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Update 2: Beta Editing Received, Performing Hard Edit, Finishing and Adding Omake · 6:14am Nov 3rd, 2016

I've received preliminary 2nd draft copy from a beta reader. I'm currently performing my first hard read out loud edit of the whole mess. Initial reports are about what I expected. Part of the difficulty of writing this chapter is that it was always going to be a set up, explanatory type chapter. Making it interesting is a serious challenge, but I felt as though if I DIDN'T show the characters reasoning that it wouldn't be true to the characters and the narrative as I've written it.

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its been 1 year since your last update. Can you at least let us know what's going on?

He was last seen 5 hours ago as of this post. :pinkiecrazy:

We miss you.

Comment posted by Ranakastrasz deleted Nov 22nd, 2017

Hey man, I happened to swing by your page for the first time in several months, and I just spent the last few minutes diving into the threads on here (including the one where you bravely laid it all out for us). I'm so, so sorry to hear about everything that you've had to go through, especially with your parents and grandparents. I know you said you weren't looking for sympathy, and I respect that. I just want you to know that nobody (especially not me) will blame you for taking care of your own flesh and blood​ instead of writing pony tales. As awesome as this story is, you've got your priorities straight, and I encourage you to take as much time as you need. Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

  • Viewing 214 - 218 of 218
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