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The abyss stares back · 5:08pm May 15th, 2015

After an age in the void, I return. I'll have a another fic on the way soon.

Await the arrival.

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268001 You're most welcome!


Thank you for writing it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks so much for the fav! :twilightsmile:


2 things
a) I just finished reading Price for the secound time and I STILL teared up at the ending. Lucian dying never seems ok to me. Only bittersweet endings it seems.:raritydespair:
b) If you feel like it and are sick of HiE self insert/humans are mosters/generic human turns to pony type HiE storys then maybe you could give my fantasy flavored "Dying Embers" story the time of day.:twilightsheepish:

Your story was great. It rightfully earned its place in my favorite section.

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