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Due to a rather unfortunate stroke of bad luck, a Blacklight Agent by the codename of "Deadman" has managed to get dumped into Equestria, with nothing to guide him but his training and what he learned in the field fighting The Order and SIVs in this new land.

Can he accept that this land is not in need of a remorseless killing machine like home was? Can the ponies accept a warrior soaked in the blood of nations as a person, and not just another monster in their land of black and white?

Perhaps only time will tell.

Knowledge of the universe is not required, and the story is currently undergoing editing in some of the chapters to correct my past mistakes.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 84 )

great story please continue:moustache:


Thanks, and keep in mind I am always open to construtive criticism, ideas, and other such things.

Is this Blacklight as in Prototype?
If it is when I start reading it (If it's Prototype related) can I be expecting him to sprout a set of claws?

This is the Blacklight Universe, as given by the games "Blacklight: Tango Down" and "Blacklight: Retribution". As such, him growing claws has a very, very low chance of happening.

My only suggestion would to perhaps add a little more character to "deadman". He seems alittle like a robot with the "Blacklight protocol" and stuff. But I expect you'll reval more of his character later. Otherwise keep up the good work.

no criticism here although it would be funny if u made the main guy have a great sense of humor to go along side that blood-lust he has...cant wait for the next chap to drop :flutterrage:

Both of those things WILL come later on, there is a reason that he is as he is right now, tying into his back-story and that little comment about 'his bachelor party' but I can not reveal too much right now in the comment section.

*Sigh* I have to ask, why do authors even bother with the whole "Can the ponies accept a warrior soaked in the blood of nations as a person, and not just another monster in their land of black and white?" thing in their stories/descriptions? We all know how it's going to end up. Hell, looking at the most recent chapter in this story (3) Celestia is already ready to have crumpets and tea with the guy. Sure, Luna looks like she's about to get pissy, but exactly how long will that last? Blah! Why do I even bother?

I would like to say that being polite, and actually liking the guy are two very different things. As his actions come to light, I will make sure that the ponies react appropriately. Remember, right now they only know for certain that The Order are assholes, and that Blacklight has been fighting them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which will undoubtedly lead to 'friendship', no?

Only in some cases, as the story goes on I am going to have some ponies distrust him, for good reason mind you, and have them at a divide as his past actions come to light, as well as some in the present. Mainly, what is the line they consider acceptable for helping civilians? Would they dispose of politician, use inhumane weapons on their enemies, etc, etc. I will attempt not to make either side be right or wrong.

great work, didn't see any errors, and I quite enjoyed reading this.:ajsmug:

Thank you, stay tuned for more! </late>

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do go on my friend!:moustache:

I am pleased by this story.

Thank you, I will be continuing it on shortly, especially as I am soon to have quite a bit of free time.

So I started reading this maybe two weeks ago, then couple days back I find myself trying Blacklight: Retribution, then being addicted.

Nicely done, Pyro. :ajsmug:

Ha, thanks, pass me your ingame name some time so I can add you to my friends list.

2805973 Name's NotASheriff on Blacklight too. ^.^

Send In moar agents from both sides!!!!!!


Although transfer to or from the Blacklight universe may or may not happen later on (If I run out of my many, many ideas), don't expect it any time soon. On top of that, I think one of him is all that poor, poor Equestria can handle.

Amazing work my friend! I am in love with this story!:pinkiehappy:

Shit... I'm not sure if I made the first Blacklight Retribution story anymore... I'll start reading :ajsmug:

cool as a cannon before priming.

I have no idea what blacklight is:twilightblush: but this is a good story keep at it mate

need moar
Write, slave, write like never before!
For this lone reader demands more.

This has become one of my favorite stories!

Keep up the amazing work! :pinkiehappy:

3016328 There are others who demand the same friend.

I have never played BlackLight before, however I know enough of it to get along with things and am happy that you chose to portray Deadman as you have. I would think if anyone were in the position he was in back home they would eventually turn out to be more like him, so bravo. And please continue.

Not dead, just gone for a while.

I see what you did there:trixieshiftright:

That was unintentional, I swear.

Ah good ol' Cele doesn't understand she can't just take a Humans weapons away, we'll at least not without resistance.

I don't get why this has so few likes. It is well written and interesting, good work.

I believe Deadman made that very clear in his dialogue with her, and after that I don't think she is very keen on trying at this time. Not after it was made clear to her that he could pose a large threat if angered, and that trying to disarm him completely would be a fast way to do so.

I would bet it would be the crossover tag scaring everyone off as they figure they aren't the target audience for the story, would be lost without knowledge of the universe, etc. Thanks, by the way.

It also seems like Luna and Celestia reversed their opinions on Deadman, with Luna getting little softer thanks to her curiousity and Celestia getting angry or frustrated at Deadman.

I imagine that most would get quite frustrated if the alien soldier they were currently accommodating conveniently forgot to mention that he could see everything that happens in the castle, regardless of security.

But think it from the soldiers' point of view. If you were somehow transported to another universe filled with aliens while you were supposed to be dead, you would keep your abilities secret. Even if those aliens seem to be peacefull kind. So in hindsight, Celestia should have expected that from Deadman.

I wish in HIE that Cele could stop her mood doing a 180 due to the fact the human has tech or items that are potentially dangerous. Whilst the grounds for this a solid the rest usually isn't such as how: A) They are usually friendly and have no reason to attack and yet she will go 'bi-polar' on them and start acting borderline hostile to them. this makes no sense as this will just give the supposed 'big bad' human reason to retaliate and act out due to her unwarranted hostility, it's like she is just trying to make enemies out of possible friends/allies. B) She fails to see why the most obvious reason the human usually has the tech to begin with, protection and as a means to make up for inadequacies in comparison to the other races. I mean come on if you think any of the races in equestria could incapacitate an unarmed and in a lot of cases armed human and come out unscathed for the most part (they usually get slammed with guilt after they realize they attacked the human for no reason and most of the time injured left it injured). This is what the tech makes up for since with it they are essentially on par or higher with most of the different inhabitants of equestria and they have a means to defend themselves if the need arises and yet good ol' Cele sees this as an act that warrants her trying to remove the tech from there persons or put heavy restrictions on it and in the former's case and sometimes the latter's this leaves them vulnerable and open to attack.

Well rant over and i hope this hiccup with celestia doesn't last long it gets repetitive reading her as an overbearing sun-goddess who is just being far to overzealous in her protectiveness, failing to see how much of an impact removing/limiting the humans tech makes and generally being uncivil to the human. I hope to see an update soon.:scootangel:

The not in equestrian thing made me laugh so hard! Also at one point you put "think" instead of "the ink."

It still depended on think being quick drying and being not too thick or thin, but they could figure that out.

Great story.

Well that was nice of him to give them 18th century tech.

Glad you liked that. Also, I have corrected that mistake. Thanks for pointing that out.

Ballpoint pens were actually invented in the late 19th century and weren't commercially viable until early 20th century. He mostly gave it to them because it was something they could reproduce, he knew for certain they didn't have it already, and the internals were really easy to sketch.


Run Deadman! Ruuunnnnnnn.

Hahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:

You know, I need to play Blacklight more, I never really liked how much of the stuff wasn't permanent, but still, this is damn good.

Actually, you can get pretty much everything permanently. The gig is when you level up, you get a three day trial a pack in the mailing system of everything you just unlocked to test it out, but after that you can either continue renting it or buy it permanently. You just need to select the correct option when you go on the purchase screen when you go to use your GP to get stuff permanently.

3825018 Yeah, probably should have made that bit clear. What I meant was I'm not a fan of how you rent things and you can lose them, I buy some things but it still annoys me when I forget that my 7 day rent thing is up and I no longer have my favorite rifle. And of course since I haven't played in a while all my stuff is probably gone. Oh well, still a good story.

Then Blackman shows up with guns and some poor janitor is cleaning changeling bits for the next week.

Loving it so far. Keep it up.

I don't really think he would need the guns to do that.

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