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Lifes DM to you that you're a psycho · 7:57pm Nov 22nd, 2019

So on October 28th I suffered a stroke while at work. In denial, I stayed at work, then drove 60+ miles from Orlando to my home in Lakeland. I stayed in denial (it's just a pinched nerve) right up to the point where I lost control of my bladder and the right side of my face went numb. By that point there wasn't anything they could do to mitigate the damage. You have 4 hours people. I didn't even get to the Hospital until 8 hours had passed. End result; right side was fucked. Through some

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Love the story man, there's nothing like it and every year or so I listen to the audio version then finish the rest my self. Praying for you man.

I miss how happy you're story made me.

Hello, how are you going?

Holy crap, I just read that you suffered a stroke.. And I feel crappy for the last comment... I'm sorry...

I hope that you're okay... My uncle had a stroke and it was so serious that I had to help the EMT's carry him into the Ambulance.
Above all else, take care of yourself, DustTraveller. You're much more important than a piece of fiction.

Hey, DustTraveller, I'm a really huge fan of your story ( :pinkiecrazy: ) I have been since like 2014 and have read it at least six times over the years (I'm like, a really big fan. Lmao), and I was really curious to see if you still plan on continuing Quantum Castaways?

Are you stuck on what to do for the next chapter? Do you need any help on what to do, like idea wise? I'd be more than happy (Actually I would love) to send some ideas your way. I actually have a working idea that I think would not only work really well with the epicness of the storyline but canter along with it (oh puns, Lol). I'm not that great a writer myself yet but I see tons of ideas on how this can continue and blow peoples expectations out of the water (I really need to stop these puns, but I just love horsing around :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiesad2:).

I mean, if not I guess it's really no big deal... But as I type this out ideas keep flowing and making me more excited for the next chapter, so much so that with my shotty writing I'm thinking of continuing it myself, and sending it to you to see if you could work your writers magic to make the characters come to life with their personalities. I'll make myself stop before I turn this comment into an essay (not that II haven't already).

Do you think that would be an okay thing to do? Or am I going too far in asking this?

  • Viewing 226 - 230 of 230
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