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Unwilling to sleep in his own boring and less-than-comfortable bed, Spike presents Twilight with a deep and compelling argument as to why she should be his bed for the night.

TwiSpike cuddle time abounds...

Now with a reading by Quillo Manar!

Art by jesrartes

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I liked this, it was cute, short and sweet. I did spot some mistakes, from time to time I found a sentence or two that seemed a bit out of character, but all in all, I enjoyed it, you earn a like and fav.

I came here expecting cute fluff
I misread the description and thought it was a twilight asking a grownup spike to sleep on him
I got my fluffy cuteness.

everything is alright with the world

See, not love in a romantic way. Just the unconditional love of family. Great job man, not many stories make me smile while I'm reading.

Alright, who's the jerk that downvoted this piece of fluff?

Twi ? :moustache: Think Rarity will ? Ah you know?
:twilightsmile: Of course Spike, But she's in no rush.
:moustache: Me neither
:raritywink: We all can sleep on it.
:pinkiehappy: SLUMBER PARY !
:rainbowhuh: Wut a down vote?
:applejackconfused: Must be cornfused
:flutterrage: A heartless meanie!
:derpytongue2: My bad !
:trollestia: TO THE MOON !

And now it's two jerks.


I guess to some jerks pure adorableness is like poison to their shriveled up hearts.

I admit I have a certain weakness for le cuddles! :twilightsmile::heart:

How about Spike want to hug on his friends to show how much he cares about them?

"I want to listen to your heartbeat," Spike said without hesitation.

AAAaand that's where you earned my upvote.:twilightsheepish:

This was cute and wonderful—a perfect example of why the relationship between these two is so explorable, and your best since Dewthunder. What you're going to do for me though? You're going to start placing a space after every ellipse, and you are going to leave commas out of quotes that end with ellipses, okay? Best of luck with the reception to this fic and to all of your writing!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my heart

Cuteness with cuddleness included? Have a fave and an upvote, you magnificent bastard!

What is this upon my face? Is this... a smile?! What have you done to me?

This is why Spike is my favorite character. He's been in almost every generation, and he has such cute potential. :moustache:

I had to read again. Soooo cute. :rainbowkiss:
I wish I could like again.

This was so adorable, and actually something I could see happening in the show itself. Instant fave!

Well that was as adorable as expected. Have an upvote.

5655247 I have to agree. It is something I envision as being a real concern for Spike.

This was a very cute and heartwarming story. Have a fave and a like!:pinkiehappy:

insta fave:moustache:

Very insightful. They're both gonna be around for a very long time together. Spike need to enjoy the things he can before he gets too big for them.

Hah. That was cute. Wasn't expecting this.

I'm so glad I have extra lives, because that heart attack killed me.

"...but that would mean having to return eighteen books to the old castle to reduce it to thirty-five percent, and I'm not so sure I really want to do that. Then again, maybe I own too many books from Canterlot's library. I mean, forty-five percent is almost half, after all..."

This is totally out of character. Clearly the only reasonable way to even out an imbalance like that is to get more books. :twilightsmile:

Too... much... D'awwwwwwwww...:rainbowderp:

Nice adorable little story.


"We've really been through a lot ever since you and our friends...

And that's where he earned mine (that's not to say I wouldn't have upvoted anyway, I just really appreciate the word choice). Spilight friendshipping is great, but it's always depressing to think that Spike has no place in the special friendship the mane six share. They're his only close friends, and apparently a closer family to him than the rest of Twilight's.

Warm fuzzies were had.:rainbowkiss:

It suddenly felt as though he was back at the Equestria Games, standing just before the massive torch he had been so eager to light prior to realizing how many sets of eyes would be watching him do it...

But hey, at least it doesn't feel like you're badly mangling another city's anthem because you were certain yours would win and jumped out to sing it in public, managing to cause possibly the single most agonizingly embarrassing moment in the 91 episodes, 2 films, 55 issues of comics, and 10 books that compose the series.

Spike curled up with Twilight is cute, but--


You need to draw a picture of Spike sleeping on Twilight. It is needed.

That... that was fantastic, and I don't say that often. My blackened heart feels like it's melting. This is so saccharine in the best way. This made my morning. I was down, and this brought me up. Thank you for writing this.

that was an enjoyable read, many thanks.:pinkiesmile:

5656415 A moment that was necessary for a very rewarding payoff, thank-you very much.

even if it's non-romantic, twispike is still adorable :twilightsmile:

Oh my goodness that picture is going to make me cry with cuteness!

This was incredibly adorable! Loved every second of it ^^ have a Well earned Fave and like from me (Y)

So cute :heart:

Although it may always bug me that Twilight never fixed that thing wrong with her library... :ajbemused:

This story is so sweet I think I got Diabetes from reading it! Mommy-Twi is probably one of the most adorable themes in pony-fic, and this does it well. Oh, and I'll be sending you my medical bill.:twilightsmile:

There Is Only One Word I Can Use To Describe This Story...




5656248 Alas, if only she had the shelf space.... :fluttershysad:

5654770 I'm honored to see that yet another one of my stories has been graced with a comment from The Descendant. Thanks for the advice, and I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

5656330 Aw, darn. I forgot to add a "y" there. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Lol, just kidding :raritywink: True enough, the mane five are Spike's friends just as much as Twilight's, and this is something that I asserted in Dewthunder.

This was just so wonderful. I really enjoy the chemistry between Twilight and Spike and this was a perfect example of how they feel about one another. It's always amusing to me how Twilight seems to forget about love and friendship. Thank you for sharing this with us. Great job!

That was really touchy. Good Twilight+Spike-fics are rare, and yours was defiantly good. :twilightsmile:

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