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Remember the Silly Idea with Earthside Horses Becoming Intelligent? · 12:41am Dec 20th, 2022

So, I had a silly idea involving a First Contact where Fluttershy talked Twilight into casting a spell to make our equines sapient. Someone else apparently remembered an old-school SF story about a London tailor commissioned to create proper dress for an equinoid alien, and had fun with it...

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The Obligatory Bio

Uncle Mike is nobody in particular. He's a former U. S. Marine Sergeant, ex-Cop, and current Forensic Scientist. Who was also a fantasy and science fiction fan from before he could shave. Who got introduced to organized fandom just after leaving the Corps, and who recently had friends from the community urging him to give a chance to a show that was marketed to preteen girls, and featured Technicolor cartoon horsies. And who, upon having spent an afternoon watching the pilot and about half of Season 1, raised his eyes to the Heavens and said, "...O dear Ghod... this is going to be even worse than when I got hooked on Sailor Moon, isn't it...?"

Free Technical Advisor for Hire!

Free Consultations:

Expertise in forensics and police procedures. Some knowledge of military matters, including ordnance, armor, aviation, and related information. Will consult on stories featuring these topics at no charge, PM with details of requests. For more information on services, see: So, Would Anybody Be Interested In... (my very first blog bost). References on Request...

The Fine Print:

1) Opinions rendered here are my own and do not represent the official position of any agency, organization, or other entity, public or private, with which I may be affiliated in real life. I'm not God, the Chief Executive, nor even a Guy-in-Charge. I just shoot those photos and sling that powder...

2) A reasonable effort will be made to ensure accuracy in information given; however, as this is unpaid at long distance, and off-the-cuff, I will not be able to warrant perfect accuracy, as specific cases will differ based upon situation and jurisdiction. Attorneys call this a "curbstone opinion" - the answer one lawyer gives another lawyer who asks, "Hey, I've got this hearing coming up, where [X] is going to be an issue - what do you think of filing a Motion to [Y]?" whilst standing at the curb outside the courthouse. If the second lawyer get slapped down because the first one was mistaken, it's the second lawyer's problem.

3) On that note, for similar reasons, please don't ask me for any advice on something you've got going on in meatspace. Anything I could tell you would be worse than useless, because I don't know anything about what's actually going on where you live, what your situation is, or what rules are specific to your jurisdiction. I do not and cannot assume any liability for any outcomes from you acting on my commentary IRL. If you're in a bad enough jackpot that you need a professional consultation, pony up and get someone who can give you an honest effort. (Ron Smith & Associates is one of the most well-respected private forensic consulting services in the US, and there are others of equally-good repute. The Innocence Project is perhaps the most famous organization that works pro bono, and you can go with them or some similar group if you can't afford a private consultant.

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Thanks for the favorite on The Right Man in the Wrong Place :twilightsmile:

I hope you continue to enjoy the story as new chapters are released!

Thanks for watching! I might just take you up on the offer of forensic consulting sometime.

2338911 I went to Kuwait in '91.My tank hit a mine on the first day and we didn't get recovered until the fifth day, when it was over. (And, from that day to this, I'm still not sure whether we're the luckiest sonsofbitches that ever lived or if we used up every bit of luck we're ever going to have!) I didn't lose anybody in my unit and the civilians, even though they could never understand, still largely supported us.

I don't think I'm crazy Dash's way; I was only told I was on point for one operation, and we kicked ass. The war was over less than five days after we crossed the berm. I wasn't on straight combat ops from Day One to The End for however many years it might have taken to reduce the Threat in the Crystal War alt-history. My unit got alerted the day after Thanksgiving, we got in-country to Saudi two days before Christmas, and we were back to the World before Memorial Day. I got off easy compared to her. I can't possibly understand what it's like to be put into the position of "Win or Die" for most of a decade.

I wouldn't say that I don't understand where she's coming from, though...

Hence, the fave.

Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2325957 That's weird. I must've doubletapped the left mouse. Fixed...


Ha, no worries and I appreciate the feedback.

2158262 Roger that. I actually owe you an apology - I put you on my follow list some time ago on the strength of Into the Black, and I thought I'd flagged it as a favorite at the same time. I noticed that I'd neglected that when I visited after reading the latest installment of Ater the Nightmare, and corrected the error. Sorry about that....

The point here, of course, is that you're writing good stuff. Keep it up - Forensics sucks pretty hard, some days, and I like to take my mind off of that with Technicolor cartoon horsies and Technical Pan grayscale monkeys teaming up to do good (that they do well by the cooperation only adds to the happies).

Bottom line here is, like what you're writing. Keep it up.

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