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Six thousand years, That's how long I have been living in this god forsaken world filled with dragons, shapeshifters, and monsters. In that time I have found love and heartache aplenty. Heck I even got hit by a magical rainbow death beam and survived. No seriously They actually weaponized rainbows on this world.

You know what the most irritating thing about all of this? I could have avoided it all if I had just read the warning message that popped up in my game. But that is the past now I find myself making a living as a mercenary protecting villages against bandits. But with war looming on the horizon I find that I have to choose a side or end up with enemies on all sides.

Warning: This is a humanized Equestria populated with Fire Emblem races.

Remake in progress as of 1/23/18. Will put new chapters as they are edited.

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I'm glad you mentioned the Laguz, they really needed more love.

One this is good so far and damn that's fucked up that celestia has her eggs but I'm hopping that she told them cause she thought she was dead and not to take them for her own plans

Strange, I can't remember that I am following this story.
Eh, screw it. Gonna read it anyways xD

Will the remastert chapters come faster?

The plan is to release every two weeks barring me having another supervisor quiting. I swear that I went through eight last year.

Oh my, I've got a feeling..... Not sure what it quite is yet, but I'm hoping it's wrong....

I liked the story you had already made, this one is full of promise to, good job!

It would be nice to know that it's a humanise Equestria in the description.

There added a warning about it being in a humanized Equestria. Thanks for the comment.:pinkiehappy:

not sure if you noticed, but the last two paragraphs were posted twice.

like this.

not sure if you noticed, but the last two paragraphs were posted twice.

like this.

sorry, not sure if I explained it write, so i figured an example was better.

Everfree; she goes to Discord, mainly because I love Discord. But also because once there she could be fighting monsters, like those from Fire Emblem 8 Sacred Stones, you know the ones used by the demon king Fomortiis http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Monster here is a list of the monsters in question hope they are useful.

Option A. She goes to the forest to see the lord of Chaos.

Option B; A seems very much like a last resort option, and if Chrysalis stacks up to her show counterpart, then it is likely that she has some spies within Celestia's advisors/ government who would be able to squirrel out that information.

She also has the Laguz child to tend to, as the child very much seems to have imprinted on Rose, and Rose not returning after the child watched what happened to her parents would very much leave her with lasting mental damage.

Flipped 5 coins, and got tails 4 out of those 5 times. The rng goddess Anna says I should vote for option B.

Sorry for being late. I have been sick the last three weeks. I am now working on the next chapter and am 1/3rd way done.

That is the main character White Rose when she was the Queen of Winter.

Well send me a p.m. with your oc and what class you want the to be.

She's from Fire Emblem, right? I haven't really played those games very much.

I’ve never seen her in one so ima say no till told different.

It’s been three weeks yet it feels like it has been longer. Patience is a virtue.

8974014 Sorry I have been busy with real life. What with having to find a new job after I got let go from my last one two weeks ago. But good news is that I have 1700 words done of the next bit.

Dude I know life sucks had a job for two weeks then lost it and I was a spectacular employee

2 yah rotter and nice chapter MC already getting bucked and by a dread lord no less… my expectations just got higher.

nice to see that this is still alive

I like anything of quality. And that’s all you’re putting out so far.

I take it that the second voice is a follower of the main protagonist?


Summer moon, just because i like the name.

Interesting start. Could use some more proofreading, but pretty good all around.

Oooh, can't wait to see what's Bugbutt like in this verse.

She obviously isn't a conneseur of freaky alien shape-shifting bug sex. Pity.

I go with Angel, he seems fun.

Nice chapter. Changeling cavalry to the rescue!

Though, as hilarious as the mental image is, it should be avatar, not aviator.

Wow most of the people in this world need to die.... :/

um witch Fire Emblem game is this from?

The world in which this takes place is pieced together from multiple different games in the franchise. The laguz is a race from the tellius series on the gamecube. The taguel is from Awakening. And the Ice dragon manakett that the main character turns into is based of the Ice dragon twins from Archanea Series of the fire emblem games.

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