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She hatched him. She raised him. When Twilight invites her mother to the castle on Mother's Day, she expects to please her mother, and give her a thanks for all she's done. And little does she know...
she deserves one too.

Featured 9/21/14!!!! SO HAPPY (and it's my first story on FiMFiction too)!!!!

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First fic ever posted on this site! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Hope you like it! :twilightsheepish:

Well, I'm gonna over there and do this :fluttercry: for a while.

Aww that was sweet :rainbowkiss:

*Clutches chest, falls to the floor* THE FEELS! WHYYY!?! Cute story... I loved it.
Rock on,

So touching! :heart:

I went into this story expecting something great, and you know what, I got something better. This was fantastic, keep up the great work.

This is a beautiful story! I've always seen Spike and Twilight this way and it is wonderful to see it so well written. Good luck in the future...I know I'll be watching!

and your correct....Luna is best Princess!

5029472 Damn good job! Keep up the awesome!

That was beautiful:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

:twilightblush: I'm not crying :heart:

This......is......emotional. I like the way this happened after Twilight's Kingdom and all the memories. I just.........this is the best fanfic ever :fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

That was so beautiful :fluttercry:

Personally, I've always considered Spike to be Twilight's adoptive son. And this story does it perfectly :scootangel:

5033339 Agree

I love this so much

5029472 And it's a very good one too. Kudos :twilightsmile:

It was so beautiful!!!!! I literally cried!!! :fluttercry:


Boy, do you know how to make an entrance or what?
First fic, and it's already tackled everyone's feels into submission.

Awesome story, really touching. Loved it <3

This story reminds me of that one time with the peppered turkey.

It seems out of character for Twilight to be so cruel, and then it's not clear why she abruptly changes her mind.

This is a great story!

I wish there was an icon with a the clapping their hooves, because this my friend deserves an applause :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::scootangel:. You've brought to me to tears, but tears of warmth and joy with this fic. :fluttercry: That poem written in the card is beautiful, and I love poetry. :twilightsmile: It hurt me in how Twilight first reacted and just dropped the card at Spike's feet like she did :fluttershysad: But her seeing the look and hearing him whimper like that, made her realize that no matter if he is a pony or dragon, she is the one who hatched him and gave him a home. :twilightsmile: Beautiful fic my friend, you should be proud of yourself. :raritywink:

AHHH!! HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!! :fluttershbad::pinkiegasp:

so sweet. Must..Not..Die...Of...Sweet...Ness.
Ah, buck it.
bleh(died of sweetness):pinkiehappy:

Yeah it was a little too fast, and Twilight suddenly turning cruel did seem a little out of character for her. But the whole thing was an absolute Tear Jerker.:fluttercry::raritycry: Seriously, I never thought that Twilight does act more like a mother to Spike than a friend. But this story plays it out so well that, even though I wasn't streaming tears, I felt my heart melting. This story is seriously great, and I can't wait to see what else you'll make that'll be just as good. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

Im not typically one for this type of gig...

But D'Aww.

~A. R. T. L.

That was nice, could have used a little more of Twilight's side of things though. A little bit of an exclamation as to why she was initially reluctant and never considered it that way before.

I am proud of myself! (But in a humble way. :twilightblush:)

And I couldn't have said it better. :ajsmug:

Yeah now that you mention it, I agree. To explain: since the whole situation with Twilight's cutie mark, she's had Spike. But she is his biological mother, or (although I say otherwise) not his mother at all. She calls Spike her #1 assistant, and friend at the appropriate time. So in my eyes, it would be hard for her to accept that fact until she was shown just how much of a mother she really was to him. So yeah. :applejackunsure:
And also thanks for the constructive criticism! :twilightsheepish:

It’s been so long… I haven’t seen Mom since Shining’s wedding!, Twilight thought.


As they trotted down the hall, Twilight told of some of her recent misadventures and friendship lessons, with occasional questions from her mother.

Connect up to the Dialog above. Lowercase the As, and add before that, "Twilight said" [or what ever bit of dialog action you want to throw in there].


with a lemonade pitcher and plates and glasses neatly set up. There was also a clear vase that held a

move the rest of the paragraph to the line above

She just kept looking at the sight before her: a clean crystal table with a purple tablecloth, and a neatly prepared picnic basket, along with a lemonade pitcher and plates and glasses neatly set up. There was also a clear vase that held a bouquet of a variety of absolutely stunningly beautiful flowers, each one obviously precisely hoof-picked, and trimmed and nourished to perfection.


things that you did for me. And most of all, for loving me unconditionally. Because today, I just want you to know that I love you unconditionally too. Happy Mother’s Day,” Twilight said with a heartfelt tone.

same fix as above

Other than going over your fic and checking to make sure the paragraphs aren't broken. This was a pretty nicely written fic. Nice poem btw.

Why do you hate me? :raritycry:
JK Thanks for the constructive criticism! :pinkiehappy:

Love those Twimom stories.

5034921 Any time. I know there's legitimate reasoning behind her actions but not having it there in the story felt a little off. :twilightsmile:



Well, it could use a little polishing here and there. Style mostly and ocassionally punctuation.
Some good beta reader would certainly help.

It was a special day in Equestria, and Twilight (a word is missing here) tidying up the castle before her mother, Twilight Velvet, came.

5034921 Spike was supposedly reared by Celestia, according to Faust. Which sort of makes sense, from a "avoid Twi as a teen (preteen?) mother" side of things. And that would also help to explain why Twi doesn't think of herself as a mom. But since that's never been mentioned in the show itself, well, it isn't exactly canon. And it certainly doesn't mean that Spike can't feel that way about Twi. :raritywink:

Was this uploaded on Mothers Day? Because it doesn't seem like it was.

aww so cute:pinkiehappy:
have a like

No, it wasn't; it was just an idea I had.

Yeah, I forgot about that. Like this comment if you think I should go in and change it.

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