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He has names that were given to him from other immortals and mortals alike, such as Ice Wolf, The Lone Immortal, and Icy Death. He is the god of the wilderness and its bearers. He can even out match the god of chaos, due to Discord being a living being. He is not alive, but is at the same time, he is. He is Koori Kanji, the God of Nature.

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I love this story so far!

Am i the only one who read the last line like a guard from the elder scrolls series?
more please!

6108554 Wow, I didn't even realize I did that while writing it!

6108700 yay! Accidental references!:pinkiehappy:

Keep going i like were this is going.

6108712 its not really a reference. Its common used by more then the guards in the ES series.

Aside from some glaring grammatical and spelling errors, the story is off to a great start. I'd offer to proof read for you, but I've a tight schedule as it is. Tracking to see where this goes.

6109973 Glad you enjoyed it. I haven't edited the chapter yet, so I need to do that.

Loving this so far, makes my greed awaken and demand for more

Pretty good concept, but it has a lot of grammatical errors. It's almost impossible to tell what they're saying or doing sometimes. Another thing is, the wolf is incredibly arrogant, even if it IS a god. You should tone it down a notch or two, because it sounds a lot like a Gary Stu. An original, unique concept, but a Gary Stu nonetheless.
I will keep this in my favorites, however.

Something is screwy with my internet so I will have to write ay my grandma's, meaning updates won't be as often as I would enjoy. In fact the only way in typing is through my phone.

I am about 30% done with the next chapter.

Hmmm... This marks my second story involving a being tied intrinsically in to nature. The other being Shattered Skies (do recommend you check the related story out for how to write a god without an instant win button in the form of "because I am a god"). That said, should be interesting to see how you differentiate your story from one I know.

6152016. Well, i dont ever recall reading it so i hope mine is diffrent then the other:twilightsheepish:


My only advice would be to take the story at a slow pace, most people like it when the hart/meat of the story is there to catch their interest. But overall I must say that the plot isn't bad though the OC needs a little more in depth detail but overall I do understand this is the second chapter.

I look forwards towards more and just how this being will interact with the pony's.

Hmm...As an after thought I wonder if it knew the princesses parents or of their birth?

Hmmm... Small infrequent errors. One I did notice and had to mentally correct was when he looked at the Timberwolves. You put down that there were there number of them as he looked at them. I mentally turned that into three of them, when the fight was only two on one. Minor bit of confusion. Also, when you mentioned vamponies, did you mean a blood drinker, or a bat pony? I ask because one is just a pony who resembles a bat, while the other might be some degree of threat. Also, describe as much as you can about each being so that you can paint a proper mental image, because a white and pink alicorn with jewelry isn't much to go on. Same for the guard who talked to the alicorn beyond just that he was a guard talking to an alicorn.

If my math is correct.... he ran at 180 miles per hour. Thats a fast wolf, god or not.
more please!

6235796. I see what you mean and i didn't really describe thr guards because other then shining armor most guards exactly the same, but you right about the celestia description and wolf fight.

" Move, dragon. " The dragon smiled at this, thinking his mind was playing tricks. " Fine, your safety dose not concern me anyhow. " The dragon eyes went wide before he was knocked to the ground by a powerful force. The force broke the barrier between the two life forms, allowing the dog like creature to approach the grounded dragon.

Wow your wolf is kinda an ass, the dragon is a youngling, he popped up out of nowhere laying around, before ordering the young dragon to move before hitting it seconds later, the wolf didn't even give the dragon any time to react or make sense of what was happening or if he was dreaming.
The wolf god has been gone for thousands of years, and he expects everyone to know who he is? Not to mention the dragon must have thought he was hallucinating or dreaming of talking magic wolves who popped into existance right in front of him.

Story is good but your wolf is arrogant and an asshole, I mean who abuses young dragons when the wolf obviously just barged in their place? Rude.

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