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The time has come, and Chrysalis has made her stand against Equestria as a whole. On the brink of extinction and fueled by rage, Celestia uses an unlikely weapon, with an unlikely hero to save her kingdom from absolute destruction. The cost? More than she could have predicted. The story starts out with the fallout, then Luna recalls what truly happened from that fateful night to the final battle.

This BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE cover art was done by a VERY gifted artist and author named Moonlight Mare, if you haven't seen her work, you need to go give her some love. Seriously. This is the exact image I wanted, and holy cow is it perfect! <3

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*Reads title as Fallout Equestria: Shattered Silence*

"Hey, this doesn't have anything to do with-"

Oh wait.

:facehoof: No. This has nothing to do with Fallout equestria, Ace combat games of any kind or any other story that may be on here. This is just a story idea my wife and I came up with some months ago after an air show on the base, and we decided to add a twist with a broken arrow feel to it. (Though I will admit the fallout series was very good to read.)

I am intrigued please continue

Nice, really loving this story. Plz update soon!

This isn't too bad if I'm being completely honest.

The romance is a liiitle bit rushed, but I'm enjoying it none the less :twilightsmile:

Next chap ASAP!

Well that escalated quickly, I mean that got out of Han really fast. LOL great story though I hoped for a little more bonding time. But other than that keep up the good work.

Ya know, instead of just doing a thumbs up or down...how's about actually -telling- me what it is you don't like? This is my first fanfiction ever, cut me some slack and tell me where I'm going wrong. :derpyderp2:

Great writing so far! Wish you would do another sex seen. Luna needs to get laid again;) Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work!

:twilightsheepish:Yeah, I'll work that in somewhere. lol. But thank you for the compliment! :raritywink: don't worry, Luna will get laid again. hehe

3137632 :twilightsmile: Well thank you! I'm happy you see my story as excellent. This is my very first attempt at a fic, so I am hopeful that I can meet every ponys expectations. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions, I will happily listen to every ponys ideas and use those to improve, so I can deliver a more entertaining and thrilling story for you to enjoy. :heart:

Dawww the end part was perfect. Keep up the good work can't wait till the next chapter.

Great chapter! Can wait to read the next one!!

:fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad: why why PINKIE :flutterrage: you monster, but all jokes aside sweet start looking forward to more

3152879 lol. Well who else could break the 4th wall and do the nightstand joke? haha. She just seems perfect to be the constant irritation to our heros. :derpytongue2:

3152887 I grew up in a military family, live in a navy town (Pensacola FTW! :rainbowwild:) and I'm around military friends all the time. I'm actually into metal work and stuff. lol. being a pilot would be awesome though

your giving my little dashie a run for its money :pinkiehappy: dashie might be joules :rainbowdetermined2:

3153719 :duck: Isn't that the whole idea? To out perform the competition and be the best of the best? :trollestia:

:raritystarry: Omg i soooo love this story it makes me with i was luna and had my own talon :raritywink:

DAWWWWW, this chapter was perfect loved every bit of it. Keep up the good work!

loved the new chapter. Viktini wants moar moar:flutterrage::raritystarry:

Man I love this story, so many aspects of this chapter was great. Keep up the awesome work.

normally dun do this but its tiem for vicas review corner :duck:

First and foremost: I wanted to say that I personally find the story to be a real tug on the old heart strings, so to speak. There's been a few times where I've read, then re read the same chapter a few times to make sure I didn't miss anything, and I've personally come to love this story. The relationship did start out fast at first, but you can really feel the deep sentiments that go into it. Examples you ask? Simple. Between the pilot here and the lovely moon princess (Luna ish best princess >=O) You have really managed to capture that bonding between the two and taken the relationship and love to a whole new level with each chapter. At first, I found the timeline and scene switches a bit confusing, but managed to grasp what it was you were trying to get at. The overall feeling I get when I read this story is both happy because of the in depth romance and sheer comedy of it, but also saddened for Luna when I see that the pilot does indeed die.

The good points: You know your romance. You know what a woman wants. So either A) You're married. B) you yourself are a woman. Or C) You're gay. Whatever it is, you know how to write a real tear jerker and show some love.

The bad points: You really need to develop a more detailed combat system when you describe the fights. I could easily immerse myself in the normal flow of the story, and picture all of the events both in relation to the cannon story of MLP and the story sequence thus far. I did feel the dogfight was lacking significantly, but the scene with the timber wolves (rewrite Ch 6.) as well as the scrap with Chrysalis was for the most part well written. If you could find a better method of describing the combat, it would provide a more well rounded story for your readers to enjoy.

The ugly: Your grammar and butchering of the English language offends me. The spelling isn't so bad, but your word use needs work. Alas, for being your first claimed fan fiction, I can understand to some degree on how you could need help rewording some things. Have you perhaps considered having a beta reader or two to review your work?

I can't say for sure I know where the story itself is going, but I'm checking every morning for updates to see the next chapter. This being said, I have a good concept of who the 'shadowed figure' is in the story (no, I will not spoil it.) and can tell that the ending will likely result in a major showdown between our moon princess and whomever it is. You've managed to impress this reader, and have me very interested in your tale so far. I give this story a 4 out of 5. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Do add more intimate scenes between Luna and Talon, we love em! :rainbowwild: And making Trollestia puke made me lol. Comedy. Genius. Were those referances to books like Progress and My Little Alicorn?

No, Just no. There is no way that the USA government would risk the likely start of WW3 by using nuclear weapons against a terrorist cell. Nor can I imagine Celestia approving the use of a nuclear weapon against one of her own towns. Nuclear weapons have failsafes that prevent them from being used against anything but their intended targets, so once the pilot and his plane were brought to Equestria, the weapon should have rendered itself useless.

Finally, I can not imagine that anyone would have named their child "Talon". I do not think that Lt. Cmdr. Masters would have introduced himself using his callsign in the situation that he found himself in.

3186167 Dude. It's a fanfic. -fic as in FICTION. The story is what you make of it. If you don't like it, don't read it. Obviously however 31 others have read it, they like it. Your cup of tea may be elsewhere. Thanks for the negative comment though. :trollestia:

This being said, just a point I'd like to bring up. I do actually know a Talon, real name too. Hippy parents are weird! lol. But he's a cool guy. As far as the USA using nukes, it does state that the enemy nation had used chemical weapons against the mainland. It's also a reality/world/universe or whatever the hell you want to call it where the USA ('MURICA, fk yeah!) is essentially brought to the point of said war where such force is required. Lastly, Celestia ordered the nuclear strike against the bug due to the heavy losses her own forces had taken, and because she was blind pissed off.
Lastly, Were the fail-safe idea of yours true, we wouldn't have a total of eight nuclear weapons (aka Broken Arrows) go missing in the United States alone in the last 20 years. In reality, yes it's very possible that you are correct and said bomb would become little more than a paper weight. However, please refer back to paragraph one as stated above. =p

(TL;DR I reject your reality and substitute my own!) haha

3184402 Wow, and thank you for the positive comment. :twilightsheepish: You're right, language and writing has never been my strong suit, I am however working to improve this, and would love to have a beta reader or two so I can get the story moving along a bit faster. Uhm, I really do appreciate the comment about knowing romance...not going into my preferences or gender, but I can honestly say thanks..I think. lol. I've had my share of romances in my lifetime, and being raised with two sisters that read the mushy stuff all the time did help for when I needed advice. Thank you so much for reading it thus far, I can promise I will continue to hone my skill for writing, so I can deliver a more entertaining and thrilling story. ^^ :pinkiehappy:

3192971 Yeah, I'm loading this story heavy with Easter eggs for people, just to see if they catch the references. Makes for a more entertaining story. :pinkiehappy:

Ha, I just got a message from you XD

This was very funny and I found it most engaging to read.

Grammar is still good, the plot is dead on and the Romance is...Mhmm...

Keep up the good work. Next Chapter ASAP :pinkiehappy:

Awesome chapter keep up the great work! Requesting Permission to do a Fly By, Lmao I could just imagine the Princess Covered in Strawberry Cake!

Comment posted by Thebigsexy1983 deleted Sep 18th, 2013

Wow Marriage wasn't expecting that. I am speechless! Keep up the great work! Next chapter please!

Super sudden marriage yay! Loved the chapter keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to the next one.

Forgive me, I'm slightly confused- why did this get added to Xenophilia HQ? It doesn't seem to have much to do with the setting.

3378607 The group was recommended to me by several of my readers, and I was told it mainly had to do with ponies + humans (Though there is a group for that.) and a deep romantic setting between said couple. I was simply taking their advice. I do thank you for reading the story so far, and hope you enjoy it. The next chapters will be out very shortly, as I am currently finishing the last touches on chapter 13 as we speak. :duck:


Ah, I think I see the confusion! Xenophilia HQ is specifically for stories in the setting based on the fanfict titled "Xenophilia", not the concept of Xenophilia in general. It's a very good story, and I encourage you to read it yourself, but your story isn't really part of the setting, and thus not really suitable for the group.

For those curious and never having lived aboard a military installation, here is a video of what would be occurring in Canterlot when the couple take off. This may be a Navy bird, but due to the lack of an aircraft carrier and use of runways instead, it more or less mirrors the USAF.


Pretty ballsy to have the climax of a story in the first few paragraphs, and basically give away who dies to boot.

I can respect your decision, but I will pass on this. I am not one for these kinds of horrible endings.

3384755 Oh no my friend. It's only the beginning. You may want to pay attention to it...

Oh yum :rainbowwild:

I loved the clop, I loved the conversations, I loved scary sexy Luna.

I LOVED ALL OF IT!!! :pinkiehappy:

And now you leave me in suspense with that cliffhanger...I think I understand the rage from my fans now :trollestia:

3396293 I do have proof read completed updates I will be posting during my next chapter post, that will address all of the spelling and structure issues. But I thank you very kindly for pointing that out, and I will gladly make corrections soon. Thank you for the constructive criticism. Believe me, I love to hear honest feedback! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

3517440 Yea I was listening to this song and the video reminded me of this story the movie.

3517471 Well I hope you enjoy reading it^^ Please feel free to review! (and a thumbs up wouldn't hurt either. lol.) The next chapter will be posted this weekend.

3517477 I haven't been able to read it lately because of school and other stuff, but before I hit the snoozer I'll make sure to catch up.

3517513 This much is true, and don't worry. You'll see one hell of an upcoming fur-ball in upcoming chapters. The next one will by far be the most explosive, action packed and tense one to date. You. Will. Be. Entertained. :raritystarry:

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