, what? Chapter 2?

Another awesome chapter, and I one reason why I read this and like it is because it's a unique idea and has a whole lot of potential and stuff. Plus I like Halo/MLP crossovers as well as the possibilities that they have. :rainbowkiss:

I almost expect rarity to make a fashion comment about their armor

1163728I'm saying if she sees a soldiers uniform and it seems inevitable that a base will be set in Ponyville or the general area

Sorry. musta misread your comment.
And yes, Rarity will probably have trouble getting used to the form-over-function style of military dress.:raritycry::raritydespair:

1 called it on rarity
2 willing to act as a prereader

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