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Computer, my love. Ohhhh happy day. · 10:26pm Jul 1st, 2014

Soo where do i begin....?

i mean...its...like been close to a year....not...its been...wait.....

i don't know....really. Hahaha well in a matter of simple words.....busy.

But the word is over used and so on, soo hows "Life is a sexy girl thats hard to get, sometimes you score, most times she *Squeak* blocks you."

yeah.... that sums it up.

Anyways back to the question.....it all begin when well my life was in the gutter.

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Thanks man and yes dark would be staying at the griffon empire

K so far I have two other endings in mind one with the griffons calling dark back to service. The other is Luna offering dark and his family a place in her own secret nation built in the forbidden ruins I no mans land a thousand years ago

Also ill need your help on choosing a good ending for the next part of the story if you want to

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

560130 Hey you deserve it. I mean like wow the story is really getting to me. I can wait don't wanna have the story rushed, so take care of yourself.

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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