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Nightmare Moon. Discord. Chrysalis. Sombra. We faced them all, together. Always we were together. Yet in one heart-stopping moment, I almost lost everything. They don't know how close it was, but I do. I alone know what almost happened. The truth. And the truth about the truth? It keeps me up at night.

And it terrifies me beyond anything else this world can offer.

But at least I have my friends to make it all feel better.

This story takes place directly after the events of "Wonderbolts Academy." First-person from Rainbow Dash's perspective.

Sister story to Scattered Dust. Not a required read to understand this, the stories will intertwine but are both stand-alones.

Featured on Equestria Daily, 1/7/2013!

Surgeon General's Warning: Here be feels. You have been warned.

Thanks to Carpe Diem for pre-reading!

Chapters (3)
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Comment posted by No More deleted Dec 24th, 2012

1867352 Thank you most sincerely! Don't mind the feels guy, he's my prereader. :moustache:

The fact that "deep thought" is considered OOC for Rainbow Dash is quite frankly depressing. In my opinion, she is the most underdeveloped character in the show. She was pretty well-rounded season 1 but season 2 kept things pretty one-dimensional for her. If it were not for the lack of good development, she would totally be best pony.

This is an attempt to rectify that. Thanks for your thoughts.
Happy Holidays!

1867377 Yeah, maybe the end is a bit much. But I wanted to go out with a bang, y'know? I'll keep that in mind for the future.

1867760 I got the notification. AT LAST!! REGIDAR HAS COMMENTED ON MY STORY!!

And then this. Am I surprised? No...I suppose not. But still, the little flutter of hope in my heart was ruthlessly crushed.

Still, 69 views. Likeabauss I suppose. Have a good day, sir. :moustache:


I have just realised something
Season 3 is the last ever season of MLP: FIM think about it
Rainbow Dash getting into the Wonderbolts?
Scoots becoming RD little sis?

Hasbro trying to have it go out with a Bang for the fans :raritydespair:

1867982 Is it really the last season? I thought I heard rumors about a season 4.

Most saddening. Here's hoping season 3 ends favorably then.

Season Three, I find your lack of faith in the letters to Celestia disturbing. Here, I'll go ahead and fix that for you.

Just a little addendum I wanted to tack on to the story. I'm marking it as 'complete' now. Thanks a bunch to everyone who read, favorited, and dropped a comment and/or thumb. It's pretty cool to see nothing but upvotes up there. :moustache:

Happy Holidays!

Ha that's what I've noticed wrong with season 3
There's barely any letters to Celestia and that makes the episodes seem hollow

1872533 Come on, Hasbro. It ain't hard. Ten less seconds of ads won't kill you.

They think with their pockets (wallets?) not with their minds

1872552 Truly. We need a team of talented brony animators, stat! I'd give them all the moneyz. :moustache:

The Double Rainboom project??
Ever heard of it

1872564 Can't say that I have. Google, I require your services!!

It's a large group of Brony animaters that are getting together to create a fan made episode that has the same standards as the show. which is actually coming along nicely
It's gonna be posted in six parts on HERE

Y'know I havnt watched ep 8 yet But I'm not gonna watch it

1872614 I didn't like it. This Double Rainboom project looks awesome though, definitely keeping an eye on that.



I love Manowar :rainbowdetermined2:

How is this story not getting showered in love? It's brilliant, well written, and very in character for the show.

5/5 happy ponies :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1873830 If I knew the answer to that, I'd be a much happier brony. Oh well, maybe I'll hit the featured box someday...

And that's why it's more than just a cartoon.

Hmmmm awesomeness incarnate. I predict here and now that it will be on Equestria Daily.1/5/2013 :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Dang, there's a load of powerful emotions in this fic and they are all portrayed perfectly. Everypony was in character, the plot was realistic and relatable and you really captured Rainbow Dash. Bonus points for the Rainbow/Pinkie friendshipping. Thumbed, faved and headcanoned. Bravo,

This is deli- er... I mean, beautiful. :raritystarry:

Beautiful story. Great way to express the emotions inside Rainbow Dash and her friends. Characterization was excellent.
One can feel every single thing.

Awesome work you have done. Congratulations and thank you for such a great story.

Darth Cygnus

1867982 "In total, 60 episodes have been produced and broadcast. The third season, consisting of 13 confirmed episodes, aired in North America on November 10, 2012. Investment documents for DHX Media's 2012 financial year indicate that they have also been paid to produce a fourth season." According to Wikipedia.

Cool story, bro. I really liked it.

1877298 Woah woah WOAH! Don't go crazy, this is just a piece of fanfiction!

:raritydespair: Why am I so good at visualising?:raritycry:

1920970 yeah it was a great story wasn't it :trollestia:

1910576 Psychic being! Keep your powers away, foul spawn!! :rainbowlaugh:

1920456 Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :raritystarry:

1920584 Yeah, I cried when I wrote this. Friendshipping is best shipping. And the fact that I made you headcanon is a huge victory for me, I was trying to patch up the holes in that episode. Thanks so much for your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

1920739 Thank you!! Have a cupcake! :pinkiehappy:

1920905 Thank you for your kind words sir, and you are very welcome! :twilightsmile:

1920970 Sweet! Fourth season is best season! Thank you for your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

1921145 But it IS more than a cartoon. IT IS LIFE!! :ajsmug:
Fool. Once you go crazy, there's no going back. :pinkiecrazy:

That soothed my own soul too in the end x3


Yes it is.
What I mean is that it fits. This fan fic doesn't feel out of place. Like some random story with ponies with it but something that is a product of how characters are presented. They're simply good enough to handle this sort of heavy stories and the fact that we care about them it makes for good final efect :rainbowdetermined2:

And double points for the story for the fact that I expect Rainbow having some sort of PTSD saving her friends from so many close calls.

:fluttercry: that... Was... Just.... D'awwwwww!
The way Rainbow Dashie was ..... Awwwwwe
My heart is now OVERSIZED!
I now need an operation to take away all the LOVE...
I shouldn't bother because.. I'll probably re read it and it'll happen again!
I think it's my second FAVE FIM Fiction!
My Little Dashie is my FAVE! :rainbowkiss: :scootangel: :heart:

1921169 I hope that means I successfully provided something to visualize!

1921280 Happy endings are best endings. Don't get me wrong, I love good conflict, drama, darkness, and overwhelming odds as much as the next guy but sad endings are downers, ya know? Thanks for your thoughts!

1921475 My Little Dashie was great. Sure, it could've been better written as many claim but I'm a sucker for a good feels fic like that. I'm honored that you think this is even slightly comparable! Thank you!

>>Shanenator no prob and I LOVE this SO much!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Congratulations on getting featuerd on EqD, now there's some attention ^^

Nah, but really, this fic deserved it. It tackled an issue that I at least haven't found in many other fics, just that made it original.
Then, the fact that everything was wellwritten, in character, and detailed, didn't really lower the opinion.

I've said it once, and here it is again: Great fic :twilightsmile:

1921611 Thank you so much! I wasn't sure what EQD was going to say about this, but apparently it's not that bad. Thanks for your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

A wise man once told me:
"Tears are good. They are like puking for the soul."

Would Rainbow Dash really use the word "Imperiled"? I guess she may have picked it up from Daring Do, but would the author of Daring Do really use the word "Imperiled"? That unnamed author would be likely to use "peril", but "imperiled" would be more likely uttered by an egghead or a villian than the hero of the tale in those books...

Sorry. Great story all around. If I am hung up on a single instance of diction, ya done good.

1921665 I like that quote...

1921677 Yeah, I know. I tossed it around. Personally, I decided to go with it just because I really like the idea of Rainbow Dash being a rather intellectual individual. Is it OOC? Maybe a teensy bit. But whatever, it's the direction I personally would really like to see RD move in.

Thanks so much for your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

1921758 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

i usually hate sad stories, but this one looks interesting, i'll give it a go

1922097 I'm very happy you're willing to do so! It's not too sad, it has a happy ending. :rainbowkiss:

I for one love sad stories, but tragedy is the one tag I always stay away from.

aw man...dem feels. manly tears have been shed.
my hat to you, fine sir

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