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Update 2: Beta Editing Received, Performing Hard Edit, Finishing and Adding Omake · 6:14am Nov 3rd, 2016

I've received preliminary 2nd draft copy from a beta reader. I'm currently performing my first hard read out loud edit of the whole mess. Initial reports are about what I expected. Part of the difficulty of writing this chapter is that it was always going to be a set up, explanatory type chapter. Making it interesting is a serious challenge, but I felt as though if I DIDN'T show the characters reasoning that it wouldn't be true to the characters and the narrative as I've written it.

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Dear sir,


its been 1 year since your last update. Can you at least let us know what's going on?

He was last seen 5 hours ago as of this post. :pinkiecrazy:

We miss you.

Comment posted by Ranakastrasz deleted Nov 22nd, 2017
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