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Lifes DM to you that you're a psycho · 7:57pm November 22nd

So on October 28th I suffered a stroke while at work. In denial, I stayed at work, then drove 60+ miles from Orlando to my home in Lakeland. I stayed in denial (it's just a pinched nerve) right up to the point where I lost control of my bladder and the right side of my face went numb. By that point there wasn't anything they could do to mitigate the damage. You have 4 hours people. I didn't even get to the Hospital until 8 hours had passed. End result; right side was fucked. Through some

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Just dropping by to say that I hope you're doing well.:twilightsmile:

Will you continue reading your chapters in your channel?

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I was thinking about you and how you've been doing as of late. :twilightsmile:

Hope life has been treating you well!

Comment posted by Doggi deleted May 5th

I'll tell you a secret, I haven't watched a single episode after like, season 4 maybe bits of 5? The ramifications of my planned story arcs for QC have been so over taken by the events of the series that at this point, I've pretty much decided that the events of the series haven't happened beyond the point I know.

A quick read of Starlight Glimmer from the wiki tells me that their initial conversation would depend on what point in her arc Starlight is. If she's still in her remove Cutie Marks phase, I doubt she'd have a problem with Marshall at all, because his species has no cutie marks. For his part, if she talked about her past, he'd probably refer to her as a "Commie" and make Gulag and "In Soviet Russia" jokes. If she shows up after her redemption, I'd do the same jokes but replace "Commie", with, ""Reformed Commie"". The "Reformed" would be in air quotes.

Aside from the humor potential, they'd probably get along about as well as he would with any random pony. There are very few ponies that Marshall would have any serious issues with, and none he'd shun so much that he'd allow them to be in danger. This assumes, of course, that they actually demonstrate sentience as soon as possible. Even then, he's not likely to try to eat something that cute, he might figure that something that soft and chewable would be pretty helpless and try to keep it as a pet, the neoteny is real, but I doubt that would realistically come up. I can't think of any pony that would assume the stance that Marshall being ignorant of their intelligence would be a good idea.

Unless they're doing it for a prank.

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