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I've been writing for the past 15 years, ever since I was ten. I hope you'll be kind enough to read my work and leave a comment or two.


She told him she loved him. She told him she would never send him away. So why does he feel like she's leaving him behind as she heads off into her new life as a royal princess?

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Very, very well thought of, you did really good with potraying how Spike is thinking about this seriously, the Nightmare Realm plays no games, it shows your most darkest fear, your sins, no matter what you try to do about it. I'm just glad all three ponies really thought this through, the fact that you had Applejack be like a mother figure was amazing, not something I seen mouch of and I really enjoyed it, of course as we talked about before, double space your pragraphs and when others speak, it makes it so much easier, I really can't wait to see more of your work, you have my attention. :twilightsmile:

I was very disappointed. The fic was good, but I expected a Spilight. This is the only Spilight I've read that has no romance. And it's not sad at all IMO. I suggest you get this fic out of the Spilight group because they don't become a couple in this one. I'm not going to downvote it because it wasn't bad.

I love this story :twilightsmile:
What a great read.

3109424 Oh, do they have to be a couple in order for it to be a Spilight? I thought if it just featured Twilight and Spike, it could be included. Plus, it's in the "Main" category, so I thought that would be fitting since it doesn't have any romance. But, yes, you probably are correct. I stumbled upon this group looking to add this story to. Maybe I should look for another group to add this to. Still, thanks for your thoughts.:)

3110884 I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Love your avatar, by the way. So cute.

Spike does have a point......:twilightoops:

I checked the Main folder of the Spilight group and I have noticed this story is still there. You should add this story to the Twilight and Spike group, not Spilight.

3156853 Everything is fine now in the Spilight group :pinkiehappy:

3156912 LOL Well, I'm glad about that. :)

2412835 I apologize about getting to this comment just now, but I've been busy. Anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed the story. For whatever reason, I have always seen Applejack as being the motherly figure of the group. I feel that if the worst possible thing were to happen (that being, Twilight Sparkle passing away), Applejack would take him in and care for him. Sure, he gets along with the others, but anytime he and Applejack are interacting together, it just feels . . . right. I even came across a forum that asked the question whether or not Applejack had a crush on Spike. While cute, it wouldn't work out. For one thing, Spike is a baby dragon and Applejack is a mare. She would die and he would surely outlive the others, which is very depressing when you think about it. Think of Paul Edgecomb's curse in The Green Mile and that's what Spike will be experiencing throughout his life.

Black Kyurem thought MLP songs were forbidden to use in any fanfic. :rainbowhuh:

3647541 Are they? I didn't know that. Thank you for alerting me on this. I'll be sure to fix this as soon as I can. :pinkiehappy:

3647752 Just thought Black Kyurem saw them on rules once. You could settle for the "you are my sunshine" song. Do you know that one?


4839887 That's the emotion I was going for.

Awww, this was so cute! Short n Sweet! :pinkiesad2:

>>Smitty91 Yw, I know it's not like short SHORT, but compared to other stories it is. No problem with that though! This is better than some of the longer ones I've read, so please don't take it the wrong way! :facehoof:

4905646 No, I see where you're coming from. Not on here, but I've read some "short" stories that were 7,000 words long or longer, at least up to 10,000 words. If your story is that long, it's best to divide it up into chapters, that way it's not so overwhelming having to read a 7,000-word "short" story. :twilightsmile:

very beautiful story.

*Sniff, sniff. Stupid ninjas! Always cutting onions around me! :fluttercry:

This was so sweet and cute!:twilightsmile:

Adorebell very good jobb

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