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Question · 7:49pm October 3rd

Would you guys rather snuggle up with Luna or Celestia?

You fimfiction denizens know I am exceptionally partial to Luna, but to be fair I feel like Celestia is fluffier and might be a softer cuddlebuddy.

I need your arguments down below to convince me one way or the other.

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Unless I missed it, is there a cuddlefic contest this year?

I conceded since Seven put up a great line of reasoning as to why he deserved the placement. Hopefully no one else sees this and tries to snipe him.


something must have s p o o k e d my boy

Suddenly noticed that your avatar is looking decidedly more worried.

Aw- God Bless you too! And maybe that’s the perfect thing to add to the panel for next time :)

Funny thing, when I saw your panel The Medicine of My Little Pony I thought that it was about the incredible curative abilities of Pony (something I'm partial too). Not the ailments common between Ponies and People. Oh well, you had me at "I'm a christian", God bless you man.

  • Viewing 268 - 277 of 277
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